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The Selby + Simple Creative Home Posted by rd on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 · I recently discovered The Selby, and here is a home, more or less 1000 sq ft., bursting with neutral colors making it ‘bigger’ than it actually is. I really love the combination of open planning and simple palette in this home.. Everything’s seems within reach but doesn’t appear too crowded.. Every area is properly spaced.. The sculpture above the fireplace is just amazing. The open shelves looks fantastic in the kitchen. A nice little outdoor garden is always a great idea.. [via downsizemyspace]

Home Design Find - Interior Design, Architecture, Modern Furniture "This Is Water" Is the Most Inspirational Thing You'll See Today I don't think it has anything to do with spirituality at all... although most religions and even spirituality tend to hammer home your 'worthlessness' in the grand scheme. Empathy and agency tend to go wholly against that. tl;dr - fuck a bunch of "higher" consciousness, its about consciousness, period. From what you've said about spirituality I would assume you really have no experience with it. Even Buddhism, Yoga, etc. start from a point where basic human desires are negative traits. I dunno, I didn't mean any disrespect, but I do believe spirituality doesn't apply here, and in general makes it more difficult to see the 'water'. No disrespect taken. I have never read any Buddhist teachings, so I won't go there. Spirituality in how I have come to learn it is not a suppression of human desires at all. Spirituality can often times put emphasis on simplicity and living a lifestyle free of material possession but that is only one small branch. TL:DR: More spirituality talk.

A Daily Dose of Architecture Lifestyle Decor Guide: Find Yours! « Urban Lifestyle Decor: furniture + wares for the urban dweller The Urban Lifestyles of Modern Home Decor: an eclectic mix of modern home furniture & wares: urban glam + bohemian chic + gothic grunge + european modern + urban rustic + avant-garde + vanity fair vintage + urban organic + bohemian rustic + urban industrial + modern minimal + urban rustic + flea-market + eco-decor + pure vintage + pure modern + pure organic. come find your urban lifestyle of home decor. [ photo above: interior stylist jane catalia. ] If it gives beauty to the eye, it is beauty. ~ Eva Zeisel A Guide to Finding Your Urban Lifestyle of Decor Bohemian + Vintage Lifestyles: Vanity Fair Vintage, Flea-Market, Bohemian Chic, Bohemian Rustic, European Eclectic, Pure VintageAvant-Garde Fashion Lifestyles: Home Couture Collection, Gothic Grunge, Avant-Garde, Eclectic Lounge, Urban Glam, Urban Industrial, Organic CoutureNatural + Organic Lifestyles: Eco-Decor, Urban Organic, Urban Rustic, Urban Natural, Pure OrganicClean-Line Modern Lifestyles: Euro Modern, Modern Minimal, Pure Modern

Space Saving Tiny Apartment, New York This tiny but highly sophisticated studio apartment in the East Village of NYC has made us very proud, thanks to JPDA. Not only was it built as a super efficient multi-functional unit but with the use of detailed mill work, the storage capacity was very cleverly executed and resulted in a super stylish studio with a decent amount of floor space. Shouldn’t all NYC dwellers aim to live like this? A schematic rendering demonstrates a realistic plan for this tiny apartment. Although we’re not too sure how realistic that cubbyhole at the crown of the loft is in a NYC apartment building, the rest of the space makes perfect sense. This tiny living/work space is beautifully masked with natural light and looks so inviting! This mezzanine bedroom is constructed with beautiful teak wood that houses hidden storage compartments… What great use of typically neglected storage space…. Well lit and highly efficient modern kitchen has beautiful appliances and plenty of counter space.

Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY DIY Beauty? It Can Be Done DIY: Deep hair treatment Maintaining bouncy, beautiful hair starts with well-nourished tresses. But getting that shine with a hair-conditioning treatment at a salon can cost upwards of $80. Instead, try this at-home recipe created by Vanessa Roberts at Top Beauty Brands once a week. Bonus: What you don’t use on your head you can use in a dinner salad. Make sure you have slightly damp hair before you start applying the mixture. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Leave to the pros: Straightening or relaxing treatments Any treatment that promises months-long results and involves terms like “thermal reconditioning” or “keratin straightening” are generally best left to the pros.

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