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When in doubt, throw on overalls. Finally, another video diary. I’ve been taking longer than usual because of school but now that I will be on holidays im planning to do videos more often and not only video diaries. I know I know, I’ve said this before but this time you can take my promise as I already started filming something different that you’ll see soon! So make sure to suscribe to my Youtube channel to get updates when I upload new stuff :) Hope you enjoy this video. It has been so cold this past winter that it was very hard to film outside.

Lina Tesch Photography Jazzi McG A/X Armani Exchange tank dress This is what I wore for some desert festivities last weekend, then again yesterday when it was about 75 and covering up just felt like sacrilege. The tank dress is another look from A/X Armani Exchange (thanks A/X!) Bloed, zweet en luxeproblemen De Nederlandse Publieke Omroep maakt gebruik van cookies. We maken een onderscheid tussen functionele cookies en cookies voor het beheer van webstatistieken, advertenties en social media. De cookies bevatten geen persoonsgegevens en zijn dus niet tot een individu te herleiden.

Mug Coffee Cake Recipe I’ve recently become smitten with mug cakes. If you’ve never made a mug cake, you don’t know what you’re missing! What could be better than a delicious, flavorful cake in a single-serve portion, that you can prepare and bake in minutes using the convenience of your microwave?

Kitschissime Where Did U Get That - The Fashion Blogger from London living in New York When I first moved to NY from London, I had no idea WHERE some of best places were to shop. Not the big name stores. We all know those. But those cool boutiques squirreled away across the city that a new comer like me longed to know about.

Claudia C. ten Hoeve Valentijns’dag’ begon dit jaar meteen om middernacht al verrassend, met een geritsel in de gang. In eerste instantie sloeg ik er geen acht op, ben wel geritsel gewend van het jarenlang samenleven met poezenbeesten, totdat het tot me doordrong dat ik momenteel geen poezenbeesten in huis heb… Op onderzoek uit bleek er een pakje in mijn brievenbus te hangen! Niemand -meer- te zien natuurlijk. Het enige wat er op stond was heel klein op de achterkant ‘claudia’. Er in zat een heel mooi boekje, een gedichtenbundel van Oeke Kruythof, Licht in Stilte, over liefde, dood, geluk, verdriet en vriendschap.

7 Meals in a Mug Recipes You've Got to Try ... Sometimes, many of us only need to cook for ourselves so meals in a mug are a perfect solution! There's no need to spend the time and money to prepare a meal that only you get to enjoy. Instead, try some of these 7 meals in a mug recipes to get a perfectly portioned (and delicious) meal every time! They make perfect dorm room meals as well as a great solution for not wasting food!

k is for kani With Love From Kat // A Fashion, Beauty, and Decor Blog by Kat Tanita Coaching & Training - Re-frame yourself Dans, alsof er niemand is die kijkt, Heb lief, alsof je nog nooit gekwetst bent, Zing, alsof niemand je kan horen, Werk, alsof je het geld niet nodig hebt, Leef, alsof de hemel op aarde is. The Official Site for the Food Network UK TV Channel