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The Climate Swerve Photo AMERICANS appear to be undergoing a significant psychological shift in our relation to global warming. I call this shift a climate “swerve,” borrowing the term used recently by the Harvard humanities professor Stephen Greenblatt to describe a major historical change in consciousness that is neither predictable nor orderly. The first thing to say about this swerve is that we are far from clear about just what it is and how it might work. The experiential part has to do with a drumbeat of climate-related disasters around the world, all actively reported by the news media: hurricanes and tornadoes, droughts and wildfires, extreme heat waves and equally extreme cold, rising sea levels and floods. This sense of the climate threat is represented in public opinion polls and attitude studies. Falsification and denial, while still all too extensive, have come to require more defensive psychic energy and political chicanery. This takes us to the swerve-related significance of ethics.

Skeptoid Quackcast A podcast review of Quacks, Frauds and Charlatans. Oops. Thats not right. That should be Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine i.e. Winner of the The People's Choice Podcast Awards 2009, 2010, 2011 Best Podcast, Health and Finess. Well deserved, if I do say so myself. “Ridicule is the only weapon that can be used against unintelligible propositions. -- Thomas Jefferson (on a different topic) Warning: This is not a balanced review. “I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, nor to scorn human actions, but to understand them.” --Baruch Spinoza This does not apply to me. BTW: someone noted my name was no where on the site. How to Identify and Learn from Your Mistakes Until mankind realizes that by "Design" is made to "Fail" he will always have a problem realizing his or her mistakes. We are not all created equal?,some of us are Tall, short, fat, thin, smart and dumb!

ATN-reading-lists - home The UN's New York climate summit is guilty of a major sin of omission | David Miliband | Environment On Tuesday, the UN headquarters in New York is hosting the largest gathering of world leaders ever to address climate change. It is an enormously important event, intended to catalyse action ahead of next year’s Paris conference – where leaders have pledged to reach a new global climate agreement, and a great credit to secretary general Ban Ki-moon and his team. But the summit is guilty of a major sin of omission: the ocean, over two-thirds of the planet, is completely absent from the programme. It is neither one of the eight “action areas” on which governments and other key players are invited to announce bold new commitments, nor one of the “thematic sessions” where states and stakeholders will share solutions. The Global Ocean Commission is dismayed that the ocean appears to have been relegated to the status of an afterthought, something to bring up occasionally in the context of other, apparently more essential, concerns.

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