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Eliminate Contraband Cell Phones in Prisons with Cellbusters USA. Zone Manager Cloud - Real Time Alerts of Cellphone Usage. Zone Manager™ Cloud Leverage all the benefits and features of Zone Manager™ but without the overhead and responsibility of managing and maintaining an on-premise server.

Zone Manager Cloud - Real Time Alerts of Cellphone Usage

Zone Protectors located in a single building or distributed around the globe can communicate with Zone Manager™ Cloud over a standard internet connection. Accessible from any web browser, Zone Manager™ Cloud enables you to view real-time alerts on facility maps, generate reports for analysis, or view graphs to easily identify security breaches or activity trends over time. Benefits at a glance Avoid server capital costs and the administration overhead associated with onsite server hardware. Server setup with Zone Manager™ application installedHTTPS digital certificate installed for secure server accessZone Manager™ application supported by Cellbusters Data backups to second data center Server management, administration, and support Updates to Zone Manager™ application Minimum term 12 months.

Cellbusters Eliminates Contraband Cell Phones from Marion County Detention- News Cellbusters. Correctional facility enhances safety by achieving situational awareness of all cellular activity after deploying Cellbusters Correctional Suite of products PHOENIX, Jan. 23, 2014- Cellbusters, a market-leading developer of cell phone and radio frequency (RF) emission detection locating technology, today announced that Marion County Detention Center (MCDC) in Lebanon, KY, has chosen the company’s Zone Protector™ and Zone Manager™ products to eliminate contraband cell phones from the Marion County facility.

Cellbusters Eliminates Contraband Cell Phones from Marion County Detention- News Cellbusters

Software Defined Cell Phone Detector - News Cellbusters. Important considerations when selecting a cell phone detector When choosing a cell phone detector (or any other technology for that matter) you will no doubt want to future proof your investment and ensure it does not become obsolete a few months later.

Software Defined Cell Phone Detector - News Cellbusters

The majority of cell phone detectors on the market today are totally restricted by their “fixed” hardware design. In other words they are designed and manufactured to detect certain frequency ranges at a fixed point in time, and cannot be changed or updated should new cellular frequency ranges emerge in the future. The Zone Protector™ however, is a true Software Defined Detector™ and no such restrictions apply. This revolutionary design enables you to easily add, remove or modify frequency ranges and settings via the intuitive web interface as required anytime in the future.

Hardware controlled cell phone detectors are designed to detect fixed frequency ranges once they leave the factory. Software Defined Cell Phone Detector - News Cellbusters. Cell Phone Detection with the Cellbusters Zone Protector. Had a cell phone detector been around, it would have picked up the world’s first ever cell phone call being placed in the dark ages of the twentieth century, a few months after the end of the Apollo moon program, before most people had heard of the Internet, and long before the invention of the World Wide Web.

Cell Phone Detection with the Cellbusters Zone Protector

The date was April 3, 1973, and the device was a Motorola “brick” weighing more than four-and-one-half pounds and measuring some nine inches by five inches by one-and-three-quarter inches. The dimensions of cell phones have shrunk dramatically in the intervening years, while their capabilities have grown exponentially, as has cell phone ownership.

Their sophistication and ubiquity pose many security challenges, and have given rise to a demand for equally sophisticated cellular phone detection system. Cell Phone Jammers - Detect Hidden Transmission Devices. The Zone Protector™ is the ultimate detection device.

Cell Phone Jammers - Detect Hidden Transmission Devices

It is capable of detecting all cell phones (any carrier and any protocol in all countries) when the phone is in standby mode, texting, making a call or transmitting data. In fact, the Zone Protector™ is far more sophisticated than a cell phone detector. Comparable to a spectrum analyzer, the Zone Protector™ has the ability to scan user-definable frequency ranges along with the ability to alert, notify, control a third party device, or simply log as soon as it detects relevant transmission activity. Precise frequency filtering technology, managed and controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor, enables the Zone Protector™ to deliver accurate detection with virtually zero false positives. The Zone Protector™ is extremely versatile. Your investment is protected thanks to the clever future-proof design, which allows you to easily add channels or frequencies, or update the firmware as cell phone technology evolves well into the future.

Cell Phones Detection - Cellbusters USA.