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OMG that dress!

OMG that dress!

Chanel News - Actualités et coulisses de la mode Par Boris Coridian Un rayon de soleil transperce les nuages parisiens de ce 26 janvier et illumine la nef du Grand Palais. Comme un appel du printemps au cœur de l’hiver, c’est le signal du départ du défilé de la collection Haute Couture Printemps‑Été 2016, imaginée par Karl Lagerfeld. Dans un décor où la nature est sublimée, une maison de bois aux volets clos se confond avec la végétation. La porte s’ouvre dévoilant les premières silhouettes. Une à une, semblant ralentir le pas pour mieux profiter de l’instant, les mannequins déambulent dans ce jardin d’Éden.

Henri Matisse (1869–1954) The remarkable career of Henri Matisse, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, whose stylistic innovations (along with those of Pablo Picasso) fundamentally altered the course of modern art and affected the art of several generations of younger painters, spanned almost six and a half decades. His vast oeuvre encompassed painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic arts (as diverse as etchings, linocuts, lithographs, and aquatints), paper cutouts, and book illustration. His varied subjects comprised landscape, still life, portraiture, domestic and studio interiors, and particularly focused on the female figure. Initially trained as a lawyer, Matisse developed an interest in art only at age twenty-one.

fotojournalismus A boy sleeps amid the rubble of his destroyed house in Gaza Strip on September 1, 2014. (Ahmed Hjazy/Barcoft Media) Tibetan Plateau, July 2015 Photographs by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images micdotcom: The History of Dragons in Art -By William O'Connor The most iconic image in all of fantasy art is the dragon. Powerful, ancient and beautiful it has for millennia captivated the minds of artists, writers and story tellers. But many of us may not know the origins of this terrific beast. A Beautiful Mess I love using cloth napkins to dress up our dinner table, and through the years I've grown even more fond of their sustainability and cost effectiveness. Though, I'm not sure how cost effective it is if you keep buying more and more cloth napkins each year! This holiday season I thought it would be fun to look at how I could dress up the napkins I already own to give them an extra festive vibe.

File Preparation for T-shirts Posted by Justin Cooper, Tuesday, June 28, 2011 12:47pm It's no surprise that when it comes to selling more of your t-shirts, it all comes down to paying attention to the details. Here is what the best selling members on Society6 do: 1. Eat Noodles Love Noodles Paul Klee (1879-1940) "Movement" by Nohra Corredor ©"FOOTPRINT"-Nohra Corredor In his own words: "Ways of Studying Nature" by Paul Klee "For the artist, dialogue with nature remains a conditio sine qua non.

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