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How to Make 30 Minute Infinity Scarf

How to Make 30 Minute Infinity Scarf
When I stumbled upon 30 Minute Infinity Scarf tutorial by Audra from “The Kurtz Corner” I got very enthusiastic about this fabulous idea. Since then I’ve been so hooked on this method of knitting that I can’t recall how many times I’ve made this fluffy scarf. I’m sure that it’s the easiest and the most fun way to start your adventure with knitting. Since it's still a bit cold outside, we’ve decided to show you a bit altered version of the tutorial. Our idea was to make it even more helpful, so we used knitter’s perpective. Will you try your hand at arm knitting?

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Creative Ways To Use Cinder Blocks In Your Home Who knew there were so many uses for cinder blocks? Stairs, a pyramid planter, buffet tables and chairs. There are some amazing ideas on this Little Things page. I am ready to add a few of these to my own backyard. Personally, I am not a big fan of plain concrete blocks.

The Best Nail Shop in Korea This video may not be of utmost interest to everybody buuuuuuuuuut I finally made a video about my nail artist in Korea! She runs the best nail shop I’ve ever been to in Korea. Sunny is an amazingly talented artist. I found her a couple years ago when I was fed up with my nails easily chipping after paying for a manicure. I like to say she is a nail designer because I’ve gone to many nail shops in Korea that can’t think creatively. 24 Ways to Get Rid of Inflammation and Joint Pai Inflammation is the number one cause of both acute and chronic pain. Understanding what inflammation really is is the key to reducing it, and therefore maximizing your health. There are two types of inflammation: Primary and Secondary. understand these types of inflammation is the first step in treating inflammation.

DIY Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard Look whose little old MacBook got a facelift this weekend! I spotted this idea from minifanfan on Making It Lovely last week and just had to give it my own spin. I purchased my Japanese washi tape from Le Box Boutique on Etsy. There are hundreds of washi tape sellers but I chose Le Box because they allow you to purchase tape by the foot rather than having to purchase the entire roll. After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away These Bags Again… (#5 Is My Favorite) The silica gel bags we often find in shoe boxes usually end up in the trash, just because we believe they’re completely useless and even toxic. However, the truth is that there is no poison in them whatsoever. They are filled with a substance called silicon dioxide which shouldn’t be eaten but it can be very useful around the house. They’re a non-toxic inert desiccant that will dry out anything around them. Here is how you can use them: 1.

9 Must-Haves for Your First Non-Dorm Home No white board, no extra-long sheets, and no mini-fridge: These decorating essentials, recommended by the pros, are all you'll need for your first grown-up apartment. 1. Paint! "Most rental properties threaten to keep your security deposit if you leave even a trace that you once lived there, but we say ask for forgiveness, not permission," says Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. After all, paint can immediately transform a space. Don't be afraid to go bold with a deep, rich hue, which will make the space feel cozy and will immediately elevate the entire room."

shop - swissRoomBox NEW ROOMBOX FREETECH 01 RoomBox easyTech 02 Roof Top Tent 03 Roof Top TentThe Roof Top Tent offers you a new dimension of freedom for traveling and camping with your family and friends.Prices / Infos Accessories 04 AccessoriesAll the camping accessories for packing, cooling, cooking, seating, eating, washing, showering and sleeping.Prices / Infos How to Find the Right Bra for Your Dress – Awhile back, I received a message from a reader named Lisa asking if I could create a bra guide. I’m happy to say it’s finally here! With so many types of bras out there and even more dresses, it’s hard to know what style to pick. Just this summer, cutout dresses, sheer necklines, and backless maxis have been popping up all over the place. Now you can finally wear them without those pesky straps and hooks showing…