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528 Hz (45 Minute) Meditation for Healing and DNA Repair!

528 Hz (45 Minute) Meditation for Healing and DNA Repair!

I am not... - Welcome discussion Heya, iam new here. Not only here, but also to the experience of spice. Went through all the production phase and finally tried it last wednesday. I did 15mg. it sucked me inwards fast and pretty heavy. I was not really prepared to this intensity and the fact that i had no controll at all anymore. I am extremely thankfull for this experience and like a good king I wil now roll out a more intense program to make them surrender one by one. Salvinorin A - The Breakthrough Daniel J. Siebert This account is protected by copyright. The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Centeris created and maintained byDaniel Siebert This report represents the first investigation into the human pharmacology of refined salvinorin A. June 6, 1993 2.5 mg unidentified impure crystalline fraction of Salvia divinorum. I had set out to prepare a relatively crude but significantly concentrated extract of Salvia divinorum. I placed 2.5 mg of the material to be tested on a small piece of aluminum foil. I felt that something had gone wrong and I wanted desperately to get back to the “real” world. Then I suddenly found myself standing in the living room. Then at some point I did indeed find myself back in my home. A little later the physical world all started to work properly again. I grabbed a pen and tried to write down a few notes while the experience was still fresh. then:

salvia-divinorium | wahrsagesalbei | psychoaktive pflanzen | zauberpflanzen Wir haben auf dieser Seite die wichtigsten Internet-Links über Salvia Divinorum zusammengetragen. Die fundiertesten Seiten sind in Englisch. Wer Probleme mit der englischen Sprache hat, kann das Übersetzungs-Tool von Google nutzen: Nebeneffekt: Die oft erheiternden (aber verständlichen) Übersetzungstexte. So ziemlich alle Fragen werden auf dieser FAQ Seite beantwortet: Komprimierte Informationen auf Deutsch sind auf der Azarius Seite zu finden. Eine der umfassendsten Quellen ist die US Seite von Daniel Siebert. Und hier noch eine gute umfassende Informationsquelle auf Deutsch von im PDF Format mit vielen praktischen Hinweisen: zum Text

Terence Mckenna - The real reason why psychedelics are illegal Mother Reunion with Sevan : Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network Truth Frequency | Sep 06, 2013 Tonight, our old friend and walking gnostic encyclopedia, Sevan Bomaer, joins the broadcast to talk about the ultimate family reunion between the human and Mother Earth. We discuss the dynamics of spirituality and wholeness, and how our interactions with other people, animals, and even plants influence them. website: **Due to limited resources, we can only maintain free downloads for 7 days** All archives older than 7 days can be downloaded in high quality, in the members section. Comments comments Filed Under: Truth Frequency Tags: alternative • chris • chris geo • Featured News • frequency • geo • information • media • radio • resistance2010 • sevan • sheree • sheree geo • truth

Wired 8.05: Terence McKenna's Last Trip Terence McKenna's Last Trip The "altered statesman" emerged from Leary's long shadow to push a magical blend of psychedelics, technology, and revelatory rap. He had less time than he knew. By Erik Davis In May 1999, the psychedelic bard Terence McKenna returned to his jungle hideaway on Hawaii's Big Island after six weeks on the road. Soon after McKenna arrived home, however, he was hit with ferocious headaches. When McKenna came to, he was flat on his back, staring at the ceiling as his extremely agitated girlfriend called 911. The ambulance guys knew McKenna's rep and were convinced he had OD'd. McKenna was facing something that no shaman's rattle or peyote button was going to cure. At the same time, friends and comrades were stalking more ethereal treatments. From the wilds of Nevada, paranormal radio jock Art Bell was planning a different kind of intervention. Even after he went under the gamma knife, McKenna couldn't quite believe what was happening to him. "So what about it?"

Dmt THE MUDRAS FOR THE PRIMARY CHAKRA CENTERS Wholeness to everyone as promised you will find here the Ancient Mudras that are associated with each Ckakra center. Do keep in mind most Adepts work with a 9 Center Chakra System. For those working with a 7 Chakra Center System don't fret, simply adjust as all work done on the Mind, Body, and Soul can never be considered a waste. Always remember your energy must cycle, do not fall into the temptation of remaining in one Chakra or another and always keep in mind the lower Chakras await the treasures you have discovered in the Higher Chakras, do not forsake them as so many have, they need you. Tags: adept, ancient, centers, chakra, correspondance, mudras, nine, system ▶ Reply to This