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HEALING FREQUENCIES FOR AURA And BRAIN. 12/10/2011. 936Hz Pineal Gland Activator. 936 Hz Pineal Gland Activator FULL DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE AT: All music tracks are original and the sole property of Source Vibrations.

936Hz Pineal Gland Activator

If you would like to use our audio programs for any reason, please feel free to contact us at: New!!! Pineal Gland Activator 936 Hz - $9.99 - Activating the 3rd Eye ~ As we evolve as multi-dimensional beings the piezoelectric calcite crystals of the pineal gland act as receivers of light and information. This audio track serves to access, activate, and increase the "secret of the brain" the Pineal Gland. 22 min. frequency assisted track. Music: Asa Video and Digital Artist: Devorah Rhea _\|/_ _()_ _()_ _()_With a Love not of this World, Asa and Devorah Rhea. 12/22/2011. 888 Gateway DNA Meditation. Solfeggio Harmonics - 852 HZ - Awakening Intuition. 741 Hz Frequency Awakening Intuition.