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La Jolie Prod – Association Science Télévision. How to Dress Like Walter White (Breaking Bad) Finition d'un manche de couteau. The Future is Now: Robot Strippers Debut in Las Vegas - Funny Article. Vegas Robot Strippers R2-DD and Triple CPU grind their gears on the pole.

The Future is Now: Robot Strippers Debut in Las Vegas - Funny Article

Wake up, caveman because human strippers are a thing of the past. We, the children of the future, will not throw our nickles at strippers like our grandfathers once did, but instead will spend our singles on robotic pole dancers. We millennials love tech, and the Sapphire Gentleman's Club in Las Vegas has acknowledged our undisputed need for sexualized machines and have debuted their new mechanized muff-shakers during this week’s CES technology bash. Although the dancing robots are low-tech by current Silicon Valley standards, it doesn't make them any less sexy for sci-fi sickos.

Created by a British artist from scrap metal, old mannequins and CCTV cameras, these lovely bots dance the night away with gyrating butts powered by discarded windshield-wiper motors. Tech reporter, Taylor Lorenz, live-tweeted her initial responses to these robots as they competed with the fleshies: Process: Making the Kuromon Aikuchi Tanto - Crossed Heart Forge. This blade is forged from a reclaimed horse-drawn carriage spring made from shear steel that is more than a century old.

Process: Making the Kuromon Aikuchi Tanto - Crossed Heart Forge

Materials for the koshirae include copper bus bar for the habaki, driftwood Nootka Cypress with natural urushi lacquer finish for the tsuka and saya, reclaimed Congolese silver jewelery for the mekugi pin, and local Oceanspray wood for the ki-fuchi, koiguchi, and kurikata accents. See the finished work: Kuromon Aikuchi Tanto. Chloe Pirrie - Biography. Build Websites from Scratch. Build Websites from Scratch. Udacity - Free Online Classes & Nanodegrees.


Storyboarder - The best and easiest way to storyboard. We made Storyboarder because we needed a great storyboarding tool that simply didn't exist. We use tools every day to help us do things. This is especially true with creative persuits. As many artists before us, we think that toolmaking is an important aspect of creation. Making a tool that allows us to realize our vision in a faster, richer, and more meaningful way is well worth the short term investment for the long term benefits.

It is very important that the primary purpose of this tool is to allow us to create better work. We have been accused of trying to rethink the way things are done. Should other people want to use our tools to create something great, nothing should stand in the way of that. La fabrique du cerveau. La science-fiction a inventé depuis longtemps des robots "plus humains que l’humain", mais ce fantasme n’a jamais été plus près d’advenir.

La fabrique du cerveau

Aujourd’hui, des neuroscientifiques et des roboticiens se sont donné pour objectif de créer un cerveau artificiel capable de dupliquer le nôtre. Leur but : extraire l’ensemble des informations "programmées" dans notre cerveau pour les télécharger dans une machine qui nous remplacera et vivra éternellement. Rêve ou cauchemar ? A Technique To Control Your Dreams Has Been Verified For The First Time. A technique to induce lucid dreaming has been independently verified for the first time, and might be even more effective when combined with others.

A Technique To Control Your Dreams Has Been Verified For The First Time

More than half the participants lucidly dreamed during the trial, a record-breaking success rate in just a week without using external intervention. Lucid dreaming is the term given to the state where the dreamer is aware they are dreaming, and has some control over how the dream progresses. Once considered a myth, science has confirmed lucid dreams exist, and found some methods work to increase the prospects people will have them. Nevertheless, some of these require advanced equipment, while others are far from reliable. This is unfortunate both because people enjoy the dreams so much, and they are also considered a potential tool for healing traumas and controlling unhealthy behavior. Aspy instructed 169 participants in techniques developed to induce lucid dreaming. To The Stars Academy. Exemple MISS KLOUDBOX. Advance Your Career & Accelerate Your Masters. Cybersecurity Launch your career in a high demand industry that projects 2 million new jobs annually by earning a Cybersecurity MicroMasters Credential from RIT.

Advance Your Career & Accelerate Your Masters

Avec Hoaxy, visualisez la propagation d'une fausse information en ligne. À l’heure de la post-vérité, l’outil de visualisation Hoaxy nous montre les mécanismes de prolifération des intox dans un écosystème propagandiste. (© Hoaxy) Nous avons les deux pieds dans la post-vérité, que ça vous plaise ou non.

Avec Hoaxy, visualisez la propagation d'une fausse information en ligne

La véracité des faits s’est fait la malle au profit de la férocité des attaques et de toute façon plus personne ne sait faire la différence. Le créationnisme survit (beaucoup trop bien), les climatosceptiques entrent au gouvernement américain et la presse traditionnelle, qui a eu à peu près tout faux sur les derniers grands pronostics politiques internationaux, est désormais perçue comme la voix docile de son maître politico-financier. 2016 est un moment fascinant, celui ou l’atomisation des sources d’information est telle que la “vérité” n’a plus aucun visage. Alors que la presse internationale cherche encore un coupable (Facebook, Trump, elle-même ?) Science, data, culture et galéjades.

Propulse. Les athlètes paralympiques des Jeux de Rio ont couru plus vite que les valides sur 1500m T13. Fort Rainbow, Cestas, Festival Western Country, Reconstitution, Old West.