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[Post updated August 2014] Skirts are an easy garment to start with if you’re learning to sew. If you’re just starting out, you might be more confident making bags, first. All of the skirt tutorials below give step by step instructions. They don’t require commercial patterns and are either pattern-less or they show you how to draw up your own easy pattern. That way, you skirt will fit you perfectly. These skirts include a variety of styles, sewing techniques, difficulty levels and funky inspiration, so there’s something here for everyone. Mix and match styles and techniques to make your own perfect style. As usual, these tutorials are usually for personal use only, not commercial use, consult each individual website for details. Simple A-Line Skirts Wrap Skirts Peasant Skirts Pleated Skirts Circle Skirts Panelled Skirts Maternity Skirts Recycled Skirts Girl’s Skirts Something a bit different Festive Holiday Skirt This long A-line skirt has a tulle-edged slip peeking out from the bottom, soft wide waistband, and back sash/bow detail. It sews up in under three hours. Perfect for a last minute holiday outfit! There will even be scraps enough to make a matching bag. Materials 3 meters cotton or lightweight wool fabric 2 meters lining fabric for slip 2 meters tulle for slip 30 cm zipper 1/2 inch waistband elastic thread Measure A: Waist - at natural waistline B: Hips - at fullest point C: Waist to Hips D: Waist to Ankle E: Stride - take a comfortable step in your party shoes and measure front toe to back heel Click for larger image, or download a printable PDF Cut Using the illustration or printable A4 PDF as a guide, measure directly on the fabric and cut the skirt front, back, and slip. Sew the Skirt Sew the Slip Sew the side seams together.Hem the bottom.Double fold the top to form a casing.Sew casing, leaving opening.Insert elastic into casing. You made it?

Ugly Big Jumpers Into Super Cute Girlie Cardigans!! (PIC HEAVY AVEC TUTORIAL!) I was asked kindly for a tutorial for the recon - luckliy, I managed to take photos of the here we go! 1) Take a shapeless jumper - could be any size, any style that you wish. I chose a guy's round neck jumper. That way, I know I can always take it into my measurements. 2) Cut out the slevees OUTSIDE the seam - the armhole will be a bit big afterward. you should have something looking like this: 3) Sweet. EXAMPLE - the jumper had a 40" chest and I have a 38" I marked half an inch off each side. 4) Stitch the sides of the jumper and cut off the remaining fabric. 5) Measure the chest area of the jumper lying flat to find the centre. Mark a staggered line down the middle and cut. 6) At this time, I took up the bottom hem of the jumper because it would have ended up being too long. 7) INTERFACING - At this point, if you wish to use some kind of fabric bias binding/interfacing, you may. I used a zigzag stitch along the centre to keep it from fraying. -x-

XL men's shirt to pinup halter dress- tute on pg 2! ok, here is more or less how i made it- i'm happy to answer questions if this doesn't make sense. First, take your shirt and cut it where the red lines are (except less wonky): You want to cut real close to where the bottom of the arms are, and then cut it straight across the back. Put the shirt on inside out, pin it so it fits your body loosely, and sew those seams (don't try to make it form-fitting just yet- that comes later). now, take the collar- just the collar part, detach the excess shirt fabric first- and cut it in half (some of this went beyond my MS Paint skills, so i took a few pictures): flip it around so that the cut end faces the middle of the dress (where the buttons are) and fold about half your half collar down: let's all pretend that the scrap of fabric below the collar is actually half of the dress, ok? except here it's backwards and i can't convince craftster photos to flip it around. sigh. take your folded collar and fold it over the top of the dress bodice like so:

Mens dress shirt reconstruction to womens girly shirt. Thanks, I actually just took strips of the shirt material and pinned them on in ruffles by folding every inch or so, then sewed it down. The first one i did was the farthest from the neck. Then I did the row closest to the neck. I actually just put a strip of the shirt fabric on there without folding I was running out of material because it was a shortsleeve and sewed it down then cut horizontal strips in the fabric on each side but intermitently, kinda like the pattern in a brick wall somewhat. It is hard to explain. Edit: also I added some flowers on there too that i made from fabric, saw a tutorial somwhere on the net or on this site, i can't seem to find it though. you just use two pieces of circle shaped fabric, fold them once in half then it half again, the are then a quarter of the circle, then i sewed a few of those in a clump to get the flowers.

How to Make a Belted Skirt from a Men's Dress Shirt April 9th, 2009 Email 224 users recommend Your new skirt made from a men's dress shirt! Christine Haynes The original shirt, direct from the thrift store. Step 1. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Photo: Christine Haynes I love being green, but I also want to look chic and modern. Much like that item, I started with a men's dress shirt. What you'll need: One men's dress shirt with a straight hem, wide enough to be gathered at your waist, long enough from the armpit to the hem for the skirtRulerScissorsSewing machine and threadPins1/2-inch elastic about 30 inches longLarge safety pin 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. View 1 member project gallery Crazy braided tee refashion Whoo-hoo, this one's a little crazy! I branched out of my usual ruffle-front routine to make this cute summery tee from a long-sleeved, ancient Gap Favorite Tee. Want the tutorial? Start with a long-sleeved tee. This one had been washed so many times it was getting short in the length and sleeves, and just looked tired. Cut off the sleeves in a raglan style. (The more you trim off on the neck, the lower your shirt will be in the front. Cut the sleeves into strips about 1.5" wide, depending on how substantial you want your braid trim to look. You'll need six strips total to go all the way around your neck, so cut and then sew the pieces together and press. Put the three pieces together at one end (I used the foot of a stool to keep it down) and braid. Now, back to the shirt. Try on the tee and hold up the braid, to see how much braid you'll need. Sew the braid together to form a circle. Use a scrap from the sleeves and wrap it around the ugly part where the seam is. No pics of this part.

The 30 Minute $6 Dress Tutorial | papernstitch Guest post by Rachael at Talk 2 the Trees. The perfect dress is hard to come by. I like my dresses to be cheap, and long enough. (I’m not a fan of super short dresses!) Cheap and long dresses don’t seem to go hand in hand.. so, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! Here is a tutorial for a simple yet cute dress. Here’s Your Supplies List: 1. Here’s How you Make it: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Here’s the tutorial in pictures… Believe it or not, this dress only took about 30 minutes to make. About the author.