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The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss - Official Site

The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss - Official Site

6 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google Some of the tips below are effortless to implement and save you a lot of time and energy when dealing with these issues. Let’s start with the first proof of the awesomeness of Google… 1. Create unlimited disposable email addresses with Gmail If you add dots (.) between the letters of your Gmail username, sending an message to the new username will get forwarded to your original email (which is without or with only 1 dot.) It doesn’t matter how many dots you’ll add between your username, all of the emails sent will go to your original email. Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address; they’ll all go to your inbox, and only yours. = = = All these addresses belong to the same person. Why is this helpful? 2. So here we go: Results:

$20 Food Showdown: Fast Food vs. Healthy Food Budget constraints prevent many people from eating right. "I can't afford to buy healthy food.""Fruits and vegetables are too expensive."" We hear these "excuses" every day--and they're good ones. We compared the cost of unhealthy foods from the drive-thru, freezer section and snack foods aisle to the cost of healthy foods. The photos below aim to show the diversity in healthy foods available. If you bought all that junk food in one month, you would spend $115.64. It might take a bit more time and planning to put these foods on the dinner table each night, but at least now you know you can afford to try! Foods are store brand unless noted. (Grocery prices from Wal-Mart and Meijer in Noblesville, Indiana, and Cincinnati, Ohio; fast food prices from the greater Indianapolis and Cincinnati areas, 2010) Research: Beth Donovan and Stepfanie Romine Photography and Design: Elliott Giles

5 Exercises To Fix Hunchback Posture From Office Work Do you slouch in your office chair at work? Are you starting to notice rounded shoulders with your neck protruding forward? Do you stand up at 5 P.M. and feel like your back resembles a question mark? If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you are part of a growing trend of people who experience postural problems from working in an office. Slouching all day in an office chair forces your chest muscles to tighten, which pulls your spine forward and rotates your shoulders inward, while at the same time weakening the muscles of your upper back that aid in posture. In other words, you start looking like a hunchback and may experience pain in your neck, lower back, and even arms and legs. The good news is that Postural Kyphosis, the clinical term for this condition, is completely reversible. Chest Stretch Facing the corner of a wall, extend your right arm and put your hand against the side of the wall. Chest Compression With A Massage Ball Upper Back Foam Rolling Prone Y Extension Close Grip Row

Top 15 Science Fiction Book Series Books Nothing is better than finishing a brilliant science fiction novel knowing that it is only the first in a series. Some of the greatest minds in sci-fi have used the series format to create complex and thrilling universes for their story characters to exist in, while others have created dystopian (and utopian) future environments on earth. This list takes the best of the science fiction series genre and attempts to rank them – a difficult (and obviously subjective) task. Vorkosigan Saga Lois McMaster Bujold The bulk of the Vorkosigan Saga concerns Miles Vorkosigan, a disabled aristocrat from the planet Barrayar whose entire life is a challenge to the prejudices of his native planet against “mutants”. Wikipedia | Amazon The Book of the New Sun Gene Wolfe Written by Gene Wolfe, this four-part novel is about Serverian, a journeyman torturer who shows mercy to his victim by allowing her to commit suicide to avoid further suffering. Wikipedia | Amazon Hyperion Cantos Dan Simmons Arthur C Clarke

The Hacker's Diet Dieting as an engineering problem[edit] Walker describes the diet as approaching weight loss "as an engineering problem",[2] claiming that his approach enabled him to reduce his weight from 215 pounds to 145 pounds in a year, and keep it stable afterwards.[3] Walker considers the problem of weight loss and maintenance as a control system problem. Simplifying the problem to the barest elements, he models the human body as a "rubber bag," where variables such as food type, frequency, metabolic rates and even exercise as considered negligible. According to Walker, the difference between calorie intake and expenditure is the key (a calorie surplus leads to weight gain; a calorie deficit leads to weight loss). To solve the problem, one needs to monitor calorie intake and weight loss rate, and make the desired proportional adjustments to reach the desired goal.[4] The body as a system[edit] Tools[edit] Exercise[edit] Walker says "You don't exercise to lose weight (although it certainly helps).

What Happens to Your body if you stop smoking Right now? Contributed byLiz Lewis I think one of the main reasons it’s so hard to quit smoking is because all the benefits of quitting and all the dangers of continuing seem very far away. Well, here’s a little timeline about some of the more immediate effects of quitting smoking and how that will affect your body RIGHT NOW. * In 20 minutes your blood pressure will drop back down to normal. * In 8 hours the carbon monoxide (a toxic gas) levels in your blood stream will drop by half, and oxygen levels will return to normal. * In 48 hours your chance of having a heart attack will have decreased. All nicotine will have left your body. So, you have more immediate things to look forward to if you quit now besides just freaking out about not being able to smoke.

Beat monopoly prices on one-airline cities with the “phantom city” trick When a US city's airport is controlled by a single airline, that city becomes disproportionately expensive to fly into -- the airline has no competition. But you can often get a bargain by booking a ticket that has a layover in that city and then abandoning the second leg of your trip. For example, to fly from Des Moines to Dallas costs $375; flying Des Moines to LA via Dallas costs $186 -- all you need to do is get off the plane in Dallas with your carryon-only bag. 1. How to Beat High Airfares (via Consumerist) (Image: Copy of Airplane Ticket, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from tedkerwin's photostream)

Vertebral Column The spinal column (or vertebral column) extends from the skull to the pelvis and is made up of 33 individual bones termed vertebrae. The vertebrae are stacked on top of each other group into four regions: Cervical Vertebrae (C1 – C7) The cervical spine is further divided into two parts; the upper cervical region (C1 and C2), and the lower cervical region (C3 through C7). C1 is termed the Atlas and C2 the Axis. The Occiput (CO), also known as the Occipital Bone, is a flat bone that forms the back of the head. Atlas (C1) The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra and therefore abbreviated C1. Axis (C2) The Axis is the second cervical vertebra or C2. Thoracic Vertebrae (T1 – T12) The thoracic vertebrae increase in size from T1 through T12. 1-Vertebral Body 2-Spinous Process 3-Transverse Facet 4-Pedicle 5-Foramen 6-Lamina 7-Superior Facet The rib cage is joined to the thoracic vertebrae. Lumbar Vertebrae (L1 – L5) The lumbar vertebrae graduate in size from L1 through L5.

The Brothers Karamazov The Brothers Karamazov (Russian: Бра́тья Карама́зовы, Brat'ya Karamazovy, pronounced [ˈbratʲjə kərɐˈmazəvɨ]), sometimes also translated as The Karamazov Brothers, is the final novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Dostoyevsky spent nearly two years writing The Brothers Karamazov, which was published as a serial in The Russian Messenger and completed in November 1880. The author died less than four months after its publication. The Brothers Karamazov is a passionate philosophical novel set in 19th century Russia, that enters deeply into the ethical debates of God, free will, and morality. It is a spiritual drama of moral struggles concerning faith, doubt, and reason, set against a modernizing Russia, with a plot which revolves around the subject of patricide. Context and background[edit] Optina Monastery, one of the few remaining such monasteries at the time, served as a spiritual center for Russia in the 19th century and inspired many aspects of The Brothers Karamazov. Footnotes

What Is Globalization? Finally, a definition of globalization that one can understand and to which we now can relate: Question: What is the truest definition of Globalization? Answer: Tragically, Princess Diana’s death. Question: Why? An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel, driving a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian who was drunk on Scottish whiskey, followed closely by Italian paparazzi on Japanese motorcycles; treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines. This is sent to you by an American, using Bill Gate’s technology and you are probably reading this on your computer, that uses Taiwanese chips and a Korean monitor, assembled by Bangladeshi workers in a Singapore plant; transported by Indian lorry-drivers, hijacked by Indonesians, unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen and trucked to you by illegal Mexican workers… And that is what Globalization is. ~ source unknown ~

» About ERE Early Retirement Extreme: — when more time > more money If you're new here, this blog will give you the tools to become financially independent in 5 years. The wiki page gives a good summary of the principles of the strategy. The key to success is to run your personal finances much like a business, thinking about assets and inventory and focusing on efficiency and value for money. Not just any business but a business that's flexible, agile, and adaptable. “Early Retirement Extreme” comprises four parts, this blog, an associated forum, a wiki, and a book. These days I don’t spend a whole lot of time blogging for good reasons. Now most of the [inter]action happens on the forums and if you are looking for a coherent and cohesive outline of “ERE”, the book is a better choice. For independent thinkers and creative radicals, this blog feels like the red pill of the Matrix movie. Some people have told me that ERE has helped them decide to completely change their life selling their collection of jet skis and their McMansion to seek a better life.

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