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How to Choose the Right Codec for Every Project Codecs don’t need to be hard. No, really, they don’t. All that matters is that you choose the right codec. By the end of this article, you will be able to pick the best codec for you on each project. My goal is to give you what you need to make your own informed decisions about codecs. So you can choose the right codec for yourself, instead of relying on what worked for someone else.

Customize checkboxes and radio buttons with iCheck (jQuery and Zepto) plugin - Iceweasel iCheck plugin works with checkboxes and radio buttons like a constructor. It wraps each input with a div, which may be customized by you or using one of the available skins. You may also place inside that div some HTML code or text using insert option. Splash Vector Graphics on your Responsive Site - HTML5 Rocks Creating mobile content that dazzles means balancing the amount of data downloaded against maximal visual impact. Vector graphics are a great way to deliver stunning visual results using minimal bandwidth. Many people think of canvas as the only way to draw a mixture of vectors and rasters on the web, but there are alternatives that have some advantages. Graphic Design books to get you started TweetTweet A collection of well written graphic design books that present the world of visual communication and her beauty. They will get you started, no matter if you are studying by yourself or at school, on how to: understand, research, create and implement your design. As a self taught designer, I always wanted to know more.

17 Useful & Fresh Tools for Web Designers Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. Despite the fact that there is a huge plethora of web tools that are available for the web developers and designers to help them with their work, designers and developers always need some fresh tool that can expedite their work flow. A useful tool is just like a blessing for the designer and for the web developer as well. Having good tools and useful resources make web development easier and save time as well. Below, we have listed down some useful and fresh tools for the web developers and designers. We hope that these tools will make your work easier and let you complete your work faster. Alvy Ray Smith Computer Graphics Memos Computer Graphics (CG) Memos by Alvy Ray Smith Image Compositing Fundamentals A Sprite Theory of Image Computing

Select2 3.3.2 - Iceweasel Gets or sets the selection. If the value parameter is not specified, the id attribute of the currently selected element is returned. If the value parameter is specified it will become the current selection. val method invoked on a single-select with an unset value will return "", while a val method invoked on an empty multi-select will return [].

Detecting and Responding to iPad Orientation Change in Adobe Edge Animate With the help of Simon Widjaja and friends’ Edge Commons Dirty Little Helpers library I have extended the Flexible Layouts Using Adobe Edge Animate and the Edge Commons Library tutorial to work on an iPad. Simon’s tutorial/demo works well on a browser when resizing and this demo takes that one stage further and uses the ‘window.orientation‘ event to trigger the resize code uses a simple <meta content> tag to ensure the device as it 100% and recognises the change in dimensions. You can still trigger the resize code in your desktop browser but this is designed to detect your iPad’s orientation too. I’ll write it up fully later with a walk-through of the functionality but for now you can just play around with it and look at the (fairly simple) code – also I thought it would be a nice start to the week! I have removed the ‘window.orientation‘ call as it is not required – even simpler!

Fresh Free Fonts for your Design Projects Its not been many years since fonts have increased in numbers. Now a days, there is an immense range of cool unique free fonts that is made available for designers to make optimum use of in different projects. Ask any designer and he will explain you the importance of picking up the right type of fonts that is in and gels well with the overall design. If the wrong choice is made when it comes to fonts, it can actually marr the whole purpose and the efforts can go down the drain asking the designer to make the changes. Sounds a weird idea indeed! Who would want to make the efforts again by making the mistake of picking up the wrong font.

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