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30 Online Multimedia Resources for PBL and Flipped Classrooms

30 Online Multimedia Resources for PBL and Flipped Classrooms
Welcome to the third in a series of PBL Mania Posts. For the next few weeks I am celebrating Project Based Learning. In this post I will introduce you to some multimedia mega-sites found on the web that can be used in the PBL classroom. Before reading please take a moment to subscribe to this 21centuryedtech Blog by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans. You will not want to miss this series or future posts involving STEM, Flipping the Classroom, Technology Integration, Common Core, and 21st Century Skills, So Sign Up Now! As always… thanks and have a great week. - Mike Gorman (21centuryedtech) Quick Notes - You may be interested in learning more about PBL World in Napa, CA presented by BIE this June. 30 Online Multimedia Resources for PBL and Flipped Classrooms: Lessons and Formative Assessments In this PBL Mania Post I explore Online Multimedia Resources. YouTube – Let’s not forget YouTube and its amazing searchable collection. Like this: Like Loading...

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English Grammar - Causative have Form have + object + verb 3 past participle - have something donehave + object + infinitive - have someone do something Meaning We use causative when arranging for someone to do something for us. They had their car repaired.They arranged for someone to repair itThey repaired their car.They did it themselvesI had my hair cut yesterday.I went to the hairdresserI cut my hair yesterday.I cut it myself We use causative when someone does something to us.

Project Based Learning Resources (image from Project Based Learning (PBL) is a great way to teach students content, 21st century skills, and engage them in something fun and educational. I spoke more about PBL in an earlier blog ( and we had some great reader comments (Tech&Learning, May 2009, page 14). Today I'd like to give some tips and ideas on how to get started with PBL in your classroom. First of all, PBL can be used in any classroom, in any subject, at any grade level.

Flipped Classroom How flipping works for you Save time; stop repeating yourself Record re-usable video lessons, so you don't have to do it again next year. It's easy to make minor updates to perfect lessons over time once the initial recording is done. Let students take control of their learning Not all students learn at the same pace. The Resurgence of Flipped Learning Chat « Chantellemorrison's Blog I’ve noticed a revival of the ‘Flipped Learning’ edchat lately. Having trialled Flipped Learning (AKA Pre-learning*) for nearly 12 months, I thought it would be helpful to share what I’ve gleaned through the process. I’ll do this over a series of 3 blogs; the first blog will focus on how to find appropriate resources and then distribute these resources in a helpful, meaningful way. Before embarking on a flipped learning program, it’s most crucial to decide on your goal for flipped learning. Is it an adjunct to a current homework program? Is it to replace/assist in class explicit teaching?

Student Study Site for Effective Strategies for Teaching in K-8 Classrooms Kenneth D. Moore and Jacqueline Hansen Introduction to the Student Study Site This student study site is intended to enhance your understanding of Effective Strategies for Teaching in K-8 Classrooms, by Kenneth D. Moore and Jacqueline Hansen. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing the potential for you to learn and enhance your educational experience.

Free Grammar Section: The English Tenses IMPORTANT NOTE: (with gratitude to Juan Manual Suarez for his query about this important subject) EUROPEAN LANGUAGES: Many European languages have a tense which is conjugated like the English Present Perfect (e.g. German, French, etc). These similarities are false friends, because the rules of the present perfect do not correspond with these 'lookalikes'. AMERICAN ENGLISH: Due to the integration of many non-native speakers of English into American society, certain grammatical errors have been adopted into standard American English. The most dramatic change has occurred in the use of the Simple Past and Present Perfect; many Americans are now reversing the above rules when speaking English, i.e.

Flipped Theology: How Flipping Your Classroom Increases Learning How a New Learning Technology Seems to Gel with Ancient Christian Theology by J. R. Miller Rubrics for Teachers - Assessment A collection of rubrics for assessing portfolios, group work/cooperative learning, concept map, research process/ report, PowerPoint, oral presentation, web page, blog, wiki, and other social media projects. Quick Links to Rubrics Social Media Project Rubrics

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