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Compiling Vim with Python and Ruby support on Ubuntu. Editor - Disabling swap files creation in vim. The Kitware Blog - Fugitive - a Git plugin for Vim. Vim Plugins: snipMate - Why use it It’s super easy to useIt has tons of snippetsIt’s pretty well compatible with TextMate snippets for easy portabilityDynamic variables, for all the times you use the same string multiple timesIt’s really easy to define your own snippetsIt’s better than anything else out there, trust me I’ve tried them all Sometimes a video works better to explain things.. check out this video snipMate.vim Introductory Screencast from Michael Sanders on Vimeo.

Vim Plugins: snipMate -

Installing. Buffers, windows, and tabs. If you’ve moved to Vim from an editor like Notepad++ or TextMate, you’ll be used to working with the idea of tabs in a text editor in a certain way.

Buffers, windows, and tabs

Specifically, a tab represents an open file; while the tab’s there, you’ve got an open file, as soon as you close it, it goes away. This one-to-one correspondence is pretty straightforward and is analogous to using tabs in a web browser; while the page is open, there’s a tab there, and you have one page per tab, and one tab per page. Vim has a system for tabs as well, but it works in a completely different way from how text editors and browsers do. Beginners with Vim are often frustrated by this because the model for tabs is used so consistently in pretty much every other program they’re accustomed to, and they might end up spending a lot of fruitless time trying to force Vim to follow the same model through its configuration. Personalizing vim. My vi/vim cheatsheet. Vim Essential Plugin: SnipMate.

The SnipMate plugin aims to mimic the popular snippets feature in TextMate, which allows you to type a sequence of characters, and then automatically expand to a full block of code or html by pressing Tab.

Vim Essential Plugin: SnipMate

It's incredibly helpful. Once installed, you only need to type the desired snippet trigger, and then press Tab. Keep in mind, though, that the available snippets are limited to the extension of the file you're working on. For example, JavaScript snippets will not work within an HTML file, and vice versa. Try visiting your ~.vim/snippets directory for an overview of all the available shortcut keys. If the above snippet is placed within the HTML.snippets file, you'll then be able to create a bla element by typing the shortcut, mysnippet. Note: When creating new snippets, you'll need to either restart Vim, or open a new window before testing. Vim tips and tricks: multiple windows. Gmarik/Vundle.vim. Vim color scheme: Wombat. January 22, 2007 I have put together a color scheme for (G)Vim called Wombat.

Vim color scheme: Wombat

Dark gray background with easy-on-the-eyes font colors. It shares some similarities with the Desert color scheme. Here are a couple of shots: Download the Wombat color scheme . 10 vim color schemes you need to own - Vim plugins, tips, tricks and tutorials. There are a lot of Vim color schemes out there.

10 vim color schemes you need to own - Vim plugins, tips, tricks and tutorials

It’s always hard to find the perfect one. People often use different color schemes depending on what they are working on. This is pretty neat approach that has plenty of supporters. The ultimate Vim configuration - vimrc. Vimmers, You Don’t Need NerdTree — Vim Tips. NerdTree is one of the most popular Vim plugins out there.

Vimmers, You Don’t Need NerdTree — Vim Tips

And indeed, I’ve always been a big advocate of it. However, recently, I got rid of it, having discovered a native substitute. It turns out, Vim has an “explorer mode” or “netrw” already built in with most of NerdTree’s core functionality. Entering Explorer Mode To enter explorer mode, enter the command :E and a file tree will appear. Toggling the List Style Press i to toggle the appearance of the file tree. Editing remote files via scp in vim. Vim 6.x has the netrw plugin installed as a standard plugin.

Editing remote files via scp in vim

It allows you to edit files via ftp, rcp, scp, or http. If your username differs on the remote host, however, and you're trying to use scp, things can get a little weird, particularly if you're not editing a document under your user tree. To get around this, try opening the file as follows: vim Notice two things: adding the "remoteuser@" syntax, and the use of two slashes (//) between the servername and the path. The latest netrw.vim has several improvements. How can we store the password? Weird, if one's job is not plugin tester for nettuts I have a hard time imaginin... I "manage my plugins" when I have nothing more productive to do and it never takes more than 5 minutes.

Weird, if one's job is not plugin tester for nettuts I have a hard time imaginin...

Vundle and its automatic management may be seen by its users as a productivity enhancer but the reality is that the productivity gain is actually very small. Vundle, Pathogen, VAM, etc. are very useful (I use Pathogen) but for other things, orthogonal to productivity: keeping your `~/.vim/` tidy, simplifying install/uninstall… Unless you spent countless hours a day installing/uninstalling plugins, which I hope is not the case. Yes, we all install plugins to solve problems. What exactly are these problems would also be useful to know when we read posts like this. Vim : l'éditeur de texte du programmeur. Vim : l'éditeur de texte du programmeur. Vim. Vim est un éditeur de texte ergonomique, libre et disponible sous de nombreux systèmes d'exploitation.


Cette page tente de regrouper le maximum d'informations relatives à son utilisation avec la disposition bépo. Apprendre à utiliser ViM. Syntax highlighting for Nginx in VIM. GitHub Pour les Nuls : Pas de Panique, Lancez-Vous ! (Première Partie) Traduction d’un article original de Lauren Orsini publié le pour ReadWriteWeb.

GitHub Pour les Nuls : Pas de Panique, Lancez-Vous ! (Première Partie)

Seul le lien original fait référence. La traduction reste à raffiner avec la pratique de cet outil. Seconde partie en cours d’étude pour me lancer sous peu dans les premiers commits à la ligne de commande. Mise en forme prévue pour le plan de route indieweb 2014. Merci. - xtof_fr GitHub est plus qu’un simple outil de programmation. Nous sommes en 2013 et pas moyen d’y échapper : vous devrez apprendre comment utiliser GitHub. Moving around. You can save a lot of time when navigating through text by using appropriate movement commands. In most cases the cursor keys are not the best choice. Here are some basic movement commands that may help you acquire a taste for more: e Move to the end of a word. w Move forward to the beginning of a word. 3w Move forward three words. Switching to Vim #1 – Start at the beginning. Git Workflows. Why use git? Git is an extremely powerful source control system. Its power lies in its speed and flexibility, but this can also be a point of confusion for many new users.

Git is unfortunately quite inconsistent in its syntax, and exposes many of its not-so-friendly internals to the outside world, sometimes to the detriment of usability. As many systems built by hardcore engineers (Git came from Linux kernel hackers), if wielded by a wizard, it can be used to achieve many great things, but can be initially confusing even for seasoned developers. This book bypasses the ugly internals of git and gets to the heart of improving your development workflows by using git.

If you've picked up this book, it's likely you're already convinced that git is great. Offline productivity, speed, and multitasking Git encourages multitasking and experimentation. Remote collaboration and code review. Learn to speak vim - verbs, nouns, and modifiers! Posted 16 December 2011 @ 12pm in vim Using vim is like talking to your editor in ‘verb modifier object’ sentences, turned into acronyms learn some verbs: v (visual), c (change), d (delete), y (yank/copy). these are the most important. there are otherslearn some modifiers: i (inside), a (around), t (till..finds a character), f ( till except including the char), / (search..find a string/regex)learn some text objects: w (word), s (sentence) p (paragraph) b (block/parentheses), t (tag, works for html/xml) there are others.