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This is a collaborative workspace for the development of instructional items for the use of MMORPGs, like World of Warcraft, GuildWars2 and others, in a school setting. Please take a moment to explore the various sections of the site and if you would like to contribute, please email Lucas Gillispie at lucas AT The original focus of this project was to develop a curriculum for an after school program or "club" for at-risk students at the middle and/or high school level. All project materials, including a fully-developed language arts course, aligned to middle grades standards, is now available under a creative commons license here. PLEASE NOTE - All portions of this wiki are open and visible. -Lucas Gillispie, Project Founder and Lead Developer Current Status/News 10/4/19 - Sheehy - Honored to be bringing another group of HEROES into WoWinSchool! ut the State of Play! 6/8/15 - Sheehy - Greg Toppo has been visiting my school for years— literally years. Here's my favorite!

Jeux Sérieux Créteil | Blog Académique sur les usages des jeux sérieux Top 10 Social & Mobile Educational Games That Make You Smarter The Hague, The Netherlands (PRWEB) September 12, 2012 Gramble’s mission statement is ‘to make the world a better place through social gaming’, so it’s no surprise that Gramble has an interest in educational games. “Gaming can be productive, educational, and time well spent,” says Gramble CEO and co-founder Adam Palmer. “We all know students will spend many hours on their devices playing games anyway, so we are happy to offer some ideas for games that are not only fun but can also help make you a little smarter.” Here’s Gramble’s top-ten list of social and mobile games to learn from: 1- Apparatus (Engineering/Math/Problem Solving) Using the laws of mechanics, players build complex machines to perform simple tasks. 2- Words with Friends (English/Grammar/Spelling) Players take turns forming words horizontally or vertically on a Scrabble-like board trying to score as many points as possible for each word. 9- Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? About Gramble

3D GameLab | Heroic learning, come play! World of Warcraft in the Classroom – GamingEdus by Caleb Gillis (Third in a 3-part series on Games Based Learning written for GamingEdus) In my last post, I discussed how I used the video game “Portal 2” to enhance students’ ability to problem solve. After using the program for over a week, students showed improvement in their ability to take multiple steps to solve complex problems that were previously difficult. The idea to use “Portal” in the classroom was inspired from the successes of other teachers who have not only enhanced student learning, but also redefined how education could be taught to students. My main inspiration for using Portal in my placement came from Peggy Sheehy, a teacher from the United States, who developed an after-school program for students at risk of dropping out of school. The way WoW works is players begin by creating an avatar. The successes of this program has been shared on a database for any educator or school board who wish to use it and apply to their own classroom. Make schools exciting and fun

La classification en ligne du Serious Game Resources | Games in Education More Information We’ll be updating this page with information as we get closer to the symposium but in the mean time here are some resources you may be able to use and if you need more information? Drop us an email! Resources Presentations Presentations from previous years can be found here. The Game-based Classroom - Chris Haskell Games in Education 2011 Keynote – The Game-based Classroom <a href=" src=" alt="" width="420" height="295" /><br />Watch this video on YouTube</a> Games for Youth Civic Engagement Juan Rubio, Program Associate, Global Kids Online Leadership Program Reflecting on Collective Cognitive Dissonance Catherine V. Screencasting for Educators and Students Kathleen A.

A teacher's perspective on World of Warcraft in school - Classcraft Blog - Resource hub for schools and districts When students get to play World of Warcraft in school, even the teacher is happy. Alfonso Gonzalez is a middle school science teacher at Chimacum Middle School in Washington. He’s taught grades 4-8 for 25 years. We spoke to Gonzalez about what’s it’s like to use WoWinSchool (read as “WoW in School”), a program created by Lucas Gillispie, the director of academic and digital learning for Surry County Schools in North Carolina. How did you find WoWinSchool, and what made you decide to use it? Alfonso Gonzalez: I was a WoW player. I never thought of it as something I would do with students in a school setting. How long have you been using it now? Gonzalez: This is my third or fourth year. So I got them all to create a character in World of Warcraft and start playing it, and they got to a certain level where they were free to go around and explore. So yeah, I didn’t repeat that that way. The discount for the WoW subscription? Gonzalez: Yeah, because it’s a subscription game. What happens next?

ZomBool - Libraries - Dalhousie University Controls Left click, hit the spacebar, or hit "enter" to advance the dialogue. You will be occasionally presented with choices or with a screen with selectable options. Left click on the desired option with the mouse, or use the "up" or "down" arrow to navigate your options, and hit "enter" to select. To skip lines of dialogue you have already seen when replaying the game, hold down the "Ctrl" button. You can use "mousewheel-Up" or "PageUp" to rollback the game. You can find a list of all of ZomBool's controls by clicking on "Help" in the main menu. Self-voiced mode Hit "v" on your keyboard to toggle self-voiced mode, which will read text aloud using a speech synthesizer (if supplied by your operating system in English or French). Self-voiced mode includes extra flavour text, spelling out Boolean search expressions for cases where speech synthesizers can miss nuances (such as the use of brackets and quotation marks), and signals whenever the game requires you to make a choice.