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Tous les cours, jeux et tests pour apprendre l'anglais Vous allez apprendre ici à vous présenter en disant d'où vous venez, ou encore à demander à quelqu'un d'où est-il originaire. Ce serait pas mal si vous avez déjà lu les cours sur les articles "a/an" et sur le verbe "to be". Cliquez pour commencer ! C'est presque aussi simple de choisir un article en anglais qu'en français. Oh de faux amis... Choisissez une réponse parmi celles proposées ! Testez vos connaissances sur les modaux ! Choisissez "they're", "their" ou "there" pour compléter les phrases proposées. Trouvez le pluriel de chacun des mots proposés Complétez les phrases suivantes en utilisant soit l'adverbe soit l'adjectif. Nous allons voir si vous êtes capable de traduire "un espagnol" ! Choisissez le bon adjectif ! Complétez les phrases proposées avec le verbe être. Un jeu qui s'adresse aux personnes qui ont un bon niveau d'anglais. Savez-vous qui se cache derrière cette description... ? Complétez les phrases en choisissant entre "Am", "Are" ou "Is". Choisissez un mot parmi ceux présentés

KS2 Literacy Different types of words can be used to make your writing more interesting and easier to read. You need to know when to use them and how to spot them. In writing, words are grouped together into phrases, sentences, clauses and paragraphs. Use your commenting skills to identify what's wrong with these pieces of writing. When you are writing non-fiction it's important to use a style of writing that fits the subject.Use your knowledge of non-fiction writing to group the correct titles, text and pictures together. © The Look, Say, Cover, Write & Check is a support tool for learning spellings using a trusted multi-sensory approach. This activity helps prove the rules of changing nouns from singular to plural. This is an activity targeted to Year 4 to help with medium frequency words. An updated version of the traditional word guess game. Use either one or two dice add your own words to the faces and roll them! This word sorting application is a simple to use grammar exercise.

ESL - English as a Second Language Learn English Speaking and Improve your Spoken English with Free English Speaking Lessons Online! Recommended Lesson Activities - For English Language Teachers Accent Reduction Tips [+-] Tips for student and teachers to help reduce accents and improve pronunciation. Native-like pronunciation is a goal for many ESL students. Having tips and strategies to help them reduce their accent and achieve a more native-like pronunciation is beneficial for any speaking-pronunciation teacher. Keywords: activities advanced beginner intermediate speaking Debates and Discussions [+-] Topics for debate and discussion in ESL speaking classes. Intermediate and advanced students can make great use of debate-style discussions to improve their speaking and conversation skills. Keywords: activities advanced intermediate speaking English Club - Pronunciation [+-] Pronunciation tips, strategies, and exercises. English Club offers listening and repeating activities for ESL students to practice English pronunciation. Keywords: activities advanced beginner for teachers intermediate listening speaking English Club - Speaking [+-] Speaking topics and activities.

creative writing prompts . com ideas for writers Free Grammar Section: The English Tenses IMPORTANT NOTE: (with gratitude to Juan Manual Suarez for his query about this important subject) EUROPEAN LANGUAGES: Many European languages have a tense which is conjugated like the English Present Perfect (e.g. German, French, etc). These similarities are false friends, because the rules of the present perfect do not correspond with these 'lookalikes'. AMERICAN ENGLISH: Due to the integration of many non-native speakers of English into American society, certain grammatical errors have been adopted into standard American English. Australian English, South African English, New Zealand English have not adopted the American changes.

Overview of learning styles Many people recognize that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. Learning styles group common ways that people learn. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Some people may find that they have a dominant style of learning, with far less use of the other styles. Using multiple learning styles and �multiple intelligences� for learning is a relatively new approach. By recognizing and understanding your own learning styles, you can use techniques better suited to you. The Seven Learning Styles Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Why Learning Styles? Your learning styles have more influence than you may realize. Research shows us that each learning style uses different parts of the brain. For example: Visual: The occipital lobes at the back of the brain manage the visual sense. Where to next?

Grammar Activities for ESO (printable) My 3ºA students have made the following pieces of writing. To do so, they have used "Pixton".Let´s have a look at some final products. The first one, created by José Antonio, Juan Jesús and BeatoAndrea, Mª José and Verónica have also made their own comic: Miriam, Triana and Julia set their stripes at the airport 2. Write a post for your blog and use the codes generated by Storyjumper or Pixton to link to the work created in your class. Remember: you don´t have to upload all the finished products; you may choose the best examples to share. How did you organise the groups?

QuestBase: crea e pubblica questionari, quiz e verifiche. ALLA CORREZIONE CI PENSA LUI! Come realizzare una verifica strutturata o semi-strutturata per i propri alunni, con la possibilità di stamparla o di assegnarla online e, in quest’ultimo caso, di visualizzare gli svolgimenti e i risultati? La risposta è QuestBase, sito che ho appena scoperto grazie alla gentile segnalazione di uno dei creatori, Paolo Mugnaini. La registrazione è semplicissima e gratuita; il sito è rivolto a istruttori e formatori che possono così certificare l’apprendimento di candidati e dipendenti, agli insegnanti che vogliono valutare velocemente gli studenti e ai ricercatori che intendono ottenere informazioni e risultati in poco tempo. Una volta registrati, si può procedere in modo intuitivo (come ho fatto io, dal momento che l’interfaccia grafica risulta secondo me estremamente chiara) oppure seguire le dettagliate istruzioni presenti sul link “Impara ad utilizzare QuestBase” e, in caso di ulteriori dubbi, accedere al forum dedicato. Vota: i 1 Vote Mi piace:

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