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Planetary Harmonics & Neuro-biological Resonances

Planetary Harmonics & Neuro-biological Resonances
in Light, Sound, & Brain Wave Frequencies; Including the translation of sound to color Copyright © 2003-2014 Nick Anthony Fiorenza, All Rights Reserved New sections added: How to convert musical notes to color. The Measurement of Light Converting Audio Tones to the Visible Spectrum of Light - Color Before getting into Planetary Harmonics and Bio-harmonic resonances, let us first explore the octave of visible light, that which the human eye sees, and its relation to sound. Frequency is a measure of how many waves occur in a given moment of time. If we were to raise middle C, which has a frequency of ~523 Hertz, by forty octaves (523 times 2 forty times), we would have a very high frequency of 5.75044581 x 1014 Hertz. Waves of light are quite short. Converting Frequency to Wavelength To convert a frequency to wavelength, we divide the "speed of light" by the frequency. Example: To convert middle A (440 Hz)to its corresponding wavelength in the visible spectrum. Play Music-Color Scales Including: Related:  MUSICA Y SALUD

Holodynamics- life coaching,relationships and couples work The Lambdoma Home Page Gnaural: A Binaural-Beat Audio Generator Brain Wave Healing Frequencies - Project Avalon Forum Brainwave 'Healing' Frequencies From: "Dennis Webber" Date: Tue Jul 24, 2001 Subject: Re: [bwgen] Water sound effect after listening theta waves I've tried bwgen with 4 hz theta waves. After 10 mins of listening, when I stop listening, a water effect starts in my brain. I've also felt that my senses get more sensitive. Is this OK? A suggestion might be found in the work of Patterson and Capel (1983) in Surrey, England. Also look below at the remarks in the 4 HZ area. I'm also wondering is there a site explaining all frequencies which can be used and what they mean/what kind of effect they do? 0.75-4.50 Hz (Delta) 4.75-7.75 (Theta) 8.00-12.25 (Alpha) 12.50-15.00 (Sigma) 15.25-24.75 (Beta) 25.00-34.75 (Gamma1) 35.00-44.75 (Gamma 2) 0.1-3 Delta. 0.1-1 Organ+muscle resonances. (40) 0.1-3 Monroe Focus 21. 0.16-10 Neuralgias. (02) 0.18-10 Mod. therapy (02) 0.20-0.26 Dental pain. (02) 0.20-10 Post-traumatic. (02) 0.28-2.15 Alcohol addiction. (02) 0.28-10 Arthritis. (02) 0.30-0.15 Depression. (02) 0.5-4 Delta.

Anxiety / Panic / Phobias disorder treatments b... Welcome to In this site you will find special sounds for healing and enhancing your mind and body. We created these sounds using brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, and isochronic tones technologies. Brainwave entrainment means that you can heal and enhance your mind and body by just listening to these special sounds. Binaural beats audios are optimized for headphones and isochronic tones for speakers. The sounds come in the form of MP3 audios that you can listen in any MP3 player, smartphone, pc, or tablet. Note that you should never replace your doctor and medical treatments with these audios. If you are confused with the terms, you should not be worry about this.

"Sacred Solfeggio" Frequencies The tones were described to me glowingly as having great significance, and in addition to their profound healing and balancing properties, they had actually been encrypted in the 'Bible Code'... I expressed at the time much skepticism and doubt, but my job is to translate my clients' sonic 'visions' onto shiny silver discs, so... Shortly after this I met the stranger and I began working with her (and her associates) on recording a set of tuning forks, tuned to these frequencies... Since then, we've experimented fairly extensively with these tones (and many, many others, as well) in several various 'sinewave compositions'... The tuning forks were quickly eschewed (for recording purposes), and the required frequencies are now generated digitally to form 'audio clips' that can be freely manipulated with regard to volume, L-R panning, etc... MythMathFilms on youtube are some examples of the experiments that I've done personally, inspired by the original work that had I done for my client...

Healing Sounds - Contact Healing Sounds - Healing Sounds Intensive SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy Courses & Solfeggio Tuning Forks - OFFICIAL SITE! Unisonic Ascension - Beyond Meditation - Solfeggio These Solfeggio meditations are a modern adaptation of the ancient Solfeggio scale. They are combined with Unisonic Ascension’s: Gamma, Alpha, Theta and Delta binaural beat brainwave entrainment, precisely tuned to these Solfeggio frequencies. Composing music in the full ancient Solfeggio scale, as these tracks are, means having to tune each musical note and frequency separately. Great care has been taken to make sure these tunings are 100% accurate. 396 Hz – Releasing emotional patterns. 417 Hz – Breaking up crystallized emotional patterns. 528 Hz – Love frequency “DNA integrity and repair”. 639 Hz – Whole brain quadrant interconnectedness. 741 Hz – Intuitive states & non-linear knowing. 852 Hz – Pure love: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order. Solfeggio Music User Guides The Solfeggio frequencies are from an ancient musical scale used in ancient music, chants and ceremonies. Listening to them with stereo headphones is sure to take you “Beyond Meditation”