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Drupal 8 Activity Cards for Study Groups. At Acquia India, 15 of us had enrolled ourselves in a self-guided D8 study group program.

Drupal 8 Activity Cards for Study Groups

Most of us are developers who are very familiar with D7. Some of us are already working on full time Drupal 8 projects while some of us are trying out some pet projects. The format of our study group looks like the below: We meet for 20 mins in the morning every alternate day (Mon, Wed, Fri) to discuss the activity card of the dayWe disperse and then complete the prescribed exercise offline during the dayOften, we discuss the challenges or blockers from the day’s exercise on the next call We have built a set of Activity Cards for this program. A small objective Primary TutorialExerciseSome cards have an additional secondary tutorial / reference material and a bonus exercise The exercises are crafted so they don’t take more than an hour to complete after reading the prescribed primary tutorial. These cards could be a great learning tool for small teams that might want to form a similar D8 study group.

Introducing Sections on Last year Drupal Association staff—in collaboration with Forum One—analyzed the state of content on

Introducing Sections on

We developed a content strategy aimed at improving its quality and findability. Various recommendations were made for content structure, organization, and governance. Introducing a new Community Initiatives Process. One of the most important lessons of 2015 for the Engineering Team here at the Drupal Association is that we need better ways to engage with you, the community.

Introducing a new Community Initiatives Process

We realized we need better tools and ways to communicate with you about our current priorities, how you can influence those priorities, and how you can help make and the Drupal project better than ever. All of the work we do stems from the mission of the Drupal Association. Camp and Event Organizing Guide, Version 2.

This guide strives to help organizers of all types of Drupal-related events to effectively plan and organize their event.

Camp and Event Organizing Guide, Version 2

While most Drupal events are called "DrupalCamps", there are a number of other types of Drupal events that are also covered. The terms "DrupalCamp" and "Drupal event" are used interchangeably in this document. Table of Contents What is a DrupalCamp? Community Tools Download Instructions. Introduction Use these instructions to set up a Drupal 8 environment on your own computer, so that you can begin to test and contribute back to the community.

Community Tools Download Instructions

This method is primarily designed to reduce the reliance on an external network when used at large events, but also works fine when you are at home by yourself. Report any issues you have or suggested improvements to documentation at: What is this doing? The instructions for each OS help you download a package with the various application installers and an automated installation script to do the installing. New contributor tasks: Anyone.

Contributor task: Document steps to reproduce a reported issue. Last updated May 30, 2014.

Contributor task: Document steps to reproduce a reported issue

On this page: To get help completing this task, see the Getting help completing your task page. Goal Take an existing issue that has been reported on Drupal Core, a contributed module, or contributed theme, and document the steps to reproduce the issue ("STR"). Skills needed Some familiarity with the contributed module or theme the issue was reported on. Detailed steps If you don't have a Drupal site to test on, set up a local server. Background and reference information.

Setting up IRC. This page explains what IRC is, gives some links to how to set it up, and tells you about some basic IRC commands and setup.

Setting up IRC

What is Internet Relay Chat (IRC)? See the Wikipedia IRC article for an explanation of what IRC is. The Drupal community uses IRC to have topical, general, and regional text chats around the world, at all times of the day, every day, in a variety of languages. Each chat is in its own channel. Some of the reasons we use IRC: - People who work on developing Drupal core and contributed modules use it to have development discussions on a regular basis, in the #drupal-contribute channel - People in local areas use it to have discussions with the people they see at their in-person meetings, and to keep in touch between meetings. Chat with the Drupal Community on IRC. Usage statistics for Drupal core. Current documentation priorities. Last updated June 29, 2015.

Current documentation priorities

Created on December 22, 2010.Edited by jhodgdon, ifrik, batigolix, LeeHunter. Log in to edit this page. Best practices. Last updated March 20, 2014.

Best practices

Created by LeeHunter on February 19, 2005.Edited by acmaintainer, silverwing, vnit969, abdo1.arec. Log in to edit this page. New contributor tasks. Last updated May 17, 2013.

New contributor tasks

Welcome to the Drupal Community! You're on this page (hopefully) because you are interested in contributing your time to the Drupal project and the Drupal community, and you don't know how to get started. We thank you for your interest, and hope you find that: Contributing makes you feel goodYour contributions are valuedMany of the tasks are fun to doThe more you contribute, the more you learnContributing makes you a more integrated part of the Drupal community In this section (as it grows), you will hopefully be able to find specific tasks that interest you and that are quick (about an hour or less) and easy to get started on.

Adding new tasks.