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Doll Clothes & Accessories

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Making Doll Clothes & Accessories

Customize Existing Doll Clothes. Mini Tassel Tutorial. Above photo is of the lady's hand fan with a tassle flourish.

Mini Tassel Tutorial

Supplies Tweezers Detailing Scissors (embroidery snips) Black office binder clip Large-eyed Needle Embroidery floss or Silk Thread Step 1 Pull off three long strand of the embroidery floss and set aside.Cut the remaining piece into 3, 2" lengths. Step 2 Fold the three lengths in half and pinch into the black binder clip. Step 3 Take one of the long strands and tie together at the center of the fold. Step 4 Take the toothpick and use it to separate and untwist the strands. Step 6 Snip the bottom ends of the tassel to make a nice clean straight line. Use this wonderful little Tassels to decorate your Paper Minis from Ann, Dolls, Parasols, Hats, Dollhouse decor and on and on.... Make Scale Miniature Buttons For Doll Clothes From Polymer Clay.

Polymer clay is a useful material for making miniature dolls house scale buttons.

Make Scale Miniature Buttons For Doll Clothes From Polymer Clay

The buttons can be used for scale miniature upholstery or doll clothes. If you have very fine needles, you can add sewing holes, depending on the size of the button design. In other cases, you can glue the button in place on the fabric, or use it as part of the clothing design. The methods shown here use polymer clay with small paper punches, or clay designs cut from tiny polyclay canes. Multi-Colored Ribbon Peace Rose How-To. How to Make a Multi-Colored Peace Rose.

Multi-Colored Ribbon Peace Rose How-To

All you need to make ribbon roses is a Rose tool, scissors, ribbons and glue. Step 1 Begin with pink ribbon slipped between the prongs of the rose tool. Place a small amount of glue on the end, fold ribbon over prongs to meet and begin to roll, at least one time around. Step TwoFold the ribbon 45 degrees and secure with dot of glue at the base. Steps Three and FourContinue with folds for two or three more “petals". Step 4 Step FivePlace a bit of glue on the pink ribbon edge and begin again with a yellow ribbon Steps Six, Seven and EightContinue several folds, pictures 6, 7, 8 until you have the desired fullness. Step NinePress a bit into shape after the yellow ribbons is removed. Step TenIf desired add a couple of additional petals of pink as shown here in pink. Step ElevenClip about 1/3” green ribbon at angle on either end. Step 12Glue more small ribbon snips to represent leaves. Make A Simple Bow Jig To Tie Tiny Bows. Make A Simple Bow Maker To Tie Tiny Ribbon Mini Bows. Ribbon bows can be made in several miniature scales if you use a bow maker to measure the size of the loops and hold them in place while you secure them into a bow.

Make A Simple Bow Maker To Tie Tiny Ribbon Mini Bows

The tiny bows can be used on dolls house packages, tiny wreaths for Christmas villages, or to decorate dolls clothing. Like standard florist's bows, you have the most control over the ribbon shape if you secure the center with wire. You can use ribbon or thread to hold the bow's center if you are going to be sewing it to dolls clothing or some other fabric surface. The most useful size of bow is the standard florists bow which represents nine inches wide in your chosen scale.

Buy Online Small Ribbon, Print Fabrics, Tiny Buttons, Etc.

All About Scale - Fabric Patterns, Threads, Etc. Kathi’s Rules of Thumb (and other body parts) A lot of people working in the miniature world have a great eye for what is and is not “in scale.”

All About Scale - Fabric Patterns, Threads, Etc.

Some folks have it naturally and some of us have had to learn it the hard way. Good News! I have devised a set of rules that a beginner can use to be sure that valuable dollar is not wasted unnecessarily. I drew these up as I was dressing figures and am often found in the store with hands, feet and legs accompanying me. The Hand Rule developed by accident. Before we discuss the rules, let’s discuss when to apply the rules. The Hand RuleIf the design on the fabric is bigger than the doll’s hand, pass it by.

Dolls. Dawn & Pippa Handmade Clothes (From UK)

Retail Doll Clothes Patterns

! Cheap Doll Clothes – Baby Doll, Barbie, AG Clothes, Shoes & More. How To Find Shoes For Your Dolls. Doll Shoes !

How To Find Shoes For Your Dolls

Even if you're not into amassing a huge pile of designer footwear for yourself, you may find that you're obsessing over your dolls' shoes ! Especially if you find unusual nude dolls that need shoes...but you either can't or won't pay doll shop prices, or aren't sure that $8. pair of miniature sneakers will fit your doll.

Here's a few things I've found for your more rare dolls - readily available shoes that fit your not as readily available doll ! Feel free to add your information to the pile - I'll make sure you get credit for it ! As part of an ongoing process, I'm redoing this page - adding photos and more information. Monster High Dolls ! Nothing like an entirely new line of dolls - with entirely new bodies - to make any doll fan look around, see if they have some shoes to fit already. Surprisingly, some Barbie shoes work. Be careful, though. Other sneakers fit, too. I have no idea where these very soft and squishy white sneakers came from, but they also fit quite well.