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Kitchen Witch Hearth School and Forum. Random Fantasy Name Generator :. Shop Online - Pagan Religion, Wiccan Spells, Ritual Magic Store. Randomly generate a cool new 100% unique name with our totally one hundred percent FREE tool.

Random Fantasy Name Generator :. Shop Online - Pagan Religion, Wiccan Spells, Ritual Magic Store

Great for naming a guild, a Skyrim character, rock band, Twitter account, gaming clan, YouTube account, Tumblr blog, Warcraft character, or whatever you please! Here are some ideas for which the random name generation tool is best used: Okay... maybe not so much for the last one. Uh... we don't advise criminals to use our software or... continue doing illegal things. Nope. Most importantly, HAVE FUN, and remember: you can't sue us! Deities & Grimoire: Charge of the Dark Goddess. Stirring up Magick. /The Pooka Pages for Pagan Kids. Pagan Kids Pages. Aries New Moon: Sun.

March 30, 2014, 2:45 pm EDT, Sun and Moon at 9.59 Aries Ground your body, clear your mind... Become aware of your body. Notice how gravity holds and connects you to earth. It’s as though your body is an ancient stone temple—solid, strong, secure. Draw a circle of protection, call in blessings... Visualize a ring of fragrant flowers surrounding you, protecting you. I'm courageous enough to feel my fear.I can choose to fight or forgive when I need to.Everyday I discover something new.My life is a grand adventure.I blaze new trails in my work.I'm confident the world needs what I have.I'm loaded with energy, vitality, and enthusiasm.My inner radiance shines out for all to see.

Allow seed intentions to form... Your intentions for this cycle are gathering. Print this ritual. New Moon Ritual For Manifesting: Any new moon is the perfect time to release your monthly wishes out into the universe.

New Moon Ritual For Manifesting:

Astrologically it carries a strong energy for giving birth to new ideas, habits or projects. To give my wishes the special attention they deserve, I send them on their merry way with a simple, yet meaningful ritual. Rituals needn’t be complicated, time consuming or confusing. In fact mine are around 3 – 5 minutes. Firstly, I become still and arrive fully into the moment. Next new moon 14th May – 12th June 2010: For me rituals are deeply satisfying and fuel my soul. So, if the idea of a new moon wish ritual appeals to you, I’ve shared the simple steps (below) for one of my favourite new moon rituals.


Spells. Plants. Louise Harmon June, 2013 Wild Carrot or Poison Hemlock?


Several months ago, my brother and I were discussing our mutual love of the woods and the outdoors. Although he has hunted and fished most of his adult life, he admitted that he really didn’t pay too much attention to the wild greens around him. Somehow, our conversation turned to the subject of Hemlock and my brother was quite surprised to learn that Hemlock trees were not poisonous, but several relatives of Wild Carrot are some of the most deadly plants in North America.

Their similarity in appearance to Wild Carrot has resulted in many deaths, including children using their hollow stems for straws or for making whistles. Wild Carrot, Poison Hemlock and Poison Hemlock’s deadly cousin, Water Hemlock all belong to the Apiaceae plant family. Personally, I never wildcraft any plants from the Apiaceae family. Let’s look at some of the characteristics for Wild Carrot, Poison Hemlock and Water Hemlock.

WILD CARROT – Daucus carota ~Louise~ The Wonders of Energized Water. A Cherry on Top: The Best Online Scrapbooking Supplies Shoppe. How to make surprise marbled Easter eggs. Okay, I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t really celebrate Easter. I don’t really know why it’s celebrated either but please feel free to educate me in the comments below. What I know is that it’s associated with rabbits, chocolates and eggs. I like rabbits, chocolates and eggs so I guess that makes me like Easter too! In conjunction with Easter Friday, I’ve decided to pimp up my eggs. . # – Easter eggs, chinese style :D What you need are:Eggs, decide your own amountLiquid food colouringsEnough water to boil the eggsWhite vinegarSandwich bags or freezer bags, one for each colour Instead of using the colour red though, I’ve chosen fuchsia pink, blue and green for this edible project ;) # – First, put the eggs in a pot of water. # – Bring to boil for 7 minutes.

. # – After eggs have cooled down, lightly tap them against a hard surface till cracks appear all over. . # – Cracked eggs. # – Now prepare a freezer bag or sandwich bag for each colour you’re using. But there are more surprises…. # – Tadaa! Author Silver RavenWolf's Blog. ASTRAL PROJECTION TECHNIQUES - Occult 100: Book of Shadows, Occult Archive &Spells &Rituals Page. The Wiccan Way.