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Rosie Posie Grannie Square Tutorial

Rosie Posie Grannie Square Tutorial
What you'll need... Various colours of yarn (I used Patons Smoothie DK) Appropriate size crochet hook for your yarn (I used a 4mm - USA G) Yarn needle for weaving in ends Difficulty: Easy - ★☆☆ Crochet Terms: This pattern is written in UK terms. American terms are given below in green. sp - Space ss - Slip Stitch (Slip Stitch) dc - Double (Single) htr - Half Treble (Half Double) dtr - Double Treble (Treble) WRITTEN PATTERN: Abbreviated instructions for the pattern can be found at the end of the post, if you're happy to work from them alone, free feel to jump to the end right now. Start by making a magic loop and chaining 1. Then make 8 double crochet stitches into the loop. Pull the tail end of the loop up tight so the dc's come into a circle shape. Then make a slip stitch into the 1st dc that you made to close the circle. Next, chain 1 and make 2 dc's into the same stitch you just made your clip stitch into. Continue round the circle, making 2 dc's into each stitch. Fasten off and row one is complete.

ornement Crochet - modèle gratuit I hope you haven't forgotten me and my little space here. In case you have, I have come with a free pattern for you to enjoy and remember me for some more time. I created this pattern long ago but due to my neck and shoulder pain I had to stay away from crochet and computers for a few days and eventually lost interest in it. Today I somehow regained my mojo and completed it. So here is the free pattern for you. You may use any yarn and a suitable hook.

Large circles in a square, tutorial After telling you about my new blanket last week, I received a few questions about how to make the large circles and squares. So here is a tutorial about them and about how to make them into a blanket. You start the same way as for a small circle and crochet 3 rounds as described here. Round 4: ch 3, dc into joining stitch, dc into next 2 st, *2dc in next st, dc into next 2 st* , repeat until end, join with a sl st into 3rd of initial 3ch. Round 5: ch 3, dc into joining stitch, dc into next 3 st, *2dc in next st, dc into next 3 st*, repeat until end, join with a sl st into 3rd of initial 3ch. Heart Crochet Hot Pad This heart crochet hot pad is so decorative, you might want to use it as a doily instead! The overall pattern is fairly easy. Just take note of the special crochet stitch abbreviations that are used throughout.

The Crafty Cupboard: How-To: Business Card Holder With the Creative Estates coming up soon (as in, next weekend!), I thought I’d get on the ball and have something to hold my “business” cards while I am there. Here’s how I made mine:You Need:2 fabric pieces cut 5 1/2” x 4 1/2” (one will be lining, one the outside. You can do the same fabric for both, or different fabric to mix things up)2 fabric pieces cut 2 1/2” x 4 1/2”1 fusible fleece piece cut 5 1/2” x 4 1/2”Small hair elastic (I used my daughter’s) – not pictured (Warning: lots of pictures ahead. Free Knitting Patterns and Cool Stuff - Knitting Daily Download Now— Another month, another free blanket square pattern to knit for Caron United’s World’s Biggest Stocking project! This month’s free knitting pattern features a series of triangles in a tessellated design. The color contrast of the three hues really stands out! To complete this pattern, you’ll need the following skeins of Caron United yarn:… Download Now — Longer, sunnier days mean we’ve got one thing on our mind: summer vacation!