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Tutorial: How to make a Fabric Headboard

Tutorial: How to make a Fabric Headboard
In my master bedroom, I wanted an extra large headboard that would make a statement.Here are my instructions on how to make a fabric headboard…not just any fabric’ll see. Step 1: Find fabric that you love! I found this fabric at my favorite fabric store called Home Fabrics and Rugs. Step 2: Measure your space. Go big or go home right!?!? Step 3: Divide your space into squares. Step 4: Buy 2 sheets of thin backer board and cut them PRECISELY the right size. Step 5: Buy some foam and cut it into precisely the right size. Step 6: Cut the fabric. Step 7: Upholster every square. I’m not going to lie, this part was very frustrating. We had to HOT GLUE to fabric onto the boards and then the staples would go through. We also made pencil marks on the back sides of the boards to use as guides of how far to pull the fabric. Step 8. Step 9: Lay out your squares and decide on their position. Step 10. UPDATE (May 19) I wanted to answer some of your questions about the mounting process.

The Lover's Chair (by @baekdal) #design Design Art Cartoons Cars About Follow RSS Advertise Search The Lover's Chair - /by @42concepts . Written by Thomas Baekdal | Tuesday, December 16, 2008 The talented Victor M. He is previously known for making the Loopita, which is a striking piece of furniture all but itself. (via Victor's portfolie) Follow: 42Concepts Brilliant Censorship Towel » The Eatable Cookbook » The Secret Forest Cabin, HemLoft » Indy Bag for iPad » A Heffalump Ate My Laundry » Roaarrrr!! The Real Power Nap » Iron, White panelling, Bookcase Wallpaper? Victorian Steampunk Wedding » Your Morning Mug of Coffee » WWII Navy Mines Furniture » A Cradle For Relaxation » Fioriness, Lamps in a Bottle » Bonjour Poupette » Turn Your Drawings into Stuffed Animals » Beautiful Richards' Trunks » MegaPhone for the iPhone » The Breakfast Express » Apple Campus 2 High-res Renderings » Paradise and The Floating Island » BookBook for iPhone - Wallet and iPhone in one » Android Heroes and Villains » Tribeca 1930s Styled Lamps »

Using Old Windows in your Home Decor Today I get to be on Fresh Living (a television show here in Utah)! I’m really excited, and I get to share some fun projects that you can make out of old, reclaimed items. Using old windows in your home is a fun way to add a bit of charm to any room. You can buy old windows from antique stores for $15.00-$50.00. I was thrilled at how they turned out, and after the owl window project, the same friend brought me some longer windows (Thanks SHAWN!!). I loved how the design turned out! The inside dimensions of the glass was 58 inches long and about 15 inches tall. I chose orange to match my kitchen decor, but you can buy vinyl in dozens of colors. I used Jade vinyl for the window for Jill’s House, and it turned out super cute too! To dress up an old window, you can also hang a simple wreath from it. As you can see I LOVE using old items to decorate in my house!

Temptation Every so often an email lands in my inbox from perhaps the cruelest man I know. Chris from Welcome Beyond dangles dream designs in front of me and it is all I can do to stop myself from hocking everything I own, jumping a plane and escaping to the hand picked boutique vacation properties that litter the pages of their website. Chris has cruelly tempted me again with a Spanish beauty and oh the temptation! Alemanys 5 ... "located in the core part of Girona's medieval quarter, within the scope of the first wall and overlooking the Plaça de Sant Domènec, is the property Alemanys 5, whose original building dates from the Sixteenth Century. Its recent restoration integrates old and new, where sober and clean lines look for the enjoyment of essential elements such as space, light, shadow, fire, stone, water or silence."

Stencil patterns just for you! If you missed my post about how to make a $3.00 stencil don’t forget to check it out!Or if you want to know how to make a stencil with a Silhouette machine {super easy} check it out too! I’ve been searching for some new stencil designs, and every since I bought my stencil cutter, making stencils is a CINCH! If you missed my tutorial on how to make your own stencil, check it out HERE. 38K+ Here are a few stencil images that I have saved in my “inspiration” folder! Of course you could buy super expensive wallpaper, but when you can make a stencil to create a similar look for only $3.00, why?!?! I love this one! This picture was where my stencil wall inspiration came from. I love the turquoise in this one. LOVE this too! When I first started looking into recreating a wallpaper look with a stencil, I thought about using vinyl wall decals to make the look. I’d rather spend $20.00 total on the stencil and the paint instead of $75.00 or higher on the vinyl. 8750stumbleupon

Check Out This ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Themed Restaurant! » MTV Geek Ever wished you take that hot date on trip to Wonderland? You know, the place with those crazies that Alice got sucked into? Well if you happen to be in Tokyo any time soon you can. That’s right; Alice of Magic World is an Alice In Wonderland-themed restaurant full things straight out of the Lewis Carroll classic. Playing card dining tables, a magic forest and heart-shaped chandeliers make this place the trip you’re looking for, without the need for those troublesome hallucinogens! Head past the break for a bunch of nice big photos -- we know how much you like those. We have to say this one of the cooler restaurants we've seen lately and there's no doubt we would eat here. Related Posts:Marvel Universe To Invade Disney Theme Parks!

Dress up your backyard fence/blockwall for less than $20.00! The inspiration:Our backyard is definitely in the “work in progress” category. We have planted trees, and my husband has built me an amazing swing set, but our projects are only beginning. We just finished one that I have to share! Well, I was watching a Turf Wars episode because my backyard design was up in the air, and I was hoping for some inspiration. When our block wall was complete, I was overwhelmed at how tall it was. When you walk out my back door, the first thing you see is this GINORMICA wall, and this bothers me. Items you need for this project:An (old school) overhead projector A printable transparancyA few small high-quality paintbrushesOutdoor latex paint in the color of your choiceA ladder Step 1: Choose a design, and decide where you want your design to go. We found the design with a Google search. Picture source (Munkey Mind) Step 2. Step 3: Begin painting. We could not see the design during the day, so we painted at night. We painted standing up!

15 Killer Offices by Tech Companies The Architecture. The construction. The systems. The layout & design inside. A new office encapsulates everything that makes software development happen. Here are 15 killer offices created by companies in the business of software & tech (in no particular order). 15. Somehow they managed to make their office as 'cute' as their website. Images by Dustin Diaz via 14. The most killer office in Cal ? via 13. In 2008 the Freshview team, makers of Campaign Monitor, set out to create the ultimate office for startup developers. via Campaign Monitor 12. Yada yada yada, Groupon is hugely successful - ok now checkout Micheal's room! Images via 11. Dropbox has grown to become one of the top companies to come out of YCombinator. via Dropbox and TechCrunch 10. 37Signals Chicago, Illinois The 37Signals team went with an 'inwardly focused' office layout for their new office; freshly built in summer 2010. via 37Signals 9. 8. Unlimited vacation time. 7. 6. 5. 4.

Refinishing Furniture is EASY! I am finished with the desk that I posted about a few days ago. I am honestly having the hardest time deciding if I should sell it or keep it. I want it. Here is a reminder of the “before” picture. Here she is AFTER ! Here are the details of her transformation:I took the drawers out and primed and painted them. I decided that the drawers were a little too plain for me, so I got out my paintable wall paper that I bought at LOWES a while back. The inside of the drawers had a picture that someone had drawn, so I decided to put some fabric on the drawers to cover up the sketches. I also sprayed the top of the desk with Chalkboard paint that I picked up at Home Depot. I then sprayed the GREAT pink hardware with my trusty oil rubbed bronze spray paint, and VIOLA, she looks brand, spankin’ new! I decided to write a to do list on the top to give her a try. Doesn’t she look GREAT!?!? I can already picture all of my sewing stuff in her drawers. What do you think?

Curved Wall Tiles by Lithos - new Favo Curve Like this article? Share it: These contemporary curved wall tiles by Lithos are an unconventional and unexpected way to finish your rooms. Top 5 Friday: Upcycling Ideas (Start As One Thing, End As Another!) - Style Sheet Whether you call it upcycling, reusing, refurbishing or reimagining, today's Top 5 Friday is all about finding decor inspiration and doing it yourself. Headboard From Wooden Skids (aka Pallets) This idea came courtesy of Julia Black from Pure Design, who hosted a video series for us called The Green Geek. Chair Turned Bathroom Caddy Image: Pink to Green blog (via French Charming, originally from Country Living) This is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" Large Wooden Spool Turned Art Table/Coffee Table Image: Design*Sponge I was actually inspired last night at the bus stop (in front of a condo construction project) by four large wooden spools just sitting around, just the perfect size and shape for my current coffee table conundrum. Vintage Crates Turned Storage Images: Apartment Therapy This isn't a new idea, but it's a good one! Suitcase Turned Chair (Love!) Image: Seriously, isn't this amazing?

TetraBox Light by Ed Chew Liquid to Light Designer Ed Chew takes a green step in the right direction with the TetraBox lamp, a light object made from discarded drink packets that would have otherwise ended up in landfills already packed to the brim. The design is achieved by unfolding the packets and refolding them into hexagonal and pentagonal sections that are then pieced together to form a geodesic sphere or any other desired shape. Here, the Epcot-like ball makes an attractive overhead light and casts an impressive web of shadows and shapes on the surrounding space. Designer: Ed Chew Lofted Space-Saving Furniture for Bedroom Interiors Tumidei is more than just a furniture company – they construct modern and relatively inexpensive (no, not cheap) pieces of furniture that they also create compositions from – interior design photos that you can use to shape your own space. These lofted bedroom interiors are brilliantly varied and are great space-saving solutions for cramped bedrooms. A lot of these lofted interiors are clearly designed for children and teens in terms of sizes, colors and material quality. There is nothing to say that adults could not use this furniture as well and there are certainly more ways to put these sets together than are suggested by these photographs, but they do provide some ways in which you could coordinate colors, materials and forms to create a composite design that looks planned and organized ahead of time.

That's one boy who will never be short of first mates: Designer creates ultimate pirate bedroom for lucky six-year-old By Daily Mail Reporter Created: 15:29 GMT, 4 March 2011 Boy's bedroom features rope ladder to timber pirate shipBadly behaved shipmates can be locked away in wrought-iron jailCrew can escape through two-storey spiral slide, or down rope ladder into closet It looks like every little boy's dream idea of their perfect bedroom. But this is in fact one extremely lucky six-year-old's very own pirate ship room, complete with rope bridge, crow's nest and a two-storey hidden slide. This ultimate in cool sleeping quarters was created by designer Steve Kuhl, and also features a wrought-iron jail cell and hidden rope ladder access to the closet. Ship-shape: The ultimate pirate bedroom was created by Steve Kuhl for a lucky six-year-old in Minnesota On the lookout: The amazing creation also features a crow's nest, rope bridge and two-storey slide Dream bedroom: Intrepid explorers, or even little sisters, have to enter the ship over a wooden rope ladder after climbing on top of a wrought-iron jail cell

X-Ray Kitchen: Custom Cabinets with Built-In Back-Lighting New to a kitchen and not sure where to locate which dishes? No worries: this clever custom kitchen cabinet system will light your way to the right serving bowls, plates, utensils and gadgets, showing their forms as shadows directly on the doors of these cabinets. Ever the hybrid architect, artist and minimalist designer, Jean Nouvel has accomplished a great deal with this design idea – the find-anything functionality of see-through cabinetry, the animated and ever-changing artistry of light and dark shapes and the naturally and of course the built-in lighting itself that can illuminate the kitchen background while you cook. The components are surprisingly simple, cheap and low-tech considering the complex effects: standard translucent white panels and aluminum hinges on the cabinets combined with conventional lamps along the back wall behind the objects they store.