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DIY Chan Luu Bracelet. My goal this holiday season was to really try my best to make some homemade gifts. So far I’m doing pretty well with my wreath, some burlap covered candles, some personalized coasters and this past weekend I gave a try at some jewelry. You may have noticed how wrap bracelets are everywhere lately. Chan Luu bracelets are extremely popular these days. They come in singles and also in wraps. I love love the look of these bracelets. What I don’t love is the price tag. I did the top bracelet by simply following this tutorial. 1. 2.Bring your needle up under the right cord through the center and pull the thread through. 3. 4. You will just continue to do this for every bead.

I love my followers so come and join!! Like this: Like Loading... Related Leather Wrap Bracelet The other day I was in Michael's craft store grabbing some material for a small project I'm working on when I walked by the jewelry isle. With 2 comments Another {DIY} Bracelet With 6 comments Summer Wrap-Up. Make Your Own Beads. This is a fun and simple project... a great way to use up those little scraps of paper and thread that you don't want to throw away. What you need: 1. Scraps of paper or card stock 2. Scraps of embroidery thread 3.

Mod Podge What you do: 1. 2. 3. Now you can use these beads to make a bracelet, or you can mix them with other beads. Mystery Braid Bracelet Instructions. DIY jewelry from paperclips and tape | How About Orange. My local library recently advertised a class for making paperclip chandeliers. Sadly it was for 6th graders, but it piqued my interest. I went home and Googled paperclip chandeliers (awesomeness!) And that led me to Lauren Manoogian's paperclip statement necklaces. They were sold at arty shops, and even Anthropologie had a version for $168. Yeah, you read that right. I was compelled to try it. They're the perfect, brainless thing to fiddle with while watching TV, or you could keep your kids busy for hours making chains. Supplies: paperclips, colored masking tape or electrical tape, and (optional) jewelry clasps. Just wrap a piece of tape around each paperclip, connecting them in a chain. Add optional jump rings and a lobster clasp (cheap supplies from a craft or bead store) if the necklace won't fit over your head.

This one has strands of varied lengths. Geometric designs are popular right now, too. Folks in Cambodia are making them out of food packaging. Day #347 - Plastic Perler Bead Bracelets. Become a part of the Meaningful Mama community to receive encouragement, ideas, tips and tricks.... it's FREE! My passion is to encourage and equip parents to be more intentional in this important role. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Lace Cuff from TP Roll. Butterfly Pin. Negative Butterfly/Flower. Whew. Ok. "Negative" week has literally tuckered me out. But I did it. Actually stuck to the theme ... launched my first giveaway (go enter!) And published two tutorials. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Note: This is original work. Zip-up Earbuds. I love to have my music with me everywhere I go, but I hate the tangled mess my wires become when I toss them in my bag or pocket. Last night I whipped up a fun and functional solution by adding a zipper to my earbuds. This project took me around an hour to do (perfect for catching up on some t.v. from The supplies are few; basic sewing supplies, a pair of headphones, and a nice long zipper. I happened to have this crazy purple and gold nike zipper I found thrifting a while ago, it seemed perfect for this project. The first step is to pull the earbuds apart, to separate the wires all the way down to the plug. Next, take one side of your headphones and one side of the zipper tape and start stitching the wire into the tape. Simply fold the outside edge of the tape under to the wrong side (enclosing the wire) and use a running stitch to hold it in place.

It’s as easy as that! Then unzip them to the length I want and put them on so much faster than having to untangle the mess! Decorate Earphones. Pärlade hörlurar, ett kul pyssel som tål att upprepas. För ganska precis ett år sedan bloggade jag om mina pärlade hörlurar. Idén fick jag från Cut Out + Keep och det visade sig vara fler än jag som tyckte det här var ett kul pyssel. /Beaded earphones A fun DIY worth mentioning again. Almost exactly one year ago, I blogged about my beaded earphones. Som Matlida till exempel. Gör så här: Skär eller klipp upp plastpärlan (nagelsax fungerar t ex bra), böj upp pärlan och trä den över sladden. Clear Stone Pendant. Glass Marble Beauties Today I was in a pinch and needed to put together a small quick gift. One of my girlfriends gave me a little magnetic board with these marbles on them a couple of Christmases ago..

I use them every day to hold up this and that on the fridge. This is a super quick project.... Just a word of caution.. Mod Podge is addicting! Here is how I made these: Supplies Needed: Paper with a design. Magnets Mod Podge Matte Scissors Paint Brush Glass Marbles (found in the floral section of craft stores and Wal-Mart) Find the place on your paper you want the marble to be placed... Apply a Thin/Medium coat of Mod Podge to your stone. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on the design paper. See how I just left them there on the uncut paper to dry ... Cut aound your marble.

WOW! To do the Photos, I bought the larger marbles. Use the same technique as I did on the Amy Butler Paper Apply a small dab of E6000 on the back to secure your Magnet and/or Thumbtacks Seriously, I love these! Glass Pendant. Easy. Cheap. Adorable. How can you pass up something like this? I found places online where they sold the tutorials on how to make these glass pendant necklaces. Here’s mine for free. If you make something using this tutorial, please upload pictures of it in our Flickr group to show it off to everyone. You may be featured on Simply Modern Mom.

Supplies: paperexacto kniferulercutting boardglass tiles* (rectangular, circular, or square shapes available)bails* (I used aanraku small size)clear glue (I used Diamond Glaze. *glass pendants and bails can be found pretty much anywhere online… Amazon, Etsy supplies, etc. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Featuring Thea, my model… Map Pendant. Posted on April 25, 2012 by Christina DIY map pendants require next to zero skill to make.

But your guests don’t have to know that. In fact, judging by how gorgeous these pendants are, your guests will think you are one crafty genius. DIY map pendants are perfect for destination weddings. Simply find a map online of your wedding destination and use it to make keepsake pendants for your guests. These would also make brilliant gifts for your wedding attendants. DIY Map Pendants Tutorial You will need: Size your map so that it will fit within your 25mm pendant blank. Place your glass cabochon on the image get an idea of placement. Place three drops of diamond glaze on the back of your glass cabochon. Place cabochon onto image. Cut around glass cabochon. Add e-6000 glue to back of cabochon using a toothpick or the end of a bamboo skewer.

Press cabochon inside pendant blank. Add jump ring. Add cord. Bake Marble. Yes, you read that correctly. Fried marbles. This quick project takes regular old marbles from drab to fab or from cat's eye to cat's pajamas... meow! You Need: Marbles (not opaque) frying pan bowl of ice water Place the marbles in a dry frying pan (no oil!) Once they've been heated for about 15 minutes, carefully spoon one marble out of the frying pan and drop it into to bowl of ice water. After they've been allowed to cool for a minute or so, removed the marbles and place them on a towel to dry.

We used clear marbles, but by using different colors and/or swirls you'll get different effects. Wire wrapping is a pretty easy way to showcase your fried marble. . (3) 6 inch strips of soft metal wire Use round nose pliers to make small loops at the top of each Use super skinny soft metal wire to wrap the wires together just below the loops Spread the wires so that they are evenly covering the front of what will be the bead cage. Place the marble into the bead cage. Wire Pendant. Knots. 堆糖网 分类 首页 热门 最新 良品购 特卖惠 家居生活 美食菜谱 手工DIY 时尚搭配 美妆造型 婚纱婚礼 设计 古风 插画绘画 壁纸 头像 文字句子 旅行 摄影 人文艺术 影音书 人物明星 动画漫画 植物多肉 生活百科 搞笑萌宠 搜索含 的内容 搜索含 的商品 搜索含 的专辑 搜索含 的糖友 新浪微博腾讯 QQ 淘宝腾讯微博豆瓣 关联账号登录: 登录 注册 阿团丸子 发布到 各种手工女红。

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Switch out the book pages for scrapbook paper and you're GOLDEN! Take a look at the video and see how it's made. Leave a comment and I'll send someone the actual bracelet, too! How fun is that? Version with a little less paint on the ends Tape a book page to a straw and roll. Cut the beads 2" long. Paint the ends of the beads. Tie a knot in 2 yards of cord and thread the ends of the cord through opposite ends of the beads. Continue until you have created your cuff. Tie a lobster claw on end of the row of beads. Tuck the ends of the cord inside of the last bead and secure with glue. Not bad! Popsicle Stick Bracelets. So I was looking through my vintage craft book collection and ran across a 1970 Pack O’ Fun magazine.

They had instructions on how to take a simple popsicle stick and turn it into a bracelet. I’m always happy to try and take a good idea and run with it. Well, I’m certainly on board for that. The thought of being able to make wood pliable put all kinds of ideas in my head. But we’ll start with the project at hand which happened to be bracelets.

So just in time for Easter Baskets, lets put together some cute bracelets. With bling. Are you new to the Sitcom? For this project I used: Popsicle sticks (bought the industrial strength size bag from Walmart because this project might go in future directions)Drinking glass (for forming- use a glass with a top opening that is slightly smaller than you want your bracelet to end up)Emory board or sand paperAcrylic paintStick on jewels (for bling)Mod Podge I then used an emory board to sand them so that all edges and paint surfaces were smooth. Lacey Macrame Bracelet. 8 Strand Cord. Recolor Pearls. Washers. Bottle Caps. Shrinky Dink. Paper Pendants. Rake Jewelry Holder. Bow/Hair Clip Holder.

Earring Frame Holder. Earring Travel Case. Friendship Bracelet.