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Decorating with words — The Decorista. I am a huge believer in interior therapy.

decorating with words — The Decorista

Your home dictates the way your life turns out. Industrial glamorous living room. Industrial meets glamour in this in this beautiful living room, designed with carefully chosen materials, from rough oak chevron flooring, to handmade Moroccan tiles and powder coated steel doors.

Industrial glamorous living room

Daily Dream Decor: Peaceful black & white Ikea bathroom. A quite classic black and white bathroom from Ikea, ok, not entirely black and white.

Daily Dream Decor: Peaceful black & white Ikea bathroom

The natural colors and fabrics bring warmth to the space and makes it more relaxing. via livethemma. White elegant apartment in New York. An ethereal space in the heart of New York with snowy wooden floors and alabaster trimmings.

White elegant apartment in New York

Crisp white walls and ivory pieces accents the airy elegance of apartment. Preppy & dreamy living room. The oh-so-beautiful living room of Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies.

Preppy & dreamy living room

Christmas in our new house. The last few weeks have been really exhausting with all the renovating that has been going on, but now we are finally ready for Christmas in our new house!

Christmas in our new house

We are having guests both today and tomorrow, so the first table setting is already set for tonight. Here are some photos of how it looks… Friday snaps - Mariannan. Found my Christmas mugs again!

friday snaps - Mariannan

Here my basic morning drink, half coffee half hot chocolate, with cinnamon on top Joulumukit taas käytössä. Daily Dream Decor: Minimal apartment in Barcelona. ...soon to come because these are just renderings of a beautiful place by interior designer Katty Shiebeck..

Daily Dream Decor: Minimal apartment in Barcelona

Sleek Upper West Side duplex. You can find this contemporary beauty of a home on the Upper West Side and it's actually two apartments merged in a duplex.

Sleek Upper West Side duplex

It was first renovated in 2008 and then revamped, after the second apartment came in the equation, by 1100 Architect. Large windows, clean lines & sleek details, love it. photos by Nikolas Koenig. Elegant trad workspace. Soft and cozy apartment. Love this soft, calm and cozy apartment with beautiful tall windows.

Soft and cozy apartment

It went under a renovation but some of its original features were well preserved and as a result kept; tiled floor, high toe boards, stucco and mirrored doors. 5 dreamy spaces 07.12.2014. Our Home Buying Experience + A Tour - The Fresh Exchange. I have promised to write this post so many times. Honestly it has been a little scary to me. Why scary? Well, to show a home that I feel is in progress and “not there yet” feels a little like blogger suicide. When you see all the perfectly styled homes everyday on pinterest and instagram. Our space right now is, by no means, shiny and perfect in our eyes, but the truth is the beauty of having a home is the process of it becoming YOUR home. 8 Easy Steps For Planning A Gallery Style Art Wall. I’m working together with Minted to present a series of posts on decor8 about planning and installing affordable, beautiful framed art at home with prints by artists far and wide.

This is the first of three posts where I provide quick and easy advice on how I plan gallery style art wall because there is a rhyme and reason to it regardless of how many times you hear designers instructing you to just wing it. That may work, but only after your wall has a ton of nail holes and spackle marks. To be fair, yes designers CAN wing it. But that’s only after installing dozens of art walls for clients — after awhile you can eyeball stuff and intuitively know where it should hang.

But there are still some ground rules that are followed in the selection and arrangement whether the designer realizes it or not. Dissecting the Details: Benjamin Dhong. Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design here, and I’m thrilled to be back with another edition of Dissecting the Details. Today, I’m honing in on the glamorous work of interior designer Benjamin Dhong. His chic living rooms contain a few very consistent elements that together are a formula for success in these spaces.

Counting the days. New House Update: Light of My Life. I realize it’s probably a bit odd to start a home renovation project with a singular focus on one design category, but zeroing in on one item certainly does help you set your design direction. And for me that direction looks like it’s going to be determined by lighting. Lighting really is like jewelry for the home and I never could resist a great accessory! If I had to whittle down my lighting love affair to a must-have it would be…anything by Serge Mouille!!

From the mid-century Parisian designer’s floor lamps, to his brilliant chandeliers and wall mounted sconces – I’m obsessed. Michael C. Hall's LA Home - lark&linenlark&linen. October 18, 2014 As the weather shifts, I find myself daydreaming about warmer palettes – rich blue hues, taupe-y walls, and furry blankets to name a few. This week, over on HGTV, we’re touring the gorgeous LA home of Michael C. Hall. Daily Dream Decor: Powdery pastels on an island in Stockholm. This dreamy was decorated in the style of 1700s, delicate details, pastel color scheme, fab fabrics and antiques. Bookshelf Porn. Good reads: elle decoration u.k. Posted by victoria //// 2 Comments the november issue of elle decoration uk is quite the stunner. every feature has wall to wall inspiration, with the panache and elegance elle really knows how to pull off. it’s definitely up there with my favorite decor magazines, and this current issue does not disappoint. i read my issues online via zinio, which makes it mighty handy. check out the entire issue of elle decoration uk the next time you have a moment to sit down with a cup of tea, and really savor it all. • photography via elle decoration uk.

My Home Tour! - lark&linenlark&linen. You may have seen our home tour up on the SMP Living pages last week, but if not, I’m here to spill all of the details! Let’s dig in… Back when I was pulling triple duty as editor for SMP, all while toiling away at this here blog and keeping my freelance interior design clients happy, I spent a wholeeeee lot of time right in that very chair. And for a design aficionado like myself, this meant that it needed to be pretty. Pretty all while adhering to a pretty strict budget. Fantastic Apartments By Fantastic Frank. Are you guys frequenting real estate websites like I do? It’s been an obsession of mine for years and years. Ever since the internet was invented. Daily Dream Decor: Comfort & light in Madrid.

The home of interior designer Olga López de Vera. More on nuevo-estilo. Fashion, Style, Lifestyle & Beauty Blog by Carly Cristman. Manhattan modern. Daily Dream Decor: 5 dreamy spaces 06.10.14. Two Amazing Home Tours You Need to See - lark&linenlark&linen. October 4, 2014. At home with laura seppänen. At home with laura seppänen. Mobil. Our house for sale! Friday finds. Fabulous Room Friday 09.26.14. Interior inspiration de Luxe. Desk set: the decorating dozen. Glam house in Madrid. Breanna rose / moodboard : styled + welcoming.

The gorgeous home of a Danish novelist. Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Interiors. Danish interior perfection i black and white. Daily Dream Decor: Time traveling with Ikea. Swedish space. CHILL ZONE. 5 Things I Look For When Shopping For Throw Pillows. Modern bathroom bliss. Maria Langs kitchen renovation. I Heart Skandinavisk Candles. Pin-worthy: irodorco. A light and airy home. My ideal home. Daily Dream Decor: Another dreamy workspace. My ideal home. Catching the moment. Small living room with a twist. Stylish nook home office. Daily Dream Decor: Another stylish loft inspired by New York City interiors. Design Dilemma: The Tiny Closet Challenge - Front + Main : Front + Main. A Personal Style, Beauty & Home Blog. 趣味のものを飾る/フォトアルバム. My home lately. Dissecting the Details: Philip Mitchell. Daily Dream Decor: British country house in Malaga. With hints of pink. Ikea catalogue 2015.

Wanderlust / Oasis Collections. Daily Dream Decor: Today I'm loving, bruschettes. Daily Dream Decor: 7 dreamy spaces XXXV. BHDLN Bevery Hills New Store Opening. House Doctor Moments Collection A/W 2014. Grey Master Bedroom Ideas. House Envy: Naja Munthe’s Home. Cozy light dreamy house. Camberwell by Doherty Design Studio ‹ Bungalow5. Feel like a local in New York: Rent a My Suites Apartment Review. Daily Dream Decor: 5 dreamy spaces XXXIV. SMART by Svane ‹ Bungalow5. 8 easy workspaces. Daily Dream Decor: Living beautifully in Manhattan. Exterior Ideas for Homes — One Kings Lane. Lovely Lincoln Park apartment. 5 dreamy spaces XXV.