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GCSE Chemistry Revision

GCSE Chemistry Revision

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Knock Hardy KNOCKHARDY PUBLISHING produces notes and other resources for AS and A2 Level Chemistry. The module references are for the AQA and OCR examinations but the material applies equally well to other specifications. The pages are saved as PDF files and may be freely read and printed for personal use but they may not be revised or circulated in any other form without the consent of Knockhardy Publishing. JONATHAN HOPTON gcse definitions Atom element molecule compounds pure impure mixture, meaning definitions physical change, evidence of chemical change explained explaining KS3 science KS4 science GCSE IGCSE O Level chemistry revision notes Section 1.4 CHEMICAL CHANGES - REACTIONS - reactants and products Heating iron and sulphur is classic chemistry experiment to illustrate what is meant by CHEMICAL CHANGE and you can adapt the general conclusions described at the end of this section to any chemical reaction. A mixture of silvery grey iron filings and yellow sulphur powder is made.

Revision Centre - GCSE Geography Revision Notes and Resources > GCSE Revision Notes The following 18 pages are currently in our database. These revision notes are intended as aids for your revision. They by no means cover everything you need to know. Case Studies Population 1 (Turks Migrating to West Germany) Population 2 (North to South Migration in the UK) Settlements 1 (Problems of LEDCs) Settlements 2 (Urban Redevelopment) Agriculture (Cheshire Plain) Industry (South Wales Iron and Steel) Coastal Flooding (Bangladesh) River Flooding (Mississippi) Glaciers Corries Coastal Formations Wave Cut Platforms Long Shore Drift Formation of Spits Hydrological Cycle Drainage Basins Transportation in a River > Useful Revision Links Guidelines and Assessment Material (Edexcel) Guidelines and Assessment Material (AQA) Geography Revision Sites GCSE Geography Revision Guides Keeping Calm For Your Exams

AQA – GCSE Additional Science GCSE Additional Science offers students a broad, coherent course of study that adds to their knowledge and understanding of the living, material and physical worlds. For Key Stage 4 (KS4) learners it is a good follow on from GCSE Science A or B. The three core Sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught separately using Unit 2 modules from the individual subject GCSEs.

General Chemistry Online Common Compound Library A searchable database of over 800 common compound names, formulas, structures, and properties. Companion Notes Hyperlinked notes and guides for first semester general chemistry. Construction Kits Flash-based kits for building chemical formulas, names, equations, and problem solutions. Articles Featured articles, books, and tutorials. Chemistry resources for Teachers and Students Search over 2000 substance pages for compound structures, properties, spectra, and more. Teaching analytical chemistry? Spectraschool is a great place to start. For lesson starters, try interactive Gridlocks, or our Starters for Ten puzzles. To search for an exact phrase on Learn Chemistry, enter the phrase in speechmarks. You can filter your search results by age, audience, resource type, context and subject, using the buttons that appear at left. Find past papers and mark schemes for your exams, and specimen papers for new courses. Can’t find your papers? Some question papers are not available online and older question papers and mark schemes are removed from our public website and Secure Key Materials (SKM) after three years because of copyright restrictions (except for Maths and Science).Not sure which exams you're taking?

Practice Problems Here are some additional practice problems for this lesson. You can check the answers by clicking on the Answer link to the right. (Use atomic weights that are precise to the hundredths place.) (Modified from Exercise 8) - Gram-mole Practice Problems Cooking with Chemistry Cooking with Chemistry Cooking with Chemistry was first presented as a one-day hands-on workshop for teachers at ChemEd 97, held at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, August 3-7, 1997. Click on one of the titles below to read some experiments and activities from Cooking with Chemistry, a work in progress, by David A.

Science Science Clips Definitely one not to be missed! Fabulous interactive Flash science activities for primary-aged children matched to curriculum requirements throughout the UK. Brilliant for use on interactive whiteboards too. Planet Under Pressure GCSE Science GCSE Science From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Jump to: navigation, search Welcome to the world's foremostGCSE Science Textbook on the web! This General Science book is aimed at GCSE students rather than university students.