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J'apprends à mes élèves à télécharger des musiques en ligne ... CC

J'apprends à mes élèves à télécharger des musiques en ligne ... CC

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Why can't I listen? Licensing rul... Licensing restrictions Mixcloud is a licensed Internet radio service with agreements with various Collecting Societies around the world (who in turn pay royalties to labels and artists based on their individual recording and publishing deals). These agreements stipulate certain rules (known as the "Sound Recording Performance Complement Rules" around what type of radio shows and DJ mixes can be listened to on Mixcloud: US Rules:- Maximum 4 tracks by an artist (and max 3 consecutively)​- Maximum 3 tracks from an album (and max 2 consecutively)

Royalty Free Music - Browse by Collection ↓ Skip to Main Content Choose a Collection to View Download all of the music on this site at once! Independent Radio Promotion Guide: Why Radio Still Matters – Soundfly What we mean when we talk about “radio” these days is so much more than amplifying and broadcasting audio content terrestrially across radio waves. In essence, the term “radio” has come to represent a form of connection by way of curation, and in light of this, there is no greater time to be utilizing any and all radio platforms as marketing tools for your music. Thanks to platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, as well as podcasts, blogs, and indie radio, the selections of both professional music tastemakers and algorithms based on a listener’s personal preferences have reached peaks unlike at any point in history. Curators create playlists of music for audiences to experience in a way that transcends the mere compiling of a group of songs together and posting them to be heard. This programming creates opportunities for musicians like you to grow your audience, expand your reach, and build more connections with music influencers.

4 Lessons I Learned on Creating Podcasts as Managing Editor of NPR One As more and more people create podcasts, there’s a lot of competition for people’s ears. But, there’s a reason so many public radio producers are finding success in the podcasting space - we know how to tell a good story! Platforms like NPR One also help provide clues and recommendations for how you can hook your potential podcast audience. Start strong. We can’t understate how important the start of a podcast is. NPR One’s Innovation Accountant Nick DePrey examined the data and found a typical podcast episode loses 20-35% of the listening audience in the first 5 minutes.

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