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Neck tie School Bag

Neck tie School Bag
Got lots of neck ties lying around? Use them to make this unique bag! What you need Okay, you'll need a bunch of ties. Instructions Let’s start with the gusset/handle: you’ll need four ties: (Figure 1) Lay them out like this. Join each pair side by side with a super-wide triple zigzag stitch. (Figure 2) Just feed the ties through side by side, no “right sides together” or pinning or anything. Stitch each pair together side by side halfway up. (Figure3 ) Now you have have two pairs of ties sewn together. Just do another triple zigzag over the center of each tie following the center seam on the wrong side. (Figure 4) Now place the fat ends of the ties right sides together and stitch across with a regular straight stitch. Your gusset/strap piece is now complete! Now we are going to make the pattern for the front and back of the bag. (Figure 5) Now mark a dot at the inside points between the ties. Remove the ties and connect the dots. (Figure 6) Cut this pattern out. (Figure 7) Unfold paper – Voila! Related:  bags

Sewing: TriFold Floral Wallet {Tutorial & Pattern} This is the trifold wallet I made by using the embroidery with flower applique couching on it. You can get the pattern and tutorial on the embroidery work here. Design and sew this wallet only took me a night to complete (with the embroidery face ready), but begin a novice in Illustrator, drafting and finalizing the pattern took me days. It was fun playing around with Illustrator that sometimes I discovered and tried on other tools and got distracted from drawing the pattern. Finding possibilities to create and develop is my hobby and passion, that’s why I love creative handmade so much By the way, you can get the free 5 pages of printable pdf pattern for this trifold floral wallet here. Tips on cutting and ironing fusible interfacing One thing I would like to point out in this tutorial and also for many other purse and handbag sewings, always cut the interfacing in right angle against the direction of the fabric. Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

Fully lined zippered box pouch - pattern and tutorial - it's a Pretty Modern life I love the look of a zippered box incredibly cute. I found many tutorials on the internet, but was disappointed after making pouches following these tutorials to find that they were not fully lined; looks so much nicer when you open your pouch and there are no seams. It took me a long time to figure it out and I thought and thought and thought...then I got it♥ I don't want to keep this knowledge to myself, so here it is. I'd like to thank Jane at Projects by Jane (the only other tutorial like this that I was able to find on the internet - wish I'd found it sooner). Her photos may help you out too if mine fail to communicate properly. ♥♥♥Thanks so much! The finished pouch is 3 high x 4 wide x 7 long (inches) Here's what you need: 1 twelve inch zipper 2 10x7 inch panels for the lining (my lining fabric is the green one) 2 10x7 inch panels for the exterior (my exterior fabric is the brown floral one) 2 4x3 inch pieces of complementary fabric for the pulls at the end of the zipper

Sock Monkey Tutorial Sock Monkey Tutorial Everything you need to make a sock monkey: pair of socks, sewing machine, buttons (just two for the eyes), ruler (or straight edge of some kind), pen, scissors, stuffing, pins, needle, and thread. Ready to get started? Copyright © 2004 Kristine Howard. Tutorial: How to Sew a Cosmetic Bag - with link to another TUTE Here's the tutorial on the first cosmetic bag. Firstly cut out your pattern from the main fabric, interfacing (I used heavy iron on) and lining fabric (optional). As for the pattern, the pieces are as follows: One x rectangle 25cm x 15.5cm with rounded cornersTwo x rectangles 20cm x 3.5cm (these attach to the zipper)Two x squares 7cm (side pieces)Two x 6.5cm x 4cm (tabs) 1/4 inch seam allowances are included I didn't use interfacing on the two side pieces that attach to the zipper but that is just my preference. Then iron your interfacing to your main fabric Finish the edges on the two rectangles of fabric to go either side of the zipper Then fold the finished edges to the wrong side Then sew these side bits to the zipper, making sure that it is the same width as the two square side pieces (these are a 7cm square) With zipper sewn in: Fold raw edges of end tabs in then fold in half Sew both long edges of the tabs Sew the square side pieces to the zipper part, adding the tabs to the centre

Faire un sac cravate, des modèles, des tutos ! Et bien mesdames si vous ne supportez plus les cravates de votre mari, et qu'elles encombrent inutilement vos armoires, sachez que vous pouvez en faire de jolis sacs et autres besaces colorées. Les imprimés et les couleurs des cravates souvent chatoyantes, vous permettront d'avoir un sac tout à fait unique et original, de plus tout le monde n'a pas le privilège d'avoir un sac à main en soie véritable. << Au moins les cravates de votre mari prendront l'air plus souvent. Source : Forum crafter - Voir tutoriel sac cravate Blog : Patch et nous - Voir le tutoriel sac cravate - Sacs cravate de ReoccuringDreams modèle de sac réalisé avec des cravates.. Source : Créateurs de mode - sac cravate d'Ofély Sacs réalisés uniquement avec des cravates en soie.. Sac cravate confectionné par mosaique-evasion

Tutorial: Fabric Bucket/Basket | The Stitchin' Chicken It’s been a long week! I meant to post this sooner, but other things kept getting in the way. Better late than never? Anyhow, please read through the entire tutorial before you start. I will have a few tips at the end, that may help you to make decisions on the materials that you use. You’ll know what I mean after you read through. This bucket/basket (I will refer to it as a bucket as we go through) is approximately 8″ wide x 6″ deep x 6″tall. Materials: Approx. 1/2 yd each – fabric for outside and fabric for liner Batting – 1/2 yd in length (please see notes at the end) Matching thread for assembly (you can use a contrasting thread for final top stitching if you choose) graph paper (or your choice of material to draw a pattern out on – see notes at the end) ruler pencil pins walking foot for machine (not required, but it makes it a lot easier to sew with the batting) First I am going to show you how to draw out a pattern. Pattern Drawn Out Side Ends Side Measurement for Front and Back Assembly:

Kid’s draughtsman’s pouch tutorial « My patchwork This idea was born of a need to keep drawing notebooks and colouring materials together when travelling. It holds up to 4 A4 notebooks (though really designed for only 3) and 24 pencils/texters. Easy to carry and just folds open. Inside Materials 24 strips of fabric measuring 1.5 x 5 inches each in rainbow colours4 different fabrics for the inside pockets, inside lining, outside, border and handlessome ribbon for the handlescalico fabric for the pencil pockets lining and the inside folder liningmedium weight interfacing Size of the bag The bag can be cusomised to your needs. To work out the sizes, you need to decide how many notebooks the inside pockets will hold. Place the notebooks on a pile and measure around the narrow part. Measure the notebook height and add 1 inch to it. This will give you the measurements for the lining, interfacing and outside fabric. As a way of example, I used 3 A4 notebooks. My pieces of fabric measure: Making the pencil rainbow pockets Square both strips. Handles Cut

Over 50 Free Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns at AllCrafts! The best FREE patterns so WONDERFUL people like YOU can create and SHARE! Please let us know about any broken links that you find. THANKS Thousands of free patterns Search Over 50 Free Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns at Sew an entire menagerie of stuffed animals with our photo gallery of 50+ free stuffed animal sewing patterns. Subscribe to AllCrafts Updates We respect your email privacy View Our Latest Updates/Newsletter Bucilla Christmas Kits Online Free Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Holiday Crafts and Patterns Download Free Fonts! AllCraftsCrafts Sections AllCrafts Home Free Crafts Holiday Crafts Sewing & Quilting Crochet & Knitting More AllCrafts Link to AllCraftsWe love sites with free crafts! Advertise at AllCrafts Featured on AllCrafts? Grab a badge! Stuffed Seahorse Humphrey Dog Softie Angel Kitty Bean Bag Animals Bear and Bunny Dolls Bear-y Sweet Pumpkin Teddy Bildgewater Bedbug Bird Bonjour the Bear Bun Bun Bunny Bunny Carlos The Cat Cat Beanbag Charity Fiberfill Bear Charity SewBunny

Cozy Camera Case Tutorial > amy a la mode As promised, here is a tutorial on how to make a cute little quilted Cozy Camera Case for your point and shoot camera. This one fits my Canon G10, which is 4.3″ x 3.06″ x 1.81″ (according to the manual — I promise I’m not that anal about measuring things!), but lots of other cameras will fit in it too. Templates for the pieces are available here, or feel free to wing it! Enjoy! Materials: Two pieces of coordinating fabric for inside and outside of camera case, approximately 16″ x 7″ One small piece of batting, approximately 16″ x 7″ Save yourself some steps and start with pre-quilted fabric, approximately 16″ x 7″ Scraps of coordinating fabric for the pocket and pocket flap Bias binding (MUST be cut on the bias to go around the corners properly) — I used a 1 3/8″ wide strip that was probably about 50″ long Small piece of sew-on velcro Snap — I used 7/16″ Dritz Snap Fasteners, the kind you have to pound on, and they worked well, even through the quilted fabric Instructions: Step 1. Step 2.

Dishfunctional Designs While perusing the world of recycled and upcycled denim and repurposed jeans, I noticed that there were some really dated recycled jean skirt projects floating around out there on the internet! People have been recycling denim for ages, cutting off jean legs to make shorts, making skirts, pot holders and the like, but it takes ingenuity and a sense of modern style to create something fresh and new. Check out the projects and items below, which I think offer a refreshing relief from the same old recycled denim crafts! Don't have any old jeans that you're willing to sacrifice? What do you think? Which is your favorite? Tutorial ~ Hanging Fabric Baskets Or Pockets I know I say this every time, but I am so excited about this project! The possibilities are endless! And they are so easy – I am going to have baskets hanging all around my house in a weeks time. I am using these above my sewing desk to hold all my notions and patterns. First I will show you how to make them, then I will tell you all the ways I think you could use them…then you can tell me all the ways I never thought of! Here is the tutorial for making larger baskets with plexiglass in the bottom for great wall storage. Supplies: Fabric – how much you need depends on how big and how many you make, we’ll go over thisHeavy weight interface lining – you want it stiff enough to hold its shapeAll your sewing stuffCurtain rod or wooden dowel with brackets to hang it on Cutting out fabric: To make one basket you need two pieces identical in size. So you have two pieces of fabric the same size right? Now you should have two pieces the same size with interfacing ironed on. Your done!

Wallet-to-Tote On the Go ~ Tutorial Lorraine from ikat bag is a favorite around here… She has tons of fun tutorials on her blog and she’s joined us before with this wonderful Back to School Pencil Case tutorial. Today Lorraine shares a tutorial for a new summer essential, the On the Go Wallet-to-Tote! Construction includes three main parts: Assembling the Wallet, Assembling the Outer Bag and Making the Lining. The tote zips into a convenient wallet in this unique and handy design. From Lorraine: Hello, Everyone. I am very excited today to share this tutorial for a wallet that morphs into a tote! These little bags have been around for as long as I can remember, and I thought they’d be a useful addition to the arsenal of summer gear I stash in my car and/or purse. I have three little girls, aged 3,4 and 6, and we’ve found that summer always takes us on adventures we hadn’t planned for– detours to farmer’s markets, dancing in the rain or treasure hunting en route to the park. Part One: Assemble the Wallet:You will need: Bags

Sewing Description: This Free Cape­let Pat­tern, from Ruf­fles And Stuff, is just per­fect for change­able Spring days. Craft Link : Free Capelet Pattern Read More : Sewing or Home Description: Use the Pleated Wrap Skirt Tutorial to create a neat little multi-season addition to your wardrobe. Craft Link : Pleated Wrap Skirt Tutorial Description : I just loooove big red flowers! Craft Link : How To Sew A Felt Dahlia Brooch Description: The Free Hobo Bag Pattern is a wonderfully roomy tote. Craft Link : Free Hobo Bag Pattern Description : Sew Much Ado provides an original and Free Maxi Skirt Pattern. Craft Link : Free Maxi Skirt Tutorial Description : This Free Broomstick Skirt Pattern requires a small bit of drafting. Craft Link : Free Broomstick Skirt Pattern Description : Make the length of the Free Baby T-Shirt Pattern short for shirts or long for dresses. Craft Link : Baby T-Shirt Kimonos Craft Link : How To Sew Perfect Corners Craft Link : Free Color Block Pillows Tutorial Hope you enjoy! No more! Enjoy!

Mobile fone charm tutorial | Sweet Tidings Handmade Happy new year everyone! Here's an easy mobile phone charm tutorial to get you into the crafting spirit! It's super fast and easy to make and best of all it doesn't require any sewing skills. A mobile phone is quite easy to locate inside your purse if it's got a cute colourful (or subdued) charm dangling from it. Let's get started!1. You'd need some colourful fabric ribbons of your choice, buttons, waxed thread or strong natural twine, needle and thread and a scissor. 2.

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