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Connecting your Chrombook to a projector A simple guide to connecting your Chromebook to your classroom projector. If you’re a teacher with a Chromebook chances are you’ll want to connect it to your classroom projector or display screen. Luckily most Chromebooks come with a built in HDMI port which allows you to use a wire to output your Chromebook’s screen to an external display. What you need: Connecting your Chromebook to your projector First find the HDMI port on your Chromebook. CPUID Install and Remove Since version 1.51, CPU-Z includes an installer. The installation offers several advantages in comparison to the stand-alone version : The installation creates program entries in the start menu and on the desktop. It installs the right binary (x32 or x64) depending on your system. Installation

Stickies Stickies is a PC utility I wrote to try to cut down on the number of yellow notes I was leaving stuck to my monitor. It is a computerised version of those notes. The design goal behind Stickies is that the program is small and simple. Stickies will not mess with your system files, or write to the registry. Stickies stores information in a single text-based ini file. Stickies will never support animated dancing figures, or play "Greensleeves". Omahyra Mota par Ellen Von Unwerth pour Casadei 50e anniversaire dominicanfashionmodels Share this: Like this: Leave a Reply Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Dropbox est en cours de téléchargement - Simplifiez-vous la vie Keep your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Install the appropriate package if you want to use Dropbox on your Linux Desktop.If your distribution is not listed then choose "Compile from Source". Note: These packages install an open-source helper application. The version of this application does not change as frequently as the main Dropbox application. These packages will always install the latest version of Dropbox for Linux.View release notes Dropbox Headless Install via command line

What to do When Your Chromebook is Offline Chromebooks are designed for a connected world. But what happens when you are offline? Is your Chromebook still useful? Can I work from a Chromebook when it is offline? By default, Chromebooks are useful to some extend even without a working internet connection. However, if you are prepared enough, going offline on a Chromebook can be a much better experience. Colibri - Type Ahead. Fast Featuring a completely rewritten database backend, Colibri's blazingly-fast interface helps you even better speeding up your daily work. Eye candy Colibri's rewritten user interface internals not only support multiple monitors, but also features a theme engine allowing power users to create their own themes. For sure, the Colibri team will publish your themes with upcoming releases if desired. Community

aea365 Tagxedo Good Morning! here, AEA’s Executive Director. We’ve had a number of posts talking about creating and using word clouds, primarily in terms of creating them through wordle. Word clouds take a set of text and create a cloud of the most frequent words in that text with word size within the cloud based on frequency. Here’s an example that I made today using the AEA square logo and the text from the AEA Guiding Principles for Evaluators . AEA Guiding Principles for Evaluators as a Word Cloud Claudia Galanti par Roberto Rocco pour Formen 2010 best-topmodel Share this: Like this: Leave a Reply 6 free remote desktop sharing and screen sharing solutions Working in IT for 5 years, I’ve learned that desktop sharing/screen sharing software applications make life a lot easier for both the users and for the administrators. It’s not only a great way to supply technical support to users, but it’s also a fabulous way to share data and collaborate with others remotely quickly and easily. I’ve been using remote desktop sharing software for a while now and it’s worked wonders for our team. Multiple people in different locations around the country can work on a presentation or a project plan simultaneously from their desktop computers!

Love Dropbox! Instant & always reliable...I'm about to join iCloud as MobileMe will finish soon...hope it's as good as Dropbox. by bertbacharat Apr 6

I can sponsor you if you want to create a Dropbox. You and I win 250Mo in addition to the free 2Go. Give me your e-mail if you want! by vinbo Feb 2

Very useful indeed ! Thank visiting my pearltrees (sorry for my poor english ;-) by cdupuy Jan 15

I think Dropbox still has its place mostly because it is so effective. iCloud still needs some work and has quite a way to go before it syncs all your files. In reading a feature article about the young man who created Dropbox, his business savvy may well be enough to keep it alive and growing. Certainly his passion will. by mojojuju Dec 16

Thank goodness for Google Translate. Now I can understand what the French men are saying! LOL! by malcolmvanatta Nov 1

I like it. I also use SugarSync. ICloud is a little to much on the "Brand Wagon" for my tastes, Still its all a matter of preference :) by daverusll2000 Oct 24

I hope it won't die with newly established competition like "tCloud" and "iCloud".... by bloodmandarin Oct 24

Yeah, it's a great tool but do mind your very private information. There have been some discussions on Dropbox's security. Still a great tool which I use but I wouldn't rely on it for private data. by alphinux May 8

Dropbox is an easy way of keeping information syncronised by placing your documents in a internet cloud. by zeal4living Nov 5

How We Use Personal Information Personal Information is or may be used for the following purposes: (i) to provide and improve our Site, services, features and content, (ii) to administer your use of our Site, (iii) to enable you to enjoy and easily navigate the Site, (iv) to better understand your needs and interests, (v) to fulfill requests you may make, (vi) to personalize your experience, (vii) to provide or offer software updates and product announcements, and (viii) to provide you with further information and offers from us or third parties that we believe you may find useful or interesting, including newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and other information on services and products offered by us or third parties. by jerome_of_arabia Dec 4

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