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Ink, Paper, And Accessories

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Rekonect - Magnetic Notebook. Hallmark. Notebook Paper So much love for plain notebooks!


Hold tight, we’re experiencing very high demand for plain notebooks right now so your order might take longer to arrive than usual. Stationery / Notebooks / Plain Notebooks / Notebook | Romance Was Born Description Some of our loveliest relationships are with our notebooks – those trusty places to scribble big ideas, little reminders and anything that inspires you throughout the day. Paper weight, GSM and what it all really means: - The Print Group. TGX Tactical Notebook. Bullet Journal Instructions – Bullet Journal.

De Atramentis Document Ink - Violet (35ml Bottled Ink) Jj-lax-pen-co. Custom-mixed inks. Dimensions Of B Paper Sizes - B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10. B Paper Sizes - Quick Lookup Select the paper size from the 'Size' selector and the unit from the 'Unit' selector - the dimensions will be shown in the dimensions box.

Dimensions Of B Paper Sizes - B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10

The dimensions of the B series paper sizes, as defined by ISO 216, are given in the table below in both millimetres and inches (cm measurements can be obtained by dividing the mm value by 10). The B Series paper size chart is a visual explanation of how the B paper sizes relate to each other. B Series Paper Sizes Chart. Table of Paper Sizes From B0 to B10 To obtain sizes in centimetres, convert mm values to cm by dividing by 10 and in feet by dividing inch values by 12. Current Noodler’s Ink Colors – Noodler's Ink.

Please note that due to computer imaging and the difficulty of matching true color in natural versus artificial light sources – the ink colors shown here are only to be used as a general reference (being in digital form of course).

Current Noodler’s Ink Colors – Noodler's Ink

Apache Sunset, for example – is a brighter and more golden color than depicted here, as Habanero is redder than Apache Sunset (like the hot pepper!) ….Beaver has a teal base and is not in the brown family though it appears similar to brown, Sequoia is a type of dark mossy evergreen yet is not as teal as Squetegue (a color that copies the back of a fish that is hard to catch on the Atlantic shoreline in isolated estuaries), nightshade is an extremely dark purple mimicking the deadly family of plants, and so forth. Please only use this scan as a guide to color range and your selection, but not as a certain or scientifically exact replica of the true colors produced by the inks.

Services.html. Satisfaction is guaranteed; if I cannot fix your pen I will return it without charge.


All work guaranteed for quality. If the repairs on your pen fail to perform within 1 year of service return it for reworking at no charge. I do this work for the pens and friends, the money just helps me enlarge my collection. Fountain Pen Ink - Diamine. Top 10 Fountain Pen Inks. There is a fountain pen ink for every color of the rainbow and each of them has its own special characteristics.

Top 10 Fountain Pen Inks

Fountain pen ink comes in cartridges or bottles that encompass designs from utilitarian to a piece of art that begs to be displayed. A writer could spend a lifetime experimenting and writing with the plethora of inks currently available. So how did these fountain pen inks make our top ten list? Some of them are best sellers, some are staff favorites and others have their own qualities that make them special. We have chosen to list the inks by price, from most expensive to least expensive (this is not to say that whatever is the most expensive is the best). Metallic Gold Dip Pen Ink - Inky Thoughts. 'indigirl', on 27 May 2010 - 22:15, said: 'jbb', on 27 May 2010 - 15:07, said: I'm glad you're enjoying the ink indigirl.

Metallic Gold Dip Pen Ink - Inky Thoughts

You have beautiful handwriting. Thank you! Nostalgic Impressions. John Neal Calligraphy Supplies. Calligraphy Lessons Greensboro. Paperblanks. Paper For Fountain Pens. Paper For Fountain Pens. Often when people start using fountain pens, they discover quickly after that not all paper is made equal.

Paper For Fountain Pens

When using ballpoints or rollerballs, most paper performs fairly similarly, which has to do with the oil-based greasier ink of these types of pen. How well your ink does on your paper has to do with your pen, your ink and your paper. The wetter the pen, the more ink goes on the page, and so the more likely you’ll have problems. Certain inks display certain tendencies, and so you’ll have to play around and try a few inks to see how they differ. However, the paper you write on often has the biggest variation in how your pen and ink perform. Paper weight is an indication of how heavy it is. I think the real difference between how paper performs comes down to the sizing of the paper, or how the paper is treated in manufacturing to change the absorbency level of the paper. Bad things that can happen with paper: Bleed-through happens with a lot of ink on more absorbent paper. 2. 3. 4.

G. Private Reserve Ink. Fountain Pen Ink Colors Now in 53 vibrant colors, including new Highlights!

Private Reserve Ink

Orange Crush neutral ph - excellent coverage - smooth flow - vibrant colors non-clogging - fast-drying - new bottle design - reasonable priced 66 ml bottle $11.00 - made in the U.S.A. Private Reserve Ink P.O. Click here to find a dealer in your area Colors may vary due to browsers and monitors.