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Soldiers Inc During the early years of the 21st century, the face of modern warfare began to change... Foreign companies, sponsored by multinational corporations, rush to solidify mineral rights in the East African Republic of Zandia. Meanwhile China and leading Asian mining companies assemble the largest joint private paramilitary force ever seen - the Zheng Shi Security Combine in order to secure their claim to the riches available to preserve their monopoly within the country. NASA-Led Study Finds Warming-Driven Megadroughts Jeopardizing Amazon Forest By Joe Romm "NASA-Led Study Finds Warming-Driven Megadroughts Jeopardizing Amazon Forest" An area of the Amazon rainforest twice the size of California continues to suffer from the effects of a megadrought that began in 2005, finds a new NASA-led study. These results, together with observed recurrences of droughts every few years and associated damage to the forests in southern and western Amazonia in the past decade, suggest these rainforests may be showing the first signs of potential large-scale degradation due to climate change. At left, the extent of the 2005 megadrought in the western Amazon rainforests during the summer months of June, July and August as measured by NASA satellites.

The early origins of the gender pay gap One of the more remarkable and discouraging facts about the U.S. economy is that even while women have increasingly entered the workforce, they still make less than comparable men on a variety of metrics. Even though women now outnumber men in college, there is still a difference in earnings. Part of this gap is because men are more likely to study in high-paying fields such as math, science, and various technology fields. But why does this gap exist? What Hit Earth 1,200 Years Ago? Japanese scientists studying tree rings data found something strange: 1,200 years ago an extremely intense burst of high-energy radiation of unknown origin hit planet Earth. The radiation burst, which seems to have hit between ad 774 and ad 775, was detected by looking at the amounts of the radioactive isotope carbon-14 in tree rings that formed during the ad 775 growing season in the Northern Hemisphere. The increase in 14C levels is so clear that the scientists, led by Fusa Miyake, a cosmic-ray physicist from Nagoya University in Japan, conclude that the atmospheric level of 14C must have jumped by 1.2% over the course of no longer than a year, about 20 times more than the normal rate of variation. But what happened, exactly? The only known events that can produce a 14C spike are floods of gamma-rays from supernova explosions or proton storms from giant solar flares. Link

My body is a Temple Sylvain Dumais works as an art director, photographer and animator. While shooting stills, Sylvain discovered a passion for set building, tactile installation and mixed media. His installation ‘My body is a Temple’ is an on-going photographic series where he creates Tibetan mandalas from everyday junk food items and other comestible elements. He says: ‘Not everybody treats their body as a temple. But we are what we ingest.’

My Briefcase - Tech Briefcase Store and organize the white papers you need so you can find them later. Create folders for any project, topic or technology. View your briefcase contents from the iPhone or from your computer. Share them with coworkers or colleagues. National Climate Assessment Details Stronger Evidence Of Global Warming And Its Impacts A federal committee has published a draft of the nation's third climate assessment report, a comprehensive analysis of the latest and best peer-reviewed science on the extent and impacts of global warming on the United States. None of the body's findings are entirely new, but the report suggests that evidence is now stronger and clearer than ever that the climate is rapidly changing -- primarily as a result of human activities, including the copious burning of fossil fuels. Observed weather extremes are on the rise, and the possible connection between at least some of these events and human-induced climate change is also more strongly supported by the science. The nation can expect increased impacts on everything from crops to fresh water supplies, and better and broader national plans for adaptation are needed, the assessment noted. "Climate change presents a major challenge for society," the committee's leadership said in a letter addressed to the American people.

The Brand Reputation Discreditation Before you ReTweet, repin or share that content – READ IT! We should all aware by now that what we post online, especially public content, will live forever. What you post can have profound, long term effects on your brand reputation. Even a single post, tweet or comment can take on a life of its own. Where am I going with this? While it’s generally sunk in that we need to be careful WHAT we post, it seems that isn’t necessarily the case with what we REPOST. The Latest on the Facebook Phone Though I recently diagnosed rumors of a Facebook phone as “overblown,” it appears I was mistaken. Nick Bilton of the New York Times this week reported on Facebook’s interest in entering the hardware business–and the rest of the tech press has piled on saying what a terrible idea it is. Bilton says that Facebook employees “as well as people briefed on Facebook’s plans” say a smart phone from Facebook could be released “by next year.”

Fornasetti - Piero Fornasetti - Nightly Mailand 1913 - Mailand 1988 The Italian painter, sculptor, craftsman, and decorator Piero Fornasetti cultivated a highly original style throughout his career. Awe-struck by the past greatness of Italian art, Piero Fornasetti developed an eclectic style, not confining himself, however, to the motifs of the Novecento style, which was inspired by Neo-Classicism. Instead, Piero Fornasetti also used Early Renaissance ornamental and pictorial motifs to decorate silk scarves, furniture, porcelain plates, vessels, and other similar objects. Piero Fornasetti was also influenced by Surrealism and pittura metafisica. In 1930 Piero Fornasetti was given a scholarship to study painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan but was expelled from the academy in 1932.

A completely nigger filled childrens show? - Page 2 Note : you can see his little monkey balls through his warm-ups. Its probably muhdikking over some Chinese girl it plans to rape.That film wasn't just nigger, it was communist Chinese propaganda 100%. They 'just happened upon' nearly every landmark in China, normal citizens looked unnaturally happy, and there were no stray dogs, beggars, or government agents whatsoever.A nigger being allowed to run wild in China - and even gaining a Chinese girl's father's approval - is probably the most unrealistic thing of all.Since it's American producers had no way to vilify white people, they just cast China's boogieman as the antagonist instead - the most ethnically Japanese looking actor they could find. China does this all the time in it's own films.Rongguang Yu

In Australia, Wind Power Is Already Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels, And Solar Is Right Behind By Jeff Spross on February 10, 2013 at 10:00 am "In Australia, Wind Power Is Already Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels, And Solar Is Right Behind" According to the latest research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, electricity from wind power can now be supplied more cheaply in Australia than power from either coal or natural gas — and solar and other forms of renewable energy aren’t far behind.

What Really Causes Cancer Introduction Most people think that DNA damage is what causes a cell to be cancerous. While it is true that cancer cells may have DNA damage, it is highly unlikely that DNA damage can cause any cell to become cancerous. Weak Passwords Remain Epidemic, Says Cambridge Researcher The use of weak and insecure passwords remains a key security vulnerability for every country in the world, say researchers. A report from Cambridge University Computer Laboratory has found that users continue to utilise easily-guessed passwords, with young users particularly careless with their password selection. Utilising data collected from past data breaches and mass account thefts including a 2009 breach at Yahoo, researcher Joseph Bonneau noted that bad behaviour exists in every region on the web, and users are continuing to pick weak passwords for high-value accounts. While certain countries such as Germany and Korea have been found to have slightly lower rates of vulnerable passwords, Bonneau noted that trends held up overall. "Factors increasing security motivation like registering a payment card only seem to nudge users away from the weakest passwords, and a limited natural experiment on actively encouraging stronger passwords seems to have made little difference."

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