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La DSI est condamnée à innover... ou à disparaître (Partie 1)

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Urges Russia, Emerging Europe to Guard Against Global Economy Risks Press Release No. 11/400 November 7, 2011 Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), today called on Russia and emerging Europe to strengthen policies to guard against rising risks in the global economy. “The risks emanating from the global economy are serious. Particularly if the storm strengthens further in the euro area, emerging Europe—as its closest neighbor—would be severely hit by lower exports and increased financial strains.

How to Develop Web Applications with Ajax, Pt. 1 - - How to Develop Web Applications with Ajax, Pt. 1 Each time the state of the XMLHttpRequest changes, the “onreadystatechange” event is triggered. By using “xmlObj.onreadystatechange = function(){ … }” we build and run a function on-the-fly each time the state of the XMLHttpRequest object changes. Security Management vs Security Controls Standards I've seen many discussions from people looking to align to ISO 27001 that lead me to believe that there is still quite a misconception about what the standard is and how it works. For many organisations, the past few years have featured the letters PCI-DSS quite prominently. Brought in to regulate the manner in which credit and debit card data are managed following a number of significant and high-profile losses, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard defines in exacting detail the controls that need to be applied to protect the data and how they should be tested and audited. The standard defines specifically the data it needs to protect and applies it to anyone storing, processing or transmitting this data. Consequently, almost all retail companies and any other businesses that accept card payments need to implement it and ensure that any service providers they use also meet the requirements of the standard.

Basic Flash MX/MySQL chat 1. Introduction Welcome to my first tutorial regarding Flash MX and PHP. Here, we will try to set up a simple Flash chat in order to implement it into your web pages without using any socket connection. Only simple HTTP requests from Flash to PHP and viceversa will be used. Girl Power: List of Companies With Female CEOs (By Rebecca Lipman) Statistically, female CEO-led companies have been ruling the stock market, which may explain why more women are scheduled to take the reigns of Fortune 500 companies than ever before. This is a change from the grand total of 12 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies back in July. The number was a drop from the 15 in 2010, but a significant improvement over the single female CEO that made the list in 1996. USA Today reports in the last few months alone, three other new female CEOs have emerged: Meg Whitman (pictured above) became Hewlett-Packard CEO in September, Denise Morrison took the CEO post at Campbell Soup in August, and Gracia Martore was named CEO of Gannett earlier this month.

Differences from Java Groovy tries to be as natural as possible for Java developers. We've tried to follow the principle of least surprise when designing Groovy, particularly for developers learning Groovy who've come from a Java background. Here we list all the major differences between Java and Groovy.