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Book page fabric

Book page fabric
I love the look of old book pages. The toasty brown edges and pale centers of the pages pair perfectly with the stark black type. Simple design with such a vintage feel, but so fragile and brittle. To fix their fragility, I coated the paper with silicone. This technique preserves the fragile pages, making them flexible, waterproof and durable with a feel similar to oilcloth. With a little basic sewing, these plasticized pages are turned into useful durable items with a vintage appeal. CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! Materials paper of choice (old book pages, decorative paper, newspaper, etc.)household silicone sealer (must say “silicone” on the package)scrap piece of cardboard to use as a small spreaderscrap newspaper to protect work surfacesewing machinescissorsspray adhesivescrap fabriclarge piece of paper (at least 15 x 21)piece of heavy poster board or chipboard with dimensions larger than above Instructions For all projects except writing pad: 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2.

A Wallet I've had so many great comments about my new pretty wallet that I wanted to do a tutorial for all of you that would like to make one of your own. Thanks SO much for all of your sweet words. They mean so much to me. Here is what you will need: Outside fabric 9 x 14 inches Front flap 9 x 7 1/2 inches Inside pockets 9 x 14 inches Interfacing (half the size of the outside and flap fabric) Button Hair tie Take your outside piece (9x14), and your front flap piece(9x7 1/2) and fold in half. Take your flap piece, and sew your button on to the side with your interfacing. Take your large piece for your pocket, and fold to make your card holder slots. Here are the sizes of mine. Now you are ready to put it together. Next you will lay your pocket fabric down, with pockets face down, on top of the back of your flap piece. Lastly, lay the other side of your outside fabric piece right side down. Flip your fabric right side out now. Insert your stuff and your done! And that's it! Have a great night!

Refashionista - Delia from Delia Creates Welcome to Day 3 of Refashionista. Today our guest is Delia of Delia Creates. I adore Delia. Her blog feels like entering a comfortable, warm home. It's full of beautiful ideas, gorgeous pictures, and she has two adorable boys! Hi I Am Momma readers! I love re-purposing projects, because you get to take something useless to you and make it useful again...or maybe even something you love. :) Such is the case with some too tight, too short sweaters I had, that I converted to cardigans. I know, I know...this has been done before - a lot, but this is my version of a: With most cardigans you have buttons that line the length of it so you could technically wear it as a blouse if needed. With these cardigans, because they are starting out as too tight and too short sweaters, there are only two to three buttons that clasp the cardigan partially closed. This idea is really simple, but I provide some tips and detailed methods to help you achieve a durable, beautiful outcome. Materials: Let's begin. 1.

Vintage Brooch Necklace! Anthro-Inspired Vintage Brooch Necklace! Gorgeous for the Holidays!!! Here's Anthro's Majorelle Necklace. I don't know what original cost was...because they are SOLD OUT! But they are on ebay for about $70 Here's how to get the look for less! You will need: *twisted rope cord (mine is a champagne color) *pinch bails/end caps and a lobster clasp *3 brooches or jewels of some kind *E6000 glue *Pearl Strand (optional) I had everything on hand! Wrap tape around your rope before cutting to desired length. Mine's 16 inches. Cut in the center of the tape to prevent fraying. Because my rope wasn't as thick as the Anthro rope...I used a string of pearls to add awesome. I tied the string of pearls off at the top. Then twisted around the rope. Like this... I set the brooches on the rope just to see if it was good or not. I used pinch bails on the ends...because that is what I had. The necklace part is finished! Set your necklace on a surface that is flexible, in case it gets glue on it. Done! Gorgeous!

Refashionista - Kelly from Sewing In No Man's Land Kelly amazes me with her detailed, over-the-top designs. She is an incredible seamstress and to top it off she's a professional photographer. Even if you don't sew, her blog is too beautiful to pass up. I am so excited to be part of the Refashionista event this year! My family is from Ireland and my Granny and Granddad never left the island. I wish I had taken the opportunity to learn more from her. What is fantastic about using an old coat is that all the difficult parts are already done for you so the coat comes together incredibly fast! This left me with an extremely professional looking pocket and hardly any effort. The same is true for the center placket. The topstitching from the original coat again makes the shrunken version look much more professional: The original coat had a turned over collar not a hood. Plus hoods show off the super cute lining you put in! Although, I don't know how soon Evie will be letting me take some more pictures of her though ha! Cheers!

Fold Over Clutch Fold over clutches are super popular right now. I whipped this one up in about 30 minutes. There are tons of tutorials out there on how to make pouches. This is basically the same thing, just make it a little longer for the fold over part. I got the lace separately from the black fabric and sewed them together. I love a quick and easy sewing project! Linking Up To These Parties: Monday- Skip to my LouEmbellishing LifeCraft-O-ManiacIts So Very CheriMaking the World CuterC.R.A.F.T.The Girl Creative Tuesday- Sugar Bee CraftsTopsy Turvy CakesNight Owl CraftingA Diamond in the StuffHome Stories A to ZToday's Creative BlogFunky Polkadot Giraffe Wednesday- Trendy TreehouseFireflies & JellybeansSaturday MorningsThursday- Somewhat SimplePaisley PassionsWhat Allie's Making NowChristina's AdventuresHouse of Hepworths Friday- Sassy SitesFingerprints on the FridgeTatertots and JelloChic on a Shoestring Decorating Sunday- Under the Table and DreamingI Heart Nap Time

Upcycled Design Lab Blog - Starting Over - More T-shirt Tales and a Tutorial (Basket Weave Upcycled T) So yesterday I accomplished what I was beginning to believe was the impossible!!! Drum-roll please..... I finally finished another t-shirt project!! Amazining?? I know. Thank you. Can you here the music? No? Ok I guess that part is just in my head. Anyway I actually used one whole t-shirt and a good portion of another tee-shirt. As you may already know I was feeling quite discouraged a few days ago as all of my current work in progress was at the I don't know What The Fork to do with it stage . Remember this? OK so it actually looked like this. Well I am happy to report that as with most things persistence does pay off and surprisingly no gin and tonics were even required. I am learning to be more tuned in to the lessons that can be learned in even the smallest experience in our lives. But it is important to be able to let go of things. Isn't it? We hold on to so many things that hold us back in life. But of course the lesson is, that in the end, I was glad that I did. That's it for now.

Ombre Chevron Necklace You may have noticed that I have been having fun with polymer clay recently. So I decided to make this super momma *wink* a little something. I love that this necklace combines three of my favorite things; chevron, ombre and turquoise! Whoop whoop! You too, can make your own super momma necklace... Start with some polymer clay. Flatten each colour into a chevron shape. Use a piercing tool to create holes in each of the shapes. Way easier than it looks right?! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a tutorial on how to create matching earrings using a different technique. Thanks for reading.

puppet play: diana schoenbrun guest post! If you're anything like me, you have any number of stray socks and mittens lying around the house that have sadly lost their mates. In the new book Puppet Play: 20 Puppet Projects Made with Recycled Mittens, Towels, Socks, and More, author Diana Schoenbrun shows her readers how to make super cute and easy puppets from these and other recycled materials. Since many crafters are interested in the creative process behind a craft book like this, Diana is here at the honeybee blog today to tell us how she came up with the inspiration for her book. PS--if you'd like to try out a couple of sample projects from Puppet Play, including the quirky striped elephant puppet on the book cover, please visit the links below! Crazy Cat PuppetBetty the Elephant Puppet From Diana Schoenbrun: I came up with the idea for Puppet Play a few years ago. I had taught a puppet and playwriting classes for children ages five to seven. Here’s some fun background information about the book.

no snag hair ties w/ purchase link When I was engaged, my sister gave me the best no-snag hair ties. They were awesome, but there’s only so long a married girl can rock fabric hair bands that say “I do” and “bride to be.” In search of post-nuptial hair bands, I found that they are quite expensive. Anthropologie has adorable color combinations, but they are $12 for 5 bands. 80 hair bands! Now the question is: what the hell am I supposed to do with eighty hair bands? Materials: stretch elastic (I purchased mine here) (I used 5/8″ elastic on the glitter and “fold over” elastic for the rest) Instructions: Measure elastic equivalent to wrap around the circumference of your wrist, leaving an extra inch on each side Cut the elastic (a sharp scissor is best to avoid fray; cut on a slight angle)Hold the two ends of the elastic together and wrap them around one finger. *Clarification required: By purple hazing, I just mean rocking out. ** Not going to make them? *** Are you a fellow Blogger?

Re-purpose And Save Money During Back To School If you can re-purpose old clothes for this school year, I highly recommend doing so, think of the money you will save. These three pairs of jeans were from last year. Two pairs are too short, and the third, well, the holes just too big. It's still summer, we live in San Diego, and these are not worth sending to the Thrift Shop, so I decided to turn all three pairs into shorts for the little man to wear to school. However I wanted them to look nice for school (as opposed to backyard, play in the mud attire), so I didn't want there to be frayed bottoms from not hemming, and I wanted to make sure that the holes were patched. I began by using an old pair of shorts as a guide for the length: I tend to just eye-ball things but if you prefer, measure and use a fabric marker to make sure you get your line straight before cutting. As you can see two pairs of shorts still had holes in them but the third didn't, so I tackled that pair first. The second pair I tackled were the tan pair.

Doily Necklace This Reader Request Maeg-it Yourself was inspired by and made for Kaitlyn who submitted the Amanda Pearl Vintage Crystal & Grosgrain Necklace $298.00. Thank you Kaitlyn, and Congrats! I hope you like it …but if not, I’ll gladly keep it for myself Email your whereabouts to and I’ll send it to you asap. And for the rest of you …an easy DIY. * Crystals {I like the plastic ones, they’re safer but you can find real/glass/vintage crystals in this shape at flea markets, specifically, if you’re in LA, the Rose Bowl} …I had a few left over from My Prada Inspired Chandelier Necklace so I’m using more rectangular cuts than the octagonal shapes of the original necklace. * Using your crystals {or a necklace you may already have} create a row that measures from left to right collar bone, with a nice drape {about 12″ usually works}. * Using enough ribbon to give you the option of wearing it short or long, cut and loop through as shown. * …then tying a double knot.