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Energías Renovables, el periodismo de las energías limpias.

Energías Renovables, el periodismo de las energías limpias.

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Tabla Periódica Dinámica Includes interactive visualizations, properties, orbitals, isotopes, and compound mixing. 10 Greatest Trees in the World Myth, tradition, inspiration, culture, religion, and many other aspects of human life are written into the rings of history within a tree's trunk. In fact, trees would do just fine if humans ceased to exist—but humans would almost surely die without trees. They reduce carbon dioxide while producing oxygen, moderate ecosystems, prevent erosion, provide shelter, building materials, energy, and even nutrition. Because of their nearly innumerable benefits, people throughout time have attibuted greater meaning to trees. China’s central bank says it doesn’t recognize Bitcoin as a legal currency and warns of risks - The Next Web - Nightly 5 December '13, 10:45am Follow Crypto-currency Bitcoin has been making headlines in China recently, especially in the aftermath of BTC China overtaking Japan-based Mt. Gox as the trading system processing the largest volume of Bitcoin, and announcing a $5 million Series A round of investment. China’s central bank has spoken up in response to the hype around Bitcoin, saying that banks and other financial institutions are not allowed to handle transactions made with the digital currency. It says it doesn’t recognize Bitcoin as a legal currency, but gives the green light for individuals to use Bitcoin online — at their own risk.

Living Light Sculpture Reveals Air Quality of Seoul Check out how a retro glass sculpture maps the city’s air quality ! In the center of Seoul ’s Peace Park , which is located across from the Korean World Cup Stadium, lies a very extraordinary sight: an outdoor glass canopy called the Living Light Sculpture. Created by Soo-in Yang and David Benjamin of The Living , and commissioned by the Korean Ministry of Environment, this amazing sculpture is more than just a fantastic piece of art. It actually projects up-to-date information about surrounding cities and their air quality. The glass skin on the sculpture is a map that covers 27 local neighborhoods, and every 15 minutes certain sections light up to tell you which city has the best and worst air quality.

Bitcoin falls $300 after Chinese crackdown — RT Business - Nightly Published time: December 07, 2013 16:33 Reuters / Jim Urquhart The value of bitcoin has dropped by $300 and continues to fall following a clampdown on the controversial crypto-currency by the Chinese government. China’s central bank, the People's Bank of China, and five government ministries have said they do not view bitcoins as a real currency, as they have “no legal status or monetary equivalent,” and have warned local banks and businesses against using it. The announcement saw the digital currency crashing on the MT.Gox Bitcoin exchange from a record high of $1,216 to $870. The value of one bitcoin then bounced back to $1,045 for a short period of time, before dropping again to less than $660 on the night of December 7.

Tweet Conversations Meet New People Tweet this page... Conversations Tweeters Sort by Klout score ▾ Pure RainDrop Water Butt from Elho Why Not contact us for a consultation if you are within a 75 mile radius of Essex we will be pleased to come and see you and suggest schemes for the home or the garden. We can plant up and install for you Our Grand Tour of 2014 Come & see us for Fabulous Show Offers & New Products RHS Flower Show Cardiff April 11th - April 13th 2014 Ended Huge Success Thank You! Tweet Conversations Meet New People Tweet this page... Conversations Tweeters Product Ecologies see also: GVCS Pattern Language Product Ecologies illustrate how the different tools of the GVCS work together. For example, motors, power units, and implements interchange within the tractor, microtractor, car, truck, fabrication, and bulldozer infrastructures. Ecologies can also refer to the way in which a set of tools can be put together to produce a wide array of products - such as the induction furnace contributing to the production of tractor parts, construction roofing, or wire.

Environment news and global warming articles from New Scientist - New Scientist Environmen Cookies on the New Scientist website close Our website uses cookies, which are small text files that are widely used in order to make websites work more effectively. Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic Return to North Glen or Reading List or Credo The Land Ethic By Aldo Leopold, from A Sand County Almanac, 1948 When god-like Odysseus returned from the wars in Troy, he hanged all on one rope a dozen slave-girls of his house-hold, whom he suspected of misbehavior during his absence.

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