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La dignidad del pueblo. Apoyo europeo al comunicado de la FeSP. Pearltrees. Ikea venderá muebles y lámparas para cargar móviles y tabletas sin necesidad de enchufe. Tweet Conversations. Tweet Conversations. What Your Annual Physical Isn't Telling You. When people visit Dr.

What Your Annual Physical Isn't Telling You

Florence Comite, an endocrinologist in Manhattan, they spend two to three hours of filling out health histories and undergoing various types of blood tests—even though most of the doctor's patients think they're perfectly healthy. The reason: "People think that if they feel OK, they're healthy," she says. And often, they're not, because despite dutifully scheduling annual physicals, most people aren't getting enough or even the right information that alerts them to subtle changes that lead to long-term problems. Know before you go: Here are 4 Ways to Prep for Your Annual Physical To find out how truly healthy—or unhealthy—you are, she says, you need accurate measurements of blood sugar, hormones, and inflammation, types of blood tests that not only lay the groundwork for staying healthy for as long as possible, but also indicate diseases that may be brewing (and, therefore, may still be preventable).

But many of her tips apply to women as well. Tweet Conversations. Meet New People Tweet this page...

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Conversations Tweeters Sort by Klout score ▾ Hidden tweet. Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Las células del cáncer mueren tras ser expuestas al tetrahidrocannabinol (THC) - Nightly. Tweet Conversations. Un tribunal médico de Francia reconoce los daños por la vacuna del papiloma - La verdad oculta - Nightly. Tweet Conversations.

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Conversations Tweeters. 78-year-old man says vegan diet responsible for "ripped" body. (NaturalNews) While Jim Morris may have been Mr.

78-year-old man says vegan diet responsible for "ripped" body

America in the 1970s, time, as the saying goes, marches on. Today, Morris is 78 years old. While most people his age would think back to their outstanding physique with a smile and consider the success to be a distant memory, Morris still lives it. Nearly 40 years after winning numerous fitness competitions, he continues to exercise and eat right, giving him a 1980s Schwarzenegger-esque physique that seems to defy the physical strength and appearance of most senior citizens his age. Or senior citizens, period. The Brooklyn-born man, who now calls California home, works hard to stay in shape. Eating meat was a part of his competitive lifestyle, and not wanting to alter his fitness winning streak by changing his diet, Morris continued to eat animal protein to see him through his bodybuilding contests. Morris says he chose this lifestyle for ethical reasons, but he also did it because of the health issues he began to suffer from. Tweet Conversations.

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Fran Lorenzo. Healt. Salud. 11 Ways To Keep Your Home A Cancer-Free Zone - Nightly. Home should be an oasis, a safe and peaceful space that promotes well-being and health.

11 Ways To Keep Your Home A Cancer-Free Zone - Nightly

However, if you’re constantly cleaning up the house with harsh chemicals, hosing it down with anti-bacterial soaps and steeping yourself in off-gassing bedding and décor, home may not be such a safe place after all. The fact is, most of us live in homes we’ve unintentionally loaded with carcinogens, but the good news is that we can take a few simple steps to make our lives and homes as cancer-proof as possible.

Here’s how to show hundreds of carcinogens the door – simply and easily: 1. Make your own cleaning products. Commercial household cleaning products are a significant source of toxins, polluting your indoor air and poisoning your body, as they’re absorbed through the skin while you scrub. 2. Salud. Why You Should Avoid Over Exposure to Cell Phones & Wi-Fi - Nightly. By Dr. Mercola “It may take some sort of catastrophe to get people’s attention,” said Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada and founder of Canadians 4 Safe Technology, referring to the increasing saturation of Wi-Fi technologies on the public at large, and especially, children.

Leading experts from top universities recently convened at a program organized by in Connecticut to discuss the reality that such a catastrophe is already brewing and, as the panel warned, is now already negatively impacting children, fetuses and fertility. But the majority of parents are not connecting the dots by linking symptoms in their children to the radiation.During the discussion “Cell Phones & Wi-Fi – Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk? Salud. Medio Ambiente y Ecología Social - Salud. Vegetarianos - - Nightly. Thousands of Genetically Modified Insects Set For Released : Natural Society - Nightly. Just when you thought genetically modified mosquitoes and mutated dinner entrees were the extent of biotech’s hunger to manipulate the genetic coding of the planet, scientists have now unleashed a plan to launch thousands of ‘frankenfly’ style insects into the wild in order to combat pests.

Thousands of Genetically Modified Insects Set For Released : Natural Society - Nightly

And just like we saw with the release of genetically modified mosquitoes, the altered insects are actually being pushed as a ‘green alternative’ to the use of chemicals. You see, British scientists claim that mutating the genetic code of the insects is actually a way of substituting for the use of chemical pesticides. Chemical pesticides used to lower the population of olive flies in Britain. The reality here, however, is that you are taking something damaging like chemical pesticides and replacing it with something far worse.

In other words, they are actually trying to mutate the genetic code to sterilize and eliminate the population of flies. Salud. Browse Videos - Natural News TV - Nightly. Salud. 25 amazing benefits and uses for hydrogen peroxide. Share By Andrea Harper – Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen.

25 amazing benefits and uses for hydrogen peroxide

Like ozone, it kills disease organisms by oxidation! Hydrogen peroxide is considered the worlds safest all natural effective sanitizer. It kills microorganisms by oxidizing them, which can be best described as a controlled burning process. Salud. Cancer is curable now with a rebound air and exercise! - YouTube - Nightly. Salud. Meet New People Tweet this page...


Conversations Tweeters. Beginner Plan: Beverages - Nightly. Email this article to a friend Dr.

Beginner Plan: Beverages - Nightly

Mercola's Nutrition Plan Let's start with the most important element of your diet: Water! Water makes up more than 70 percent of your body's tissues and plays a role in nearly every body function, from regulating temperature and cushioning joints to bringing oxygen to your cells and removing waste from your body. Therefore, it's vital to pay attention to what you drink. Salud. Assaulting Cancer: 5 Natural Ways to Boost Natural Killer Cells. Salud. Nature's Cancer Prevention - Vitamin B17. Share by Janet Hull Have you ever heard of vitamin B17? Salud. Strambotic » Diez corporaciones del mundo real que parecen salidas de la mente de un supervillano. Diez corporaciones del mundo real que parecen salidas de la mente de un supervillano. Salud. Una nueva vacuna contra el VIH muestra una eficacia del 100% en ratones. Salud. El genoma de la cobra, un arma potencial contra el cáncer. Lo utilizan como arma química letal para capturar a sus presas y protegerse de sus enemigos, pero convenientemente tratado, el veneno de la cobra real también puede convertirse en una potente herramienta biomédica.

Un equipo internacional de científicos, en el que ha participado el CSIC, ha logrado secuenciar el genoma de este reptil, el primero de las serpientes, según aparece publicado en la revista 'PNAS'. Salud. Exercise and Rebounding to Drain Your Lymph Fluids! Image from It’s common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle usually encourages poor health. Even if one is not stuffing his or her face with junk food and watching TV for hours, a desk job is just as sedentary.

A lack of exercise is detrimental to pulmonary and muscular health for several reasons; one important reason is to work your lymph system – it is the sewage system for cellular metabolic toxins. Salud. Modern Wheat Is The ‘Perfect Chronic Poison’ Says Expert - Underground Health - Nightly. Share by Natasha Longo | Prevent Disease The world’s most popular grain is also the deadliest for the human metabolism. Modern wheat isn’t really wheat at all and is a “perfect, chronic poison,” according to Dr.

William Davis, a cardiologist, author and leading expert on wheat. Salud. Bindweed Extract Tackles Virulent Cancer Tumors : Natural Society - Nightly. Bindweed extract has been shown to be helpful for numerous cancers, including prostate cancer, lung cancer, liver cancers, and more. It is so helpful, in fact, that it completely destroyed ‘virulent’ cancer tumors in laboratory mice. Also called Convolvulaceae, bindweed extract is from the morning glory family which includes over 1600 species of plants. Interestingly, it is often seen as a nuisance, or a weed in many gardens, but it is actually a very effective cancer cure!

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reports that “Recent in vitro and animal studies show that the water extracts from the plant’s aerial parts, rich in proteoglycans, have anti-angiogenic and immune-stimulating effects. Salud. Just 30 Minutes of Cell Phone Exposure Affects Brain Activity : Natural Society - Nightly. A new study published in Clinical Neurophysiology suggests it doesn’t take years or even months of exposure for cell phone radiation to (negatively) alter our brains—it only takes minutes. The phones used in this double-blind, crossover, randomized study emitted LTE radiation, or the LTE technology so popular in “fourth generation” (4G) phones, the phones everyone clamors for. The researchers exposed the right ears of 18 study participants to LTE radio frequency radiation.

In just 30 minutes, they observed changes in brain activity. The radiation levels were within legal limits and the phone was always kept 1 cm from the ear. The Healing Power of Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Underground Health - Nightly. 10 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries. Americans are slowly waking up to the sad fact that much of the food sold in the US is far inferior to the same foods sold in other nations. In fact, many of the foods you eat are BANNED in other countries. Here, I’ll review 10 American foods that are banned elsewhere, which were featured in a recent MSN article. Prueba casera para detectar la Cándida en el cuerpo. Celery: A Potential Alternative to Blood Pressure Medication. Salud. Cartilla de la Escuela de Agroecología: Saber y Dignidad Campesina en Penca de Sábila / Corporación Ecológica y Cultural. Salud. Salud. Salud.

The Secret Life of Kale: Another Hidden Superfood. Los beneficios y propiedades de la Semilla de Chia. Agua De Mar Con LimÓn - Nightly. Blobic - Nightly. Daily habits that cause cancer - Nightly.