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Recent & Current Volcanic & Seismic Activity

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Indonesia volcano: Seven killed as Mount Sinabung erupts. Image copyright Reuters Seven people have been killed after a volcano in western Indonesia erupted, blasting clouds of volcanic ash 3km (2 miles) into the sky. The victims were farming in an area that was declared unsafe because of its close proximity to Mount Sinabung. The volcano was still spewing ash on Sunday, hampering rescue operations. More than a dozen people were killed when it erupted in 2014. It also erupted in 2010, after having been dormant for 400 years. Rescue teams are still scouring the area, looking for more victims who may have been killed or badly burned by the hot gas and ash clouds released in the eruption. Image copyright EPA Rescue teams were searching homes and farms in the village of Gamber, which was also evacuated in 2014.

What causes volcanoes? Image copyright AP The 2,460-metre (8,070 foot) tall volcano is among the country's most active. Indonesia, located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, has more than 120 active volcanoes. Japan earthquake of 7.4 magnitude comes 24 hours after country was hit by smaller quake. Japan has been rocked by a devastating earthquake just 24 hours after a powerful tremor killed nine people in the same part of the country. Experts have now issued a tsunami warning for the western coast of the Kyushu island, after a 7.4 quake struck a day after hundreds were injured from a tremor on Thursday. The epicentre was near the city of Kumamoto and measured at a depth of 40 km (25 miles), the U.S. Geological Survey has said. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami advisory, which identifies the presence of a marine threat and asks people to leave coastal regions, for the Ariake and Yatsushiro seas. Tragic news of the latest tremor came after incredible images emerged of rescue workers carrying an eight-month-old baby girl to safety from a ruined building, which collapsed after the first quake left 800 injured.

The dramatic rescue came as emergency crews scrambled to find survivors after the powerful earthquake in southern Japan which also sparked fires and buckled roads. Fears of the 'big one': Volcano explodes 1.8 miles high hours after massive earthquake | Science. The Karymsky volcano in Russian Kamchatka's eastern volcanic zone spewed ash up to 3km into the air, according to the Regional Emergencies Ministry. Airlines have been placed on an "orange" warning to avoid the area following today's eruption. It came less than 48 hours hours after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake tore through the region, followed by a series of at least seven less powerful aftershocks.

Terrified shoppers fled from a shopping mall after feeling the tremors inside. The epicentre of the earthquake was within about 20 miles of the 1,486 metre-high magma mountain, prompting fears seismic activity is on the rise and there could be a catastrophic earthquake, volcanic eruption or both. The quake struck an area close to the Ring of Fire, an arc of fault lines circling the Pacific Ocean. It suffers many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but the National and Pacific Tsunami Warning Centers have said there is no current risk of a tsunami from the powerful quake. Scientists fear 'the Big One' as four major earthquakes strike Asia in 48 hours | Science.

There have been three large earthquakes recorded in recent days, including a major one in southern Japan which destroyed buildings and left at least 45 people injured, after Myanmar was rocked on Wednesday. Tremors were also felt as far as 500 miles away at the national park in India where the Royal couple Kate and William were visiting. Yesterday, The Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital confirmed 45 were injured, including five with serious injuries after a quake of magnitude 6.2 to 6.5 and a series of strong aftershocks ripped through Kumamoto city.

Several buildings were damaged or destroyed and at least six people are believed to be trapped under homes in Mashiki. Local reports said one woman was rescued in a critical condition Scientists say there has been an above average number of significant earthquakes across south Asia and the Pacific since the start of the year. "And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes. " Real life Mordor as volcano shots resemble Lord Of The Rings scenes. These spectacular pictures show a volcano erupting in the India Ocean amid scenes resembling the fiery landscape of Mordor in Lord of the Rings. The stunning images show red-hot lava shooting out of the volcano, sending sparks flying and lighting up the sky with a red glow over the French island of Reunion. Daring photographer Luc Perrot took the photos at the Piton de la Fournaise volcano one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

In 2015 it erupted four times - in May, September, October and December. Scroll down for video Dramatic: Pictures show a volcano erupting in the India Ocean amid scenes resembling the treacherous mountain ranges of Mordor in Lord of the Rings Explosion: The stunning images show red-hot lava shooting out of the volcano, sending sparks flying and lighting up the sky with a red glow over the French island of Reunion Up close: Daring photographer Luc Perrot took the photos at the Piton de la Fournaise volcano one of the most active volcanoes in the world Loaded: 0% Experts work to determine what's causing all the earthquakes. NORMAN, Okla. —Oklahoma Geological Survey experts at the University of Oklahoma are working closely with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to figure out what’s causing all the earthquakes in areas where injection wells are not located.

Director Jeremy Boak and his staff said the tremors have brought to light new fault lines that had not yet been discovered. “We’ve been working hard to delineate as many faults as we can in Oklahoma," he said. "We’ve issued a map and we know there are gaps because it’s difficult to find the faults when they don’t break all the way to the surface. " Boak's staff has been working closely with the oil and gas industry, looking at maps and publications of fault lines that have been more defined by the earthquakes. “There have been a couple that have been highlighted a few times," he said.

“Predicting where the next quake will happen is something no one’s been particularly successful at,” Boak said. Strongest Oklahoma earthquake in four years. 18 earthquakes recorded in Oklahoma since Wednesday evening. Oklahoma Recent Earthquakes Map. FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: 1 hr ago A cluster of earthquakes continues to rattle areas of northwest Oklahoma. Several more over 3.0 magnitude have been reported Thursday. By Matt Dinger Staff Writer | Updated: 6 hr ago Two sizable earthquakes were recorded within seconds of one another late Wednesday, with a pair of weaker quakes on their heels. FROM STAFF REPORTS | Updated: Tue, Jan 5, 2016 Did you know earthquake insurance may not cover masonry and may not go into effect until 10 percent of the cost of your house is affected?

In today's paper, business reporter Brianna Bailey writes about how more Oklahomans are buying earthquake insurance, however, there are still few... Today's Earthquakes in Oklahoma, United States. Water injected underground in OK causing 'quakes. Earthquakes today | Earthquake today | earthquake | earthquakes. 4.3, 4.8 Magnitude Earthquakes Rock Northern Oklahoma. MAJOR COUNTY, Oklahoma - Many 3.0-or-larger earthquakes rocked northern Oklahoma Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. And dozens of residents called into News 9 after feeling the long lasting quakes. The first, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck at approximately 10:27 p.m. Its epicenter was located 19 miles northwest of Fairview, 36 miles east of Woodward, 47 miles west of Enid, and 64 miles north of Weatherford. It was about two and a half miles deep. The second, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake, struck at 10:28 p.m. The third, a 3.4 magnitude earthquake, struck at approximately 10:37 p.m.

The fourth, another 3.4 magnitude earthquake, struck at approximately 10:49 p.m. The fifth was a 3.3 that struck at 11:19 p.m. 15 miles northwest of Fairview and 39 miles west of Enid. The sixth was a 3.0 that hit at 11:37 p.m. 19 miles northwest of Fairview, very close to the fifth earthquake. The seventh was a 3.2 that occurred at 12:03 a.m. 19 miles south of Alva and 39 miles east of Woodward. Earthquakes in Oklahoma. Pictures of Mount Sangean Api's 12-mile-high ash cloud over Indonesian island. Mount Sangean Api erupted on Friday, sending ash spewing an estimated 12 miles into the sky above IndonesiaStunning images of the massive ash cloud were captured by a group of tourists on a yacht 10 miles awayFallout of ash from Sangean Api has caused major disruption to flights in Indonesia and northern Australia By John Hall Published: 03:02 GMT, 2 June 2014 | Updated: 10:46 GMT, 2 June 2014 This is the moment a massive cloud of ash threatened to block out the sun following an eruption at Sangean Api - a volcano in the heart of Indonesia's notorious 'Ring of Fire'.

Holidaymakers and crew on board the Dunai Baru yacht got the surprise of a lifetime when the volcano erupted on Friday, sending ash spewing an estimated 12 miles into the sky. Although the menacing ash cloud looks close enough to touch, the spectacular photographs were actually taken onboard a vessel near Sumbawa island - a full 10 miles away from the Mount Sangean Api on the uninhabited Sangean island. Chile tsunami leaves at least 5 dead after 8.2-magnitude earthquake. Quake struck at 8.46pm (00.46BST) on Tuesday in the Pacific OceanChilean officials say five people killed and many others seriously injuredCoastal areas evacuated by authorities immediately after tremor struck300 women inmates escape jail in city of Iquique near quake's epicentre By Lucy Crossley and Dan Bloom and Helen Pow Published: 00:17 GMT, 2 April 2014 | Updated: 19:47 GMT, 2 April 2014 Thousands of people who evacuated Chile's low-lying coastal areas returned home this morning after authorities called off a tsunami alarm as damage from a massive overnight earthquake seemed mostly limited.

The earthquake, with a magnitude of 8.2, struck off the coast of northern Chile near the copper exporting port of Iquique on Tuesday evening, killing six and triggering a tsunami that pounded the shore with 7ft waves. Mines in Chile, the world's No 1 copper producer, mostly said they were functioning normally, and oil refineries said they were normalizing operations. Scroll down for videos. First Images of the Tolbachik Fissure Eruption | Wired Science. I’m in California now, but I thought I’d write a brief post with an image of the Tolbachik eruption in Kamchatka. KVERT posted a few images today, including a show of the two fissures with accompanying ~3 km / 9,800 ft ash plumes. The description of the eruption indicates that it is centered in the southern cone area. The reports from observations on the ground suggest that it started as a series of discrete eruptions that coalesced into the two fissures — a common occurrence for this style of eruptive activity (see Kilauea).

This seems to suggest that Tolbachik is having an eruption similar in style to the 1975-76 eruptions — however, the magnitude of this new eruption is still very unclear. There appears to be significant SO2 from this eruption as well, according to reports from the USGS/AVO. Unfortunately much of the news is in Russian and what little KVERT has released is,well, scant. Terra/MODIS image of the Tolbachik eruption, seen on November 29, 2012. 10 Most Active Volcanoes. Pressure in Mount Fuji is now higher than last eruption, warn experts -- when will Mount Fuji EXPLODE? The pressure in Mount Fuji's magma chamber is now higher than it was in 1707, the last time the nearly 4,000-metre-high Japanese volcano erupted, causing volcanologists to speculate that a disaster is imminent. The new readings, taken by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, reveal that the pressure is at 1.6 megapascals, nearly 16 times the 0.1 megapascals it takes to trigger an eruption.

This, lead volcanologist on the case Eisuke Fujita told Kyodo News, is "not a small figure". Don't miss: Geologists find fault system that could be first signs of future supercontinent Researchers have speculated for some time that the volcano, located on Honshu Island 100km southwest of Tokyo, is overdue an eruption. In 2000 and 2001 a series of low-frequency earthquakes were recorded beneath the volcano, leading to widespread predictions of an imminent blow. A 2004 government report originally estimated that an eruption would cost the country £19.6 billion. Japan Today: Mt Fuji may erupt by 2015, says Ryukyu University professor. Jan. 09, 2013 - 03:00PM JST Since the Great Tohoku Earthquake of March 2011, scientists have been anxiously watching the massive volcano known as Mt Fuji for signs of activity. In September of last year, a report was released stating that Mt Fuji’s magma chamber pressure had risen to a worrisome 1.6 megapascals, which is estimated to be higher than when it last erupted.

According to retired professor Masaki Kimura of Ryukyu University, this and other recent phenomena indicate an eruption of Mt Fuji should have taken place in 2011 with a four-year margin of error ending in 2015. First, a little background on Mt Fuji. Japan sits on the edge of a “subduction zone” which is where one layer of the Earth’s crust is pushed under another. This pushing is an ongoing process and results in part of the Earth’s crust being pushed down into the hot magma of the Earth’s mantle.

This rising magma then becomes a magma chamber. “Magma is rising from beneath Mt Fuji. Read more stories on RocketNews24. Mount Sakurajima eruption: Impressive ash cloud reaches for the sky as Japanese volcano erupts for the 500th time this YEAR. By Rebecca Seales Published: 15:36 GMT, 18 August 2013 | Updated: 18:05 GMT, 19 August 2013 These ominous pictures show volcanic smoke billowing from one of Japan's most active volcanoes, Mount Sakurajima, captured as its erupted for the 500th time this year. At 5000m, this is the highest plume of ash recorded from the mountain since 1955, and caused darkness and ash falls over the centre of nearby Kagoshima city.

Situated on the southern Japanese main island of Kyushu, the 1,117 metre (3,686 ft) volcano began erupting on the night of August 18, local time. Scroll down for video Eruption: In this photo released by Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory, volcanic smoke billows from Mount Sakurajima in Kagoshima, on the Japanese island of Kyushu The images, taken by the Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory, show ash pouring from the volcano's summit.

Volcanologists believe the mountain may spew out more ash this year than in the previous two decades. Mount Bromo spews red smoke. By Mail Foreign Service Published: 11:41 GMT, 7 May 2013 | Updated: 16:40 GMT, 7 May 2013 Billowing brilliant red smoke over the blanched plain, it is the only sign of life in this otherworldly landscape. And Mount Bromo, on the Indonesian island of East Java, is such an extraordinary site thousands of tourists visit every year to enjoy breathtaking vistas across the Tengger massif to the misty peaks beyond. Photographer Helminadia Jabur, 36, said: 'The volcano is noted for its spectacular sunrises, and majestic views all the way to Semeru volcano which is located further behind it. 'Ever since I saw some images of the volcano, I just could not help myself to visit the area and capture it'. Scroll down for video Spectacular: The Tengger massif is bathed in dawn light as Mount Bromo spews red smoke over the ashy Sea of Sand below Attraction: The volcano is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which attracts thousands of visitors to East Java every year.

Amazing time lapse video shows dramatic moment one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes explodes into life. Copahue Volcano Threatens Eruption as Chile, Argentina Towns Evacuate|Volcanoes. Mount Etna eruption: Italy's night sky lit up as volcano spews lava. Mt Tongariro has erupted, again: New Zealand's 'Mount Doom' volcano from Lord of the Rings erupts.

State TV: Three dead after quake hits Iran, near nuclear site.