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Make a Beaded Sweater (for under $5 dollars) After a couple of very warm weeks here in GA (like 70 degrees and sunny) it's finally getting chilly again, which means I can break out my favorite new DIY project : this FABULOUS beaded sweater.

Make a Beaded Sweater (for under $5 dollars)

I've been way more committed to hunting through the racks at thrift stores to buy clothes I'm going to get dirty with DIY projects and woodworking, so when I found this yummy cowl neck sweater for only $2 dollars I snatched it up without hesitation! In true crafter fashion I felt this sweater could benefit from a little color and texture, so I dug into my rhinestone, button and bead stash to bedazzle this thrifted find!

The creamy and textured knit of this sweater serves as a perfect canvas for color and texture. Each bead placement was a calculated decision in color theory and balance! I spent several hours on this piece, but the finished results are well worth it. 50 Amazingly Creative Upcycling Projects For Old Sweaters. Cookie barclose This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality.

50 Amazingly Creative Upcycling Projects For Old Sweaters

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To learn more about cookies and localStorage, visit Information Commissioner's Office. Beautiful Beret · Extract from Simple Knitting by Ros Badger · How To Make A Beret. 5 ultimate stash-busting patterns. Building up a stash of leftover scraps and odd balls of yarn is inevitable when you’re a keen knitter, but there’s no reason to keep hiding it under the bed.

5 ultimate stash-busting patterns

Why not make something fun with our great stash buster projects? The start of a new year always brings with it lots of new ideas for projects, but before you cast on, have a quick clear out of your cupboards, you might be surprised what you find! First, get everything out and see what you’ve got. Get all of your DK leftovers together, put any other yarns of the same weight in a pile – you could even group together by colour – a certain colour combination might just spark an idea. Make This Anthro-Inspired Fringe Purse Without the $228 Price Tag.

It’s no secret that the ’90s have been making a huge comeback in the last couple of years, but the latest ’90s resurgence that I’ve been digging has been the holographic vibes in the beauty realm.

Make This Anthro-Inspired Fringe Purse Without the $228 Price Tag

There’s something about an iridescent lip or holographic eyeshadow palette that really resonates with my futuristic unicorn life. I decided to translate some of these shimmery, cool trends into a home decor setting. Here are three simple DIYs to add some holographic flair to your home. Make This Anthro-Inspired Fringe Purse Without the $228 Price Tag. 15 Cozy Knitted Sock Patterns. There’s nothing quite as satisfying in the winter has having cozy feet.

15 Cozy Knitted Sock Patterns

The second our feet get cold, there’s no comforting us until we can get them all warmed up again. That’s a pretty big challenge living in a cold place, but luckily for us, we’re DIY enthusiasts and knitters, so we can make ourselves a new batch of awesomely warm woolen socks every year before the snow comes. Check out these 15 awesome sock patterns that will keep your toes toasty all winter! 1. Elisabeth Gloves · Extract from Pretty Knitted Hands by Clara Falk · How To Stitch A Knit Or Crochet Glove. This stylish and beautifully photographed book contains 27 knitted mitten patterns for women and men.

Elisabeth Gloves · Extract from Pretty Knitted Hands by Clara Falk · How To Stitch A Knit Or Crochet Glove

The book is split into seasons, with eight pairs for spring and summer, seven pairs for fall and twelve pairs of mittens for winter. Welcome Fall With This Easy Shift Dress. Can we take a minute to figure out where in the world summer went?!

Welcome Fall With This Easy Shift Dress

If you live in San Francisco, you might be saying the same thing as me — what summer? (It never got above 60 this year!) For the rest of you that have battled hot temperatures and humidity, you might be a little more excited about the chiller temperatures ahead. To get ready for the fall, we created a basic jersey shift dress for those in-between days. Ever After Gauntlets · How To Make Fingerless Gloves · Yarncraft on Cut Out. Simple Maxi Skirt DIY. With the weather changing everyday here in NC, there is no time like the present to make a few of my favorite simple maxi skirt patterns to add to my closet.

Simple Maxi Skirt DIY

This skirt allows for easy dressing no matter what mother nature sends my way. All it takes to create your own custom skirt pattern is a few simple measurements and before you know it, you’ll be stitching this skirt up in every color under the sun. It’s sure to become a basic staple in your wardrobe! This project is for all levels. How to Make a DIY Cross Body Bag for Under $10 - Paper and Stitch. Placemats!

How to Make a DIY Cross Body Bag for Under $10 - Paper and Stitch

I bought some thick, colorful placemats a while back from Anthro, on sale for $4.95 each. And until last week they sat folded up in my craft closet basically just collecting dust. But then Amelia got a hold of them and whipped ’em into this cool little cross body bag and I’m wondering why we didn’t tackle this project sooner. It was so easy and super budget-friendly, since all of the materials combined cost less than $10. Click through for the step by step tutorial. Materials 2 matching placemats (preferably woven for thickness, texture, and easy hand stitching – mine are from the Anthro sale section)embroidery floss in coordinating colorlarge needleleather purse strap (I had an extra lying around from a cross body purse turned clutch)scissors.

No Sew DIY Slip Dress & Style Challenge: Coachella Fashion - Kier Couture. Dress: DIY (Instructions Below) Similar Maxi Skirt.

No Sew DIY Slip Dress & Style Challenge: Coachella Fashion - Kier Couture

Belt: Lucky Brand, old. Boots: Vintage Capezio. Bag: Bought at the Bazaar in Tel Aviv, Israel 2006. Cell Phone Pouch: Urban Outfitters, last year. Rings: H&M. No Sew, T-Shirt Skirt: DIY. I have been asked by a few people if I could try and create a no sew skirt out of a T-shirt. I finally ended up with this design last week. Several designs came out of this one thought. I can not wait to show you the other creations that I came up with.

But first let me show you this one. Tutorial. Style DIY: The Kimono - Verily. Kimono-style tunic tops are a light and easy way to layer in the summer months. They can be paired with tanks, swimsuits, and dresses. You will be surprised how easy it is to make your own! All you need are a few simple materials. • 1 square yard of fabric (stretchy sheer works best!) • scissors • fabric glue or needle and thread. Toasty Turtleneck Shrug · Extract from Sweater Surgery by Stefanie Girard · How To Make A Shrug. T Shirt Shrug · A T Shirt Into A Shrug · Sewing on Cut Out + Keep · Version by puppycat1. Lillie · How To Stitch A Knit Or Crochet Sweaters · Yarncraft on Cut Out. -Cast on 86 (90, 96,100, 106) sts. Row 1 (rs): K 8 rows of seed stitch ending with a ws row. Row 9 (Set-up Cable Row): (K1, P1) 3 times, K1, pm, P2, K4, P2, K7, P2, K4, P2, K to end of row.

Row 10 (AND ALL WS ROWS (except for ws neckline decrease rows)): K the K sts and P the P sts to marker, (K1, P1) 3 times, K1. Billie Hat · Extract from Refined Knits by Jennifer Wood · How To Make A Beanie. Crown NOTE: Change to double-pointed needles when there are too few stitches to work comfortably on circular needle. Dec rnd 1: [P1, k4, p1, k1, p1, (k1, ssk, k1, p1) 2 times, (k1, k2tog, k1, p1) 2 times, k1, p1, k4, p1, k2] 3 times—99 sts rem. Work 1 rnd even. Dec rnd 2: [P1, k4, p1, k1, p1, k2, ssk, k3, p1, k3, k2tog, k2, p1, k1, p1, k4, p1, ssk] 3 times—90 sts rem. Dec rnd 3: [P1, 2/2 LC, ssp, p1, 3/3 LC, p1, 3/3 RC, p1, p2tog, 2/2 RC, p1, k1] 3 times—84 sts rem.

How to Transform a Men’s Shirt into an Off-the-Shoulder Dress. If there’s anything we’ve learned from keeping up with the latest style trends spotted at Coachella, it’s that we should keep a special spot in our closet for old clothes and accessories because they will be stylish again at some point in our lives. Maxi dresses, bell and exaggerated sleeves and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses — we’re talking about YOU. Speaking of the latter, there’s something so romantic yet sexy about showing a part of the body that’s usually covered up, like your shoulders.

Make This $45 Embellished Sequin Skirt for $10. How to Make a Shawl for the Best DIY Layer Ever. Truth: I’m a layering queen. DIY Rope Bag. I’ve had instructions on how-to-sew-rope-bowls saved to my Pinterest “to do” board for awhile now. Blanket Scarf Wrap Tutorial - Simple Simon and Company. I was over on Facebook a week or so ago, telling everyone that I had started 11 projects in November and December and not finished any of them….well, then I remembered one that I had completed, I just didn’t have time to photograph it or post about it.

Free Knitting Pattern! Luggage Blossoms. Luggage BlossomsBy Jennifer Dickerson Inject some spring into your travels or give as a sweet little gift to the traveler in your life. Knit with brightly colored yarn, these super quick little projects will help identify your suitcase or bag in a sea of luggage at the airport. Materials: US10.5 (6.5 mm) straight needles (for blossom and leaf) 2 US8 (5.0 mm) DPNs (for I-cord hanger) Small amounts of brightly colored yarn Tapestry needle. First Time Poppies For Heros · A Flowers & Rosettes · Yarncraft on Cut Out. Chunky Braided Winter Headband · How To Stitch A Knit Or Crochet Headband · Yarncraft on Cut Out. Polar Bear Baby Hat by Craftimism - Craftsy.

Basic Skills Necessary: Knit in the round basic embroidery. Free Knitting Patterns - Blue Fuzzy Monster Who Likes Baked Goods Hat - Kimberly Chapman's Knitting. Fair Isle Hat · How To Make A Beanie · Knitting on Cut Out. Step 1 CO 74 sts leaving 1 st in knit for selvedge at each end, work in k3 p3 rib for 2" switch to CC1 and st st. work 2 rows even. next row: k2, using CC1 and CC2 work skull from chart 10 times, k2 continue to work chart for 5 rows. work 2 rows even in CC1 work 2 rows in MC switch to CC3 and work 2 rows even. next row: k1, using CC3 and M work heart from chart 9 times, k1 continue to work chart for 4 rows. decrease row: *k10, k2tog across* next row: work even decrease and checkerboard row: *k1 in CC2, k1 in CC1*, AT THE SAME TIME complete decrease row as: *k9, k2tog* (so every 10th stitch, you'll be doing k2tog with CC1 instead of just a knit with it). next row: * P1 in in CC2, p1 in CC2*, rep to end next row: * k1 in CC2, k1 in CC1 *, rep to end. checkerboard pattern finished. next row: work even in CC3 decrease row: *k8, k2tog* across. next row: work even decrease row: switch to MC.

Cloche Hat · Extract from Heart Felt Knits by Tamara Mello · How To Make A Cloche Hat. Knitted Leaf · How To Make A Plant Plushie · Yarncraft on Cut Out. How to Turn a Thrift Store Dress into a Hot 2-Piece Set. Thrift stores are amazing emporiums filled with tons of wonderful DIY possibilities. A good thrift store trip takes some time and quality sifting. Mister Mustache · How To Make A Mustache · Yarncraft on Cut Out.

T Shirt Shrug · How To Recycle A T Shirt Into A Shrug · Dressmaking on Cut Out. How to Make the Skirt All the Celebs Are Wearing Right Now. DIY Ballet Skirt. Sea lo que sea. The Felted Fox: WRAP CROP TOP DIY. Ocean · How To Make A Knit Scarf / Crochet Scarf · Yarncraft on Cut Out. How to Hack a Basket into a Backpack in 5 Minutes. 10 Ways to Cut Up + Restyle a Plain White T-Shirt. DIY Style- Vintage Tablecloth Circle Skirt. DIY Bracelet + Earrings. Free Tote Patterns - Craft Ideas. Make a Map Necklace. The Christina Clutch Tutorial - Art Gallery Fabrics - The Creative Blog. Knitted Neck Scarf. Nail Polish Glass Necklace Pendants · A Necklace · Jewelry on Cut Out.

Style On-the-Go: How to Make a DIY Travel Jewelry Organizer. Make Your Own Perfect Fabric Purse Handles - Make: Simple Boxy Shopping Bag · How To Sew A Box Tote · Sewing on Cut Out. Market Tote · Extract from Hello! Macrame by Samantha Grenier · How To Make A Knit Or Crochet Tote. Cozy Knitting: Snow Day Slippers - Make: Handcrafted Philadelphia Wedding. Skullcracker · How To Make A Hat · Yarncraft on Cut Out + Keep · How To by Carissa B. Long Linen Skirt In Green · How To Make A Full Skirt · Sewing on Cut Out.

How To Make A Hoop Skirt · How To Make A Costume · Sewing on Cut Out. Reckoning Rectangles Shawl · Extract from Knitting Reimagined by Nicky Epstein · How To Make A Shawl. Sgiach Shawl · How To Make A Shawl · Yarncraft on Cut Out + Keep · How To by sneezerville. Nell Hat · How To Make A Beret · Knitting on Cut Out + Keep · How To by goodknits. DIY Easy Two-layered Gathered Lace Skirt. Helping Hand Mittens · Extract from Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting: Celebrating the Gift of Knitting with 24 Beautiful Patterns by Lorna Miser · How To Make Mittens. Not-So-Itty-Bitty Bow Pattern » Untangling Knots. Diy Large Bow Capelet · How To Make A Capelet · Sewing on Cut Out.

Vallkulla: Twined Fingerless Mitts · Extract from Yarn Works by W. J. Johnson · How To Make Fingerless Gloves. Midwinter Wanderer · How To Make A Cowl · Knitting on Cut Out. 5 Petals Knitted Flower · How To Make A Flowers & Rosettes · Yarncraft on Cut Out. DIY Knitted 2in1 Bow/Turban Headband (knitting pattern) Make Your Dad a Bow Tie in Under 30 Minutes! Drawstring Batpack · A Backpack · Version by Dead4CEREALZ. Knitted Heart Pattern. Skirt Hitches · How To Make An Accessory · Sewing on Cut Out + Keep · How To by Raven W.

DIY Fashion: Infinity Travel Scarf - Make: DIY Drop Waist V-neck Jersey Dress from old T-shirts. Scarf & Chain Halter Neck Top · Extract from Adorn by Kit Lee · How To Recycle A Scarf Top. Button Apron. Felt Electronics Cases. Do it yourself! A heart in your hands ? – Felting. Cloverleaf Bag Tutorial + Pattern. Brainsss Hairband · How To Make An Applique Headband · Jewelry on Cut Out.