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Eric Pearl - Biology of transformation - The Field

Eric Pearl - Biology of transformation - The Field
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The Shaman Within: Channeling Universal Life Force to Heal Your Body | Wake Up World - Part 2 Experiences we have encountered in our lifetime and how we have processed them determines the way our body funnels universal energies. By communicating with different tissues in my body, it became clear that changes in the connective tissue called fascia were responsible for unwinding the tension and scar tissue, freeing the impinged nerves, unblocking the acupuncture channels and allowing communication to be restored between my nerves and my muscles. The fascial network is a thin, very strong, three-dimensional net of biological fabric, containing many layers which envelope and infuse every other tissue in your body. While applying and teaching this technique, I have observed that emotional trauma also plays a role in fascial tension and scar tissue. Clients also report being surprised by the unexpected emotions or dreams that surface while they are practicing Antara. Illness and injury are an opportunity to evolve. Further reading from Therese Wade, MSc: References: About the author:

How to apply acupressure Written by © Ewald Berkers What is acupressure? What is acupressure? Acupressure (sometimes written as "accupressure") is a technique related to acupuncture, where the energies of the body are regulated by manipulating points on the body. This has effects on the emotions, tension and physical conditions. The points are commonly called "acupuncture points," "pressure points," "acupoints" or "acupressure points." Acupressure techniques: Pressing and reducing points There are two ways that acupressure points are manipulated: pressing (reinforcing) and reducing them. To press points, use something blunt. Pressing points for less than half a second can already have a distinguishable effect. To reduce a point, turn a finger over it in counter-clockwise direction, also for one to two minutes. I think it's a good idea not to get into the habit of doing the same points every day. If you're weakened (from age, disease or whatever), be sure to not reduce points more often then necessary. [Top of page]

Energy Exercises Written by © Ewald Berkers Optimize your energetic state with these exercises and mudras. Energy Exercises Exercises for better Energy flow A set of stretching exercises that promote energy flow.Foot sole reflex massage Using a roller to massage your foot sole, and some experiments to learn about reflex zones.Meditation How to meditate, and what it does for you.Taichi Benefits of doing Taichi, and how to learn it. A collection of videos to study the Taichi form, and recommended books. Mudras Introduction to mudras What mudras are and how to use them.Set of 4 mudras Mudra set for balancing energy.Collection of mudras Mudras for emotional and physical well-being.Index to the mudras Look up mudras for emotional well-being. Energy The center of the body - the Dantian An important center for handling energy and feelings.So what is energy?

Cayce Concepts | Your source for the Wet Cell One wet cell - $450 ea. - $50.00 USA/$150.00 Intl Shipping There are really only a handful of health modalities which are unique to the Cayce readings, and I've worked on all of them. It's been a fascinating journey getting back into the stacks and being the first person to recreate these ideas in accordance with the original specifications. It's a remarkable thing to see someone recover from an "incurable" illness. The flip side is coming to terms with the fear and control issues invoked by the status quo. My work today is as much an attempt to instigate a functional mind-set into the established paradigm, as it is implementation of a useful healing protocol. The Wet Cell introduced me into both of these worlds. That was my lot, and I was fearless. The Cayce Wet Cell is a blanket approach to addressing all degenerative disorders. Orders for the Wet Cell includes gold set up and two months of solutions. Price includes basic product information. There are two ways to order our product:

Acutonics® Sound Healing Education, Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks, Harmonic Attunement® Welcome to Quantum Energy Wellness - Energetic Medicine Overview of Energetic Medicine and Quantum Physics Quantum is the smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently, especially a discrete quantity, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation. What is Quantum Biofeedback? Biofeedback and energetic healing have been shown to improve a variety of conditions including: depression, anxiety and fear, ADHD, autism, constipation, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, arthritis and much more. Biofeedback is a noninvasive therapeutic technology that energetically scans and harmonizes the body's stressors and imbalances. Stress Stress can come from a variety of sources including: toxicity, emotional or physical trauma, pathogens, mental factors, allergies, heredity, deficiency of nutrients, and perverse energy (e.g., mobile phone radiation). Stress begins by producing an alarm response in the body with intense symptoms. Someone can easily have a life threatening disease and have no sign or symptom.

7 Health Benefits of Vibroacoustic (Sound & Vibration) Therapy 18th March 2016 By Deb Wellmes, MA, SLP, ND Guest Writer for Wake Up World Like waves of vibration that are eternally connected and influenced by one another, our understanding and appreciation of vibro-tactile healing has ebbed and flowed. Ancient traditions recognized vibration and sound as an important method for returning to balance and healing. As Ancient traditions fell from favor, we lost sight of the powerful benefits of vibro-tactile healing. It is known that sound waves move through water at least 5 times more efficiently than through the air and that the water in the human body accounts for at least 50-65% of its makeup. The lens through which the benefits of vibro-tactile healing have been filtered has changed with time and cultural knowledge. The earliest known use of a vibro-tactile method for healing comes from the Aboriginal people of Australia, who have used the didgeridoo, a wind instrument made from hollowed limbs from eucalyptus trees, for at least 40,000 years. 1. 2.

EFT Tapping Points For dynamic therapy & coaching sessions and fully accredited training courses - Call us on: 020 8371 8202 Read more about our top quality EFT training courses here Read more about individual therapy and coaching, face-to-face or via Skype here The diagram below shows the location of the most used points during an EFT treatment. Whilst each energy meridian relates to a specific organ or part of the body, in EFT we do not need to be aware of this, as we simply tap on all the points since there are so few. Below the diagram you will find the standard procedure for doing EFT as well as the anatomical reference for each point. Abbreviations and anatomical references: Please note that these tapping points proceed down the body, making them easy to memorise. The BN (Below Nipple) point has been omitted, as it can be an awkward point for ladies to access and EFT results have been superb without it. The "Gamut" point is a special point used in the 9-Gamut procedure. Doing the process

The Science of Healing Thoughts 28th February 2016 By Dr. Joseph Mecola Guest Writer for Wake Up World Can your mind heal your body? Science journalist Jo Marchant shared numerous such examples, from Iraq war veterans and many others, in her book “Cure.” “There are now several lines of research suggesting that our mental perception of the world constantly informs and guides our immune system in a way that makes us better able to respond to future threats. That was a sort of ‘aha’ moment for me — where the idea of an entwined mind and body suddenly made more scientific sense than an ephemeral consciousness that’s somehow separated from our physical selves.” Your State of Mind Influences the State of Your Immune System Your mind wields incredible power over the health of your immune system, for good or for bad. When researchers from Carnegie Mellon University infected study participants with a common cold virus, those who had reported being under stress were twice as likely to get sick.[2] How to Heal a Broken Heart

NH365 056: Music therapy – Amazing discoveries in healing the body naturally Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | (NaturalHealth365) Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we’ll talk about music – more specifically music therapy – and its role in our spiritual development. This will be a real departure from our normal conversations about diet and healthy lifestyle habits. But, make no mistake, music therapy has tremendous healing potential for all of us. The BIG picture: We all have a music inside each and every one of us; we hear music from musical instruments and, finally, there is a music generated by the planets, stars and the cosmos. And, more importantly, when we are harmonized with this ‘universal music’ – will we actually experience a higher level of consciousness – that enables us to gain deeper understandings and wisdom? As you listen to this podcast, you’ll quickly discover the incredible power of music therapy and its potential to help all of us experience an expansive, cosmic, heavenly peace. 1. 2. 3. Food News

Sun Gazing - Why I Stare At The Sun by in5d Alternative News January 30, 2010 from in5d Website This sungazing information is for educational purposes only. Sun gazing. Doctor’s warn you about how dangerous the sun is, and how harmful it can be to your health. Studies have shown that exposure to sunshine aids the healing of melanoma, and non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. It is recommended by some who advocate the use of sunshine, to limit sun exposure to some degree, so that you do not incur skin cancer. I suggest this also, for those who eat a normal American diet, or if you include grains in your diet. Skin damage, such as leathering of the skin, is caused by lack of EFA’s in the diet. This can cause serious damage to the eyes over time. Safe Use of the Sun Common sun screens contain aluminum, a cancer causing substance. If you are going to be sunbathing, remove any corrective lenses you are wearing, or keep your eyes closed. If you eat an average diet, or eat grains, limit sun exposure, and wear protective clothing. Enjoy the sun!

How to Determine the Best Chinese Reflexology Points for You to Massage If you have a specific disease or health condition and would like to know which Chinese Reflexology points are best for you, this article will point you in the right direction. I often receive questions from people who have a specific disease or health condition asking for my advice on which Chinese Reflexology points I would recommend for them to massage. Many times, the question is a single line without any further details. Regardless of the level of detail in your message, it’s impossible for me to recommend the best points for you to massage just from reading an email message. The sensitivity of the reflexology points on your feet combined with fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine give me a big picture view of what’s going on in your body at the energy level. Many years ago, I attended a “healing exchange” for healers where we traded services with each other. I asked him if he had any back issues or sat at a computer a lot or did anything that would affect his posture. 1. 2.