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Snuggle Bags

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Fleece Couch Sack (For Women) - Save 62% All in one fleece suit. There has been a big rise in the popularity of loungewear for women lately, particularly with the introduction of new items of clothing designed specifically for lounging in, such as the snuggle suit and the slanket.

All in one fleece suit

More traditional items of clothing for lounging in are of course available, such as a velour kaftan, fleece housecoat and fleece leisure suit. You’ll find a great selection of ladies’ loungewear at House of Bath but the one everybody is talking about right now is the snuggle suit. Snuggle suit – exclusive to House of Bath. Hoodie-Footie™ Winter Whimsy for Men & Women. Hoodie-Footie™ for Women - Sweet Stripe. Thank you!

Hoodie-Footie™ for Women - Sweet Stripe

Crossword Pajamas for Women. Thank you!

Crossword Pajamas for Women