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DIY Doll Hats & Hair Accessories

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Free Hat Patterns, Scarf Tying, Online Millinery Books. Posted on | October 9, 2008 | 8 Comments The links on this page are for sewn hats only.

Free Hat Patterns, Scarf Tying, Online Millinery Books

There are fabulous patterns available for knitted and crocheted hats, but I don’t do those crafts so I didn’t list them. If you do knit and crochet, take a look here. Fleece hats are all the rage now, so naturally there are a lot of free patterns on the web. Quick Microwave Method. Update: In January of 2013 I shared a second quick-method for making lace crowns that does not use a microwave.

Quick Microwave Method

Click HERE for that tutorial. Who wouldn't feel like instant royalty with one of these lovely handmade crowns? I often lament how little time there is left at the end of the day after chores, responsibilities, and my own creative projects, to try any of the amazing crafts I've been inspired by on Pinterest. But when I saw the lace crowns made by Joyfolie, I was wonderstruck. If I could have twitched my nose and transported myself immediately to my local fabric store, I would have. Doll Hat Making Class 1 - Crafty College. The Ease of Straw Hat Making. My dear friend Teresa Wenzel is a master doll milliner and an excellent maker of all things fine and delicate.

The Ease of Straw Hat Making

This article she wrote for Doll Costuming years back in '03 but it is worth re-printing. Michelle You can create the most beautiful and well fit hat designs for your dolls by simply easing the straw braid in and out as needed for your design. In designing doll hats, especially those of straw braid, I have found a wonderful use for my small treasures of fabrics, trims, laces and findings. Not large enough for most projects but too beautiful to waste I use these to embellish both cloth and straw hats. Materials needed: Straw Boater Hat Tutorial. This was my first Tutorial many years ago...but it still a basic and deserves repeating.

Straw Boater Hat Tutorial

Tutorial: Gilded Lace Crowns. These pretty crowns are great for costumes (Halloween princess, anyone?)

Tutorial: Gilded Lace Crowns

, fairy house decorations, and the tiny ones could be cute tree ornaments. They are deceptively easy to make, and could be a fun project to do with little ones. Materials:Lace, modpodge, gold acrylic paint, gold leafing powder.Tools:scissors, paintbrushes, wax paper, optional hair dryer 1) Take your lace and make a crown shape. The laces I used have one flat side. 2) Trim lace to size with a 1/2 inch or more overlap, matching pattern. 3) Paint with gold acrylic paint. 4) Place on wax paper. When a Glove Becomes a Hat. Saturday, March 6, 2010 When a Glove Becomes a Hat This is an idea I always like to share with my mini friends.

When a Glove Becomes a Hat

A little project that will be the easiest, the least expensive, and the fastest creation - for me anyway..... Materials you will need - scissors, glue, an oval template, and of course a "special glove". Make A BJD Or Other Doll A Flapper Hat. Making this flapper style hat for your BJD is as easy as 1-2-3!

Make A BJD Or Other Doll A Flapper Hat

There are only three pieces to sew together, either by hand or with a sewing machine. This tutorial shows how to create the body of the hat. Decorating the hat is left to your imagination! This tutorial shows the project being hand-sewn. I find hand-sewing much more relaxing. Materials One 9″ x 12” piece of feltEmbroidery floss (use 3 strands) or sewing thread in a matching colorSewing needleTrims, beads, ribbons, feathers, etc…Tape measurePencilPaperCompass or ruler. Vintage Charm: A BJD/Doll Floral Headdress Tutorial. This tutorial shows how to create a floral headdress with vintage charm for your ball-jointed doll.

Vintage Charm: A BJD/Doll Floral Headdress Tutorial

To produce an antiqued look, we dye the simple materials in coffee. Your base materials can have a variety of tones at the outset – the dyeing process will unify those tones with gentle variations. Putting this headdress together is a quick easy project that only requires basic sewing skills. You can click the images to see larger versions of them. Materials 1/2 yard/meter ribbon, 1/4″ to 3/4″ wide, depending on the size of the doll. Dye the Materials Gather your materials. Pour 3 to 5 tablespoons instant coffee in the saucepan with water. Put your materials in the bath. Tricorn Hat - SD BJD. Tutorial: Dollfie’s Tiny BJD Fur Wig. This easy wig pattern is designed for FairyLand pukipuki and other similarly sized BJDs (Lati White, Brownie).

Tutorial: Dollfie’s Tiny BJD Fur Wig

The fur material is elastic, which means it fits the doll perfectly! The wig can be hand-sewn or machine-sewn. Mini 4.75" Flowery Sun Hat. Easy Fleece Hat For 18" Or Other Doll. Fleece Hat for your 18" Doll Make an easy fleece hat for your doll and make one for yourself!

Easy Fleece Hat For 18" Or Other Doll

You Need: 11" x 11" piece of Fleece Fabric Scissors Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine Instructions: Cut fleece to 11" x 10" so it stretches the long way. Save the 1" scrap. Gather fringes and tie tightly with scrap piece. . ©2010, Inc. Crochet Hat & Scarf Set (For Petite Blythe) Crochet Petite Toque and Scarf [Free Pattern] Written on December 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm by MichelleFiled under: Article with tags: crafting, diy, free pattern, petite Supplies Needed 4.00mm/US G-6 crochet hookSmall amount of sock yarn (good project for remnants!) FREE Crochet Fashion Doll Barbie Sun Hat Pattern. Now that I am a grandmother to a beautiful little girl, I have become interested in making some Barbie Doll or 11 1/2" fashion doll items for her...such as clothing, hats, purses and even some furniture which I will be posting the projects as I complete them here on my blog.

Today I would like to share with you my pattern that I used to make this adoreable crochet Barbie doll sun hat. Supplies: Bedspread Weight Cotton Thread (for crocheting), I used Ecru Crochet Hook size 2 Scissors 1/4" wide satin ribbon (your choice of color) 1/4" diameter satin ribbon rosette Craft Glue You will start off by chaining 4 stitches and then 15 DC (double crochets) in the 4th stitch from your crochet hook, for a total of 16 DC.

(first DC is your chain 3). Next, DC in each DC around but add 4 DC evenly spaced around, for a total of 20 DC. Top Hat Pattern. AG Doll Head Visor Knitting Pattern. Make A Hat With Cardboard. Barbie Felt Witch Hat: No Sew. I wanted to make a simple Witch Hat for Barbie and found a great graphic about how to make one HERE. Now, I pigheadedly didn't follow those instructions... but I recommend that you do:@) I free handed a circle and cone shape out of felt. This hole was about 1 1/2" wide. Barbie says "I'd appreciate it if you'd get the fuzzies off my head before a close up"... Diva.