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Practice-It! - Problems 108 задач с IT-собеседований с разбором решений / Типичный программист В нашей рубрике c задачами уже больше 100 вопросов с подробным разбором решений. Решили собрать их всех в единый список, чтобы вам было удобнее готовиться и прорешивать их. Есть однонаправленный список из структур. Ответ Вариант реализации Классическая задачка с собеседований в Google. Ответ Допустим, вы летите из Москвы во Владивосток, а затем обратно, при полном безветрии. Loading ... Что не так в этом отрывке кода на С++? Задача, которая была популярна в своё время на собеседованиях в Amazon. Ответ автора с обзором вариантов ответов подписчиков Как это вычислить, не пользуясь калькулятором? «Вас уменьшили до размеров 5-центовой монеты и бросили в блендер. Это классическая google-задачка, хороший разбор которой в рунете не так-то просто найти. Разбор вариантов ответа Вопрос по С++. В вашем распоряжении 10 тысяч серверов в дата-центре с возможностью удалённого управления и один день, чтобы получить миллион долларов. У вас есть аналоговые часы с секундной стрелкой. ((n & (n – 1)) == 0)

Java Student Projects WWIII (World War III)Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being so incompetent she would start WWIII. I am more concerned about Mr. Trump doing so. Why?Trump is the one who asked a national security advisor three times Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?He called for nuclear proliferation to South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia.He says he has a plan for the middle east, but when questioned did not even know the players and the countries. Introduction Here are over 338ideas for student projects most likely involving Java. I have discussed most of the projects many times at length over the last decades on BIX which retained all postings in archives. Pretty well everything I have to say about each project is spelled out here. If you are unemployed, or just out of school, you might hone your skills by tackling some of these projects. I would be happy to implement any of these projects for you, for a fee, though I do not do homework. Which Project to Pick? Learning More

Problems | Locations Rosalind is a platform for learning bioinformatics and programming through problem solving. Take a tour to get the hang of how Rosalind works. If you don't know anything about programming, you can start at the Python Village. For a collection of exercises to accompany Bioinformatics Algorithms book, go to the Textbook Track. Otherwise you can try to storm the Bioinformatics Stronghold right now. If you are completely new to programming, try these initial problems to learn a few basics about the Python programming language. Bioinformatics Stronghold Discover the algorithms underlying a variety of bioinformatics topics: computational mass spectrometry, alignment, dynamic programming, genome assembly, genome rearrangements, phylogeny, probability, string algorithms and others. Ready-to-use software tools abound for bioinformatics analysis. Bioinformatics Textbook Track

KeymapProfileFor60 NetBeans IDE 6.0 - 6.5 Keyboard Shortcuts Specification This is the UI specification for the default keymap profile in the NetBeans IDE 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5. For NetBeans IDE users: How to read this table? When there are multiple modifiers used, their order always goes from Ctrl first right then up. How to search this table? The key delimiter used is +, it is always surrounded by spaces. Other examples Left Bracket Enter, Insert Left, Right, Up Down Page Up, Page Down Names for arrows keys used are: Left, Right, Up, Down examples: Ctrl + Shift + NumPad Plus Ctrl + Alt + Right List Of Shortcuts Basic Language Independent Editing Coding in Java Coding in XML HTML editing Compiling, Testing and Running Debugging Profiling Finding, Searching and Replacing Navigating Through Source Code Window Management Refactoring Mnemonics All Alt + letter shortcuts are reserved for mnemonics. Ruby & Ruby on Rails SOA Shortcuts Other NetBeans IDE 6.5 Keyboard Shortcut Card

About - Project Euler Chapter 6. Server Configuration A Subversion repository can be accessed simultaneously by clients running on the same machine on which the repository resides using the method. But the typical Subversion setup involves a single server machine being accessed from clients on computers all over the office—or, perhaps, all over the world. This section describes how to get your Subversion repository exposed outside its host machine for use by remote clients. We will cover Subversion's currently available server mechanisms, discussing the configuration and use of each. Subversion was designed with an abstract network layer. Apache is an extremely popular webserver; using the mod_dav_svn module, Apache can access a repository and make it available to clients via the WebDAV/DeltaV protocol, which is an extension of HTTP. Note that Subversion, as an open-source project, does not officially endorse any server as “primary” or “official”. Table 6.1.

Timus Online Judge Java Permutations and Recursion example. Prerequisites: Acquire computer Ubuntu OS Install Setup Ubuntu development box Learn Typing Learn the names of Keyboard Symbols Learn Bash Terminal Ubuntu terminal admin commands Java on the terminal Find all the permutations of a string in Java. For example: The String "ABC" should produce: The Java code that does it: If you can't read and see why this works, then you are are limited to rote memorization which makes you a bad programmer. You need to learn to read and interpret, not just to memorize. The above java code Prints: Don't be the illiterate programmer. These words should be bubbling up from your own mind: How to read this code: These words should be coming from you, not me. Here is a java class called Main. Method permutation is a recursive method because it invokes itself, that means I should look for a base case. So what is happening is the second parameter keeps getting the index at position 'i' eliminated, and appended to prefix.

Школа программиста Permutation Algorithms Using Iteration and the Base-N-Odometer Model (Without Recursion) C PUZZLES, Some interesting C problems Share this page : Dear visitor, Thanks for your interest in C programming. In this page, you will find a list of interesting C programming questions/puzzles, These programs listed are the ones which I have received as e-mail forwards from my friends, a few I read in some books, a few from the internet, and a few from my coding experiences in C. Most of the programs are meant to be compiled, run and to be explained for their behaviour. General typo errors, which C programmers do often and are very difficult to trace. I have used Gnu/Linux/gcc for all of them. If you are preparing for campus interviews, you might find the following link interesting: Regards,Gowri Kumar The expected output of the following C program is to print the elements in the array. Find out what's going wrong.hint I thought the following program was a perfect C program. hint Why is it so? Why does it happen so? Program 2: File2.c

Intel Galileo - Programming GPIO From Linux - Malinov Family Web Presence Most of GPIO capabilities of Galileo board are exposed through Linux Sysfs interface, and can be controlled using file based I/O. I will show how to use some of these capabilities using simple shell commands. Of course instead of shell you can implement I/O using file manipulations from your program written using your favorite programming language. Digital GPIO - Sysfs Interface The following command gives information about GPIO in the system and shows if an IO port was allocated to a module or Sysfs (user). root@clanton:~# cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio GPIOs 0-1, platform/sch_gpio.2398, sch_gpio_core: GPIOs 2-7, platform/sch_gpio.2398, sch_gpio_resume: GPIOs 8-15, intel_cln_gip_gpio: gpio-8 (SPI_CS ) out hi gpio-10 (SPI_CS ) out hi gpio-13 (cy8c9540a-int ) in hi GPIOs 16-55, cy8c9540a, can sleep: As you can see from the output all the GPIOs of Galileo board is divided into 4 chunks:GPIOs 0-1 - Intel Quark X1000 - GPIO[9:8] pins. Exporting a GPIO Port to Sysfs Setting GPIO Port Direction Analog Input