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Fresh Produce Bag pattern by Lion Brand Yarn. Golightly Tote pattern by Lion Brand Yarn. Market Bag #80803AD pattern by Lion Brand Yarn. Crochet Bucket Bag. Crocheted Backpack pattern by Susanna Winter. Lacy V Shopping Bag pattern by Cathy Phillips. The Quarter Bag by Judith Prindle. Fat Bag pattern by Samanta Maragno. Hook Monster - crochet hook case by Penelope Privett. This is a good project for using your left over yarn.

Hook Monster - crochet hook case by Penelope Privett

You could probably use any type of yarn with any sized hook - as long as you keep your stitches tight. It’s a fun way to keep your things nice and tidy. For anyone interested in how I did the stripe, instructions can be found here: UPDATE: 21.02.2013 After a few requests, I have started making a video tutorial for these. Please bare with me as it will take me some time. UPDATE: 27.08.2013 Turns out making a video tutorial is very time consuming and I haven’t been able to get it done.

Ami Cotton Purse by Pierrot. Amian Round Bag by Pierrot. Amian Kinchaku Bag by Pierrot. Big Easy (and stylish) Crochet Bag. I’m calling this bag the “Big Easy”.

Big Easy (and stylish) Crochet Bag

I don’t know….it is big, and it’s easy, and it’s perfect for one of those easy, lazy days when you’re off to the pool, beach or park (but you still want to go in style – ha!). It’s a great size to fit a beach towel, books and even your favorite wine cooler – I mean – beverage. My mom always seems to show up at my house with one of those re-usable grocery bags filled with one thing or another. She’s usually carrying some surprise for myself or my daughter, or there is some sort of food inside.

She’s Italian, so good snacks are a must. The fabric on this bag is tight enough that you don’t need to line it, and it can hold pens and pencils without them slipping through the crochet holes. Large Market Tote. – This pattern is worked in rounds through round 6; after that, you’ll be working in spiral.

Large Market Tote

This means you will not slip stitch or chain between rows. There are photos showing how to do this in the . – The ch 2 at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch when working the body of the bag. The ch 2 does count as a stitch when working on the handles. Adult-Sized Market Tote Chain 3. Round 1: 12 dc into the first ch. Round 2: 2 dc in each stitch around. Round 3: *2 dc in the first stitch, 1 dc in the next* around. Round 4: *2 dc in the first stitch, 1 dc in the next 2 stitches* around. Round 5: *2 dc in the first stitch, 1 dc in the next 3 stitches* around. Round 6: *2 dc in the first stitch, 1 dc in the next 4 stitches* around. Beginning on round 7, you will be working in spiral.

Summer Beach Bag. Sweet Pea Tote Bag. Sweet Pea Tote Bag Designed by Cathy Phillips 2008 Hooks: G for Bag and E/F for Straps Yarn: 672- 680 yds (15.5 oz.)

Sweet Pea Tote Bag

Sugar n Cream Cotton yarn or any worsted weight. The Shabby Project Bag. Nautical Hobo Bag. I also wondered about following the manufacturer's grommet installation instructions that said to cut a hole for the grommet, so I altered the pattern and did a (chain one, skip next hdc, hdc in next space between hdc) every place where a grommet should go (I used 7/16" metal grommets, so this space was enough to let me stretch to fit the grommet.)

Nautical Hobo Bag

For the row following this altered row, hdc in the chain one spaces when you get to them. I did this in the ninth and third to the last rows, measuring from the bag center like the instructions called for to find where to make the spaces in the ninth to the last row, and making sure I made the spaces in the third to the last row directly above the ones in the ninth to the last row. To install he grommet, fold down the top, matching up the spaces (holes) made with the chain-skip, insert the grommet post through the spaces (both layers), stretching the holes to fit, and complete grommet installation as instructed.

Tote with Knotted Handle. Big Striped Bag pattern by Sara Sach. Bahamas Escape Bag by Gina Gungor. Chevron Market Bag by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite. Stylish and fun.

Chevron Market Bag by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite

This pattern is super easy to make and comes in two sizes. Crochet Market Bag by Miss Cinti. Crochet Market Tote. Go green with a reusable shopping bag that you crochet yourself – Double Chain Foundation stitch construction keeps it light, compact and strong. Skill Level: Intermediate Abbreviations: ch-chain; pm- place marker; rep-repeat; rnd(s)-round(s); RS-Right Side; sc-single crochet; sl st-slip stitch; sp(s)-space(s); st(s)-stitch(es); WS-Wrong Side; yo-yarn over. Crochet mesh shopping bag by Jane Harrisson. Drawstring Bag. Step 1: Getting Started Crochet Patterns - Drawstring Bag Use our fun free crochet pattern to create a versatile and simple drawstring bag, perfect for almost any hobby, outing and many other purposes.

Drawstring Bag

This project is great for beginners to practice using basic stitches in a fun new way to create an interesting crocheted fabric. Crochet a drawstring bag for storage, shopping, sports equipment, hobby supplies and so much more. Farmers Market Hexagon Bag by Jessie Rayot. The town farmers market is finally open for the season!

Farmers Market Hexagon Bag by Jessie Rayot

I LOVE going to the farmers market, and I love using re~usable bags. For years I have been using the tote bags you can buy at the grocers, but this year I am making a market bag! This market bag has a hexagon base, a mesh side, and a long shoulder strap on top! Flower Band Market Bag by Katie Chase. Grocery Tote Bag. Mesh Market Bag 1 Handle. Mesh Market Bag 2 Handles. Rainbow Pocket Market Bag. Inspiration is a funny thing.

Rainbow Pocket Market Bag

The Rainbow Pocket Market Bag was brewed up in my brain as a crazy combination of Earth Day, the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, my constant struggle with getting organized, and the desire for a little color in a cloudy rainy week! And the result is a free crochet market bag pattern that’s useful all year long! To make this fun reusable bag I used a couple of specific crochet techniques, and I’ve included links to them in the bullet points of the pattern. I also borrowed the mesh pattern from the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf – though worked in rounds, not spirals.

I also remembered the lesson from a discussion on the Moogly Facebook page about bags – and included directions for two different types of handles! Summer Net Market/Beach Bag by Manda Nicole. Summer Squares Beach Tote by Micah York. Summer Stripes Beach Bag by Siouxsie Stitches. Summery bag holder by Virkpia - Pia Lindén. Yarn & Project Bag.

Yarn & Project Bag Items Required: 4mm (US 6) Crochet Hook.

Yarn & Project Bag

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