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Le rôle de chacun dans La lutte contre le mariage forcé (11.07.13) - France-Diplomatie-Ministère des Affaires étrangères

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Equality Now Report: Protecting the Girl Child – Using the Law to End Child Marriage Version imprimable Protecting the Girl Child: Using the Law to End Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Related Human Rights Violations “Child marriage directly affects approximately 14 million girls a year. It legitimizes human rights violations and the abuse of girls under the guise of culture, honor, tradition, and religion. It is part of a sequence of discrimination that begins at a girl’s birth and continues throughout her entire life. Furthermore, when a child bride gives birth, the vicious cycle of poverty, poor health, curtailed education, violence, instability, disregard for rule of law and legal and other discrimination often continues into the next generation, especially for any daughters she may have,” said Jacqui Hunt, London Director, Equality Now

Overview of ASEAN-EU Dialogue Relations Introduction The ASEAN-European Union (EU) dialogue relations were formalised when the 10th ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting (AMM), held on 5-8 July 1977, agreed on ASEAN’s formal cooperation and relationship with the European Economic Community (EEC), which included the Council of Ministers of the EEC, the Permanent Representative of the EEC countries and the EEC Commission. The ASEAN-EU dialogue relations were institutionalised with the signing of the ASEAN-EEC Cooperation Agreement on 7 March 1980. Institute of Archaeology - Departments & Units - Biblical Archaeology Achziv Tel Achziv is located on the northern coast of Israel, 15km north of Acre and 25km south of Tyre. In antiquity the tell was a large settlement in southern Phoenicia, inhabited from the Middle Bronze Age IIB through the Crusader period. Achziv is mentioned in the Bible as one of the cities that the tribe of Asher did not inherit.

Hospitals Around The World by Region - Expatriates Search Guide to Hospitals & Health Care by Geographical Location by phalinn on Flickr One of the biggest considerations for expats when choosing where to move and live abroad is their access to healthcare. In many parts of the world, quality medical care is available at a fraction of the price that it would cost in places like the United States. Medical procedures are often the driving force behind vacation destinations as well, a practice known a “medical tourism”. British Pathé Uploads Entire 85,000-Film Archive to YouTube in HD British Pathé, the U.K. newsreel archive company, has uploaded its entire 100-year collection of 85,000 historic films in high resolution to YouTube. The collection, which spans 1896 to 1976, comprises some 3,500 hours of historical footage of major events, notable figures, fashion, travel, sports and culture. It includes extensive film from both World War I and World War II. “Our hope is that everyone, everywhere who has a computer will see these films and enjoy them,” British Pathé GM Alastair White said in a statement. “This archive is a treasure trove unrivaled in historical and cultural significance that should never be forgotten. Uploading the films to YouTube seemed like the best way to make sure of that.”

Sindh Assembly passes bill declaring marriage below 18 punishable by law KARACHI: Declaring the marriage below age of 18, both for girl and boy, as punishable with three years imprisonment, the Sindh Assembly on Monday adopted “Child Marriage Restraint Bill 2013” into law unanimously. The lawmakers from the treasury and opposition benches termed the passage of the child marriage restraint bill into law as an historical achievement of the provincial assembly, which has taken lead on other provinces by banning the child marriage with legislation. After completing the agenda listed in the order of the day, the Provincial Minister for Women Development and Social Welfare Departments Rubina Saadat Qaimkhani presented the report of Special Committee on the Government Bill No: 25 of the Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Bill, 2013 and Private Bill No: 07 of Child Marriages Prohibition Bill 2013 of Ms. Sharmila Faruqui of ruling party, which both were tabled in the house on September 25, 2013. Special Assistant for Culture Department Ms.

ASEAN Summit The ASEAN Summit is an annual meeting held by the member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in relation to economic, and cultural development of Southeast Asian countries.[2] The league of ASEAN is currently connected with other countries who aimed to participate on the missions and visions of the league. Apparently, the league is conducting an annual meetings with other countries in an organisation collectively known as the ASEAN dialogue partners. Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Phoenician Port City Archaeological team will explore evidence of ancient harbor structures, including a possible monumental Roman villa. The ruins of the site rest atop a sandstone hill, hugging the far northern coast of the current State of Israel near the border with Lebanon. One can see later-period standing structures that provide the backdrop for what is now a national park and beach resort. But below the surface, and beneath the ocean waves, lie the remains of an ancient harbor town that reach back in history to as long ago as Chalcolithic times (4500 - 3200 BC). After decades, a team of archaeologists will return to the site to investigate evidence of a settlement that played a chief role in the ancient commerce of the area and the civilizations that crossed and controlled its strategic location. Known today as Tel Achziv, its remnants have been explored and excavated before, by Moshe Prausnitz from 1963 through 1964 and, in the vicinity of the site, by E.

book2 Audio Trainer - Learn 50 Languages Online for Free Free language lessons in over 50 languages book2 contains 100 lessons that provide beginners with a basic vocabulary. With no prior knowledge, you will learn to fluently speak short sentences in real-world situations in no time. The book2 method successfully combines audio and text for effective language learning. THE BOOKS accompanying the audio files are reasonably priced and will supplement your language learning. However, not all books have been printed yet.

World War I Centenary: 100 Legacies of the Great War World War I changed everything. From new countries to literature, from tanks to treaties and from flamethrowers to fashion, the conflict is still writ large on our lives 100 years on. It gave birth to violent dictators and their ideologies but extended the electoral franchise to millions.

Human Rights Council adopts resolution to end child, early and forced marriage news Resolution recognises child, early and forced marriage as a violation of human rights and calls for strengthened efforts to prevent and eliminate this harmful practice and support married girls Over 85 countries co-sponsored the resolution, including countries with high rates of child marriage Important call to action as States prepare to adopt and implement the Sustainable Development Goals and target 5.3 on child marriage Photo credit: UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferre On Thursday 2 July, the United Nations Human Rights Council unanimously adopted a resolution co-sponsored by over 85 States to strengthen efforts to prevent and eliminate child, early and forced marriage, a practice that affects 15 million girls every year. The resolution is the first-ever substantive resolution on child marriage adopted by the Council. Read the resolution: English – French – Spanish – Arabic Child marriage is a human rights violation

Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality The Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality (ZOPFAN) is a declaration signed by the Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN member states (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) on 1971 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the declaration, the parties publicly stated their intent to keep South East Asia "free from any form or manner of interference by outside Powers" and "broaden the areas of cooperation." Text of the declaration

NOTE: For the correct content of this page please link directly to: Summary: As a result of its interest in CCI, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set itself a number of closely linked targets for its work in collaboration with its institutional and professional partners: [NOTE: for LEC project comments are in brackets] - reaching [How?] a variety of new audiences [can LEC access?] , particularly among the young - promoting the mobility of creators and their works [a training option?] - supporting professional bodies, the network and the Institut Français [list key contacts for LEC] by mindshare2000 Dec 14

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