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Tsunami. Chers auteurs, et chers participants, à tous les enthousiastes qui nous ont accompagné dans le projet Tsunami puis Magnitude 9.


Nous voici un an après. Il est difficile de réaliser que douze mois sont passés tant les évènements se sont enchaînés pour nous. D’un petit blog réalisé dans l’urgence, nous sommes passés à un véritable phénomène, une mobilisation générale. De la vente aux enchères à la première édition de Magnitude 9, vite épuisée, nous avons réalisé une seconde édition et plusieurs expositions ont eu lieu. Un an après nous annonçons avec fierté la sortie de Magnitude 0, la version japonaise de Magnitude 9, réalisée en collaboration par l’équipe de Mind Creators LLC au Japon et CFSL Ink en France. Du Blog Tsunami au Livre Magnitude 9 Tout a commencé le jour même, c’était un vendredi.


Féminisme. Ecriture. Inkle. Strawberry Face Mask Recipes: A Natural Exfoliant. By Julyne Derrick Updated January 13, 2016.

Strawberry Face Mask Recipes: A Natural Exfoliant

Hébergement web et Stockage de fichiers. How To: Make Origami Stars. Origami stars look tricky to make.

How To: Make Origami Stars

There are several steps to follow in order to make a cute mini origami star. Maybe in the first attempt you will fail, but you will get better on the second. They can be made from every kind of paper. You can make them from magazines, book paper, music sheet etc. DIY après-shampoing très facile. The Kon Mari Method of Organizing Might Change Your Life. After nearly 8 years living in the same apartment, I’m maxed out on space.

The Kon Mari Method of Organizing Might Change Your Life

I’m constantly donating bags of unwanted items to the GoodWill but despite this, I still have too much stuff and not enough space to put it in. I’m constantly rationalizing why I should keep something: “If I lose 5 lbs I’ll love it … maybe it’ll be back in style someday … it was a gift …” those kind of excuses are huge contributing factors to my clutter crisis. Since I’m on a massive mission to declutter, I was excited to discover the Kon Mari Method by Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo whose internationally best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” was recently released in the US. Free Ebooks - Great deals on bestsellers you'll love.

Pansy and Dahlia Fabric Flower Tutorial. Photography by James Ransom for Martha Stewart Living I’m so excited to share this fabric flower tutorial from Martha Stewart Living with you.

Pansy and Dahlia Fabric Flower Tutorial

Such beauties! Easy to make, there’s plenty of time to create them for your Mother, Grandmother or daughter in the next day or two. There is a template for one of the flowers, but for the other, you need only needle, thread and some fabric scraps. Making fabric flowers for mom is a gift that keeps giving because of the plethora of ways to show them off. Stick Loom Weaving. When the sun sets late and the children are outside drinking up the last rays of light, I find myself looking for ways to occupy my hands outside with them while they play.

Stick Loom Weaving

One of my favorite crafts and something that I seem to annually reach for in August and September, are stick loom weavings. It is the combination of long hours outdoors, effortlessly finding the perfect forked sticks, and the need to make something not too precious that requires only a little commitment makes this project a good one. Rainbow Roses. So here is a great idea: create your own rainbow roses.

Rainbow Roses

It may not work out perfectly for the first time, but it is worth trying. You will need some food coloring, scissors, white roses and some patience. Six paper flowers. Origami Butterfly by Akira Yoshizawa - tutorial. Description Today is the 101st birthday of Akira Yoshizawa, the great origami master and the father of the modern origami.

Origami Butterfly by Akira Yoshizawa - tutorial

Boutique 1861 Vintage Inspired Robe de bal prom dress Montreal. Difficult Run – Keep that hate on hiatus. Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works: Overlooked Gems. Great Science-Fiction& Fantasy Works science-fiction & fantasy literature:a critical list with discussions "He went to a high glazed bookcase full of vellum-backed volumes; from where he stood Prospero could read titles like Aristotelis Opera and Mysterium Cosmographicum.

Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works: Overlooked Gems

Standing on a cane-bottomed chair, the man lifted down from the top of the case a huge untitled volume with the Seal of Solomon stamped on the side. " --The Face in the Frost, John Bellairs What Is "Overlooked"? This page gives me more conceptual trouble than most of the rest of this site put together. Another issue is the sad fact that of the books, and even just the authors, listed on this site, very few are likely to be known to the general public--even the literate, book-reading public; and not so many more will be known even to those who regularly ingest science fiction and fantasy books.

  1. aliocham Apr 9 2016
    Bonjour, je vois que vous êtes passionnée d'écriture et d'outils créatifs, comme je partage cet intérêt je voulais vous faire connaître ces pages où j'essaie d'expliquer la narration : et de proposer une méthode de travail pour les narrateurs (en roman, film, BD, paroles de chanson etc) : Si cela vous parle vous pourriez peut-être ajouter un de ces liens ? Cordialement Ludovic