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Granny Square Spiral

Granny Square Spiral
Author PKOlson Introduction Spiraling Granny Square Pattern. Materials List Yarn - any, appropriate sized hook for chosen yarn. Finished Size Varies based on yarn & hook size chosen. Gauge Notes This motif begins with a four-color spiral. Colors A, B, C, D (each color is used, in turn, on each round) Magic Circle (adjustable) loop. Make a large loop by putting the yarn tail behind the working yarn (the yarn coming from the skein). The Pattern Begin with color A and a Magic Circle (adjustable) loop. Rnd 1: * [1ch, 1sc, 1hdc, 2dc] in ring, remove hook, joining colors B, C, & D in ring in turn, repeat from *. Rnd 2: Continuing with color A, * [2dc in next sc, 1 dc in next hdc, 2dc in nex dc, 1 dc in next dc], repeat from * with colors B, C & D. Rnd 3: Continuing with color A, * [ch 2, 1 dc in next dc, sk 1dc, 2dc in each next 2 dc, sk 1dc, 1dc], repeat from * with colors B, C, & D. Rnd 4: Continuing with color A, *{in ch2 sp (2dc, ch2, 2dc), [sk 1dc, ch1, 2dc in next End off. Related:  Motifs: Squares 6"

Wagon Wheel by Jillian Bankert I saw Attic24’s post on stashbusting where she talked about Granny Square Favorites by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. In it, there’s a crazy granny square Hostess Apron, but Lucy (Attic24) liked the square, the Wagon Wheel Square they used and crocheted up her own. This is hers: I loved it so much I decided to crochet up my own to add to my grandma's afghan. MATERIALS I used an I – 9 crochet hook; use whatever you need to get 6 inches. YARN Any worsted weight yarn will do in three colors. STITCHES USED ch: chain sc: single crochet dc: double crochet tr: treble crochet sl st: slip stitch DIRECTIONS With C1, chain 4, join in a ring. ROUND 1: Ch 4 (counts as first dc and ch1) *dc, ch1* 11 times. ROUND 2: Join C2 with slip stitch into any ch1 space. ROUND 3: Join C3 in any ch2 space. ROUND 4: Join C1 with sc in any ch1 space. ROUND 5: Join C2 with sl st in a ch6 corner space. ROUND 6: Join C3 in corner space with sl st. ROUND 7: Optional. Good luck and happy crocheting!

a common thread blog: rag bath mat tutorial i’ll start my first post back with a finished project/tutorial! a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and i were planning to throw out this huge king size comforter. it was just so much fabric though, that i couldn’t bear to part with it. so it sat beside the doorway for about a week, before it came to me. rag bath mat. so, i bought the gigantic knitting needles - size 19! ripped the comforter, made yarn from the fabric strips, and knit it up into a mat for my bathroom floor! Before &nbspAfter i followed the tutorial by cocoknits, but here’s what i did.i started by cutting little slits at every 1.5” increment. then, i ripped with my hands each strip until i had a whole bunch of strips. ripping with your hands is MUCH easier than actually cutting the strips, and more accurate too. it rips right along the grainline perfectly so you have very even strips…and it’s FAST. it also makes a very gratifying noise. then, put the first strip through the slit in the 2nd strip.

Crochet hair clip pattern Author Helda Panagary Introduction We all have those leftovers that we cant part with.This quick and easy pattern fulfilles the urge to make something useful with them . Add a bit of bling for the diva in you!!! Gauge; Not im.portant just crochet it Materials List 1 hairgrip, or slide less than 10g of yarn hook; any size appropiate to the yarn Finished Size Its a small flower added to a hairclip. Gauge Its a hairgrip relax. Notes A very useful pattern to make something useful,use any yarn and a hook appropiate to the the yarn.Give them as gifts to all your friends. The perfect little accessory to finish off your outfit . The Pattern A very easy pattern to make something useful, give them as gifts to all your friends.

Reese Dixon: Motherhood and other Creative Endeavors Bear had a great Aunt who made us a couple of handmade washcloths as a wedding present, and I have to confess, back then I could not understand why you’d go to that much trouble for a washcloth when paper towels are so cheap. Ten years later, I always smile to myself when I pull that washcloth out to wash the dishes with. Oh younger me, how silly you were to not appreciate the indestructible glories of a handknit. Those first washcloths have finally given up the ghost, so I thought it was time for a whole new batch of them. They are hands down the very very best things to use to wash dishes or wipe counters. I’ve made tons and tons of the fantastic washcloths from the gals at Mason-Dixon and they are really great, but I absolutely detest weaving in ends, and that one requires a lot of it. I also really prefer the process of crochet to the process of knitting. I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton. Chain 29 DC in third chain from hook and 26 times more to complete the row.

Paper Elephant Mobile Though it may seem I've forgotten this wee little blog lately, I promise I have not. I have several projects swirling that aren't quite ready for prime time, but in the meantime, I wanted a way to showcase some of the patterns I have made that I really dig but that probably won't be making it onto fabric anytime soon. It seems like everyone I know is about to have a baby these days, so I've been thinking about the sweet stuffed elephants my mom's friend made for me and my sister when we were babies. But you know, I can never let well enough alone. And last, but not least, these are my favorites. Click the image above to see detail. Of course, you can pick and choose the images you want to print--or print them all if you or someone you know is raising the next great animal adventurer and isn't afraid of a whole lotta color and pattern. As always, you are free to print these illustrations as many times as you like for personal, non-commercial use.

Block Stitch by Ana Benson Most commonly referred to as the block stitch, but sometimes called the mosaic stitch or dot stitch, this square features little pops of color between rounds of the classic granny stitch. After steam blocking, the finished square measures 6 inches x 6 inches, however, this project can be made larger or turned into an afghan by continuing the pattern repeats. Skill Level: Easy Supplies: Worsted weight yarn in two or more colors; I have used Knit Picks Shine Cotton 5.0 mm (H-8) crochet hook or size needed to obtain the gauge yarn needle for weaving in ends Carina's Craftblog: Crochet bunting tutorial Let's put some triangles together! It's easy! Grab your triangles and sort them so they look all pretty like. July 2012 - Please note: these days I do very little crochet because I'm working on an embroidery book. Por favor, respeta mis derechos de autor. Click on the image to see it really quite a bit larger. 1: Make a chain that is approximately 25cm / 10" long, join with slip stitch into one corner of a triangle 2: Then chain 4, slip stitch into the space between the two groups of 3dc, chain 4, slip stitch into the space, continue in this manner until you get to the corner. 3: Slip stitch in the corner too, then chain 10 (or there abouts). 4: Then join with the next triangle and repeat. Repeat for every triangle (you saw that one coming, right?!) That was pretty easy, huh? It should look something like this. And hey, if you make a bunting inspired by this tutorial, why not add an image link? Thank you! (Linkup closed)

Roll it up & go crochet hook case Author Susanne Visch Introduction Here you will find my version of a crochet hook case. Materials List - Less then 1 skein of yarn of choice - Even less in yarn of the same weight in a contrasting color - Size F 3,5 mm hook - Size G 4 mm hook - Needle Finished Size Any size you want it to be! Gauge Depends on the size desired and yarn used. Notes The main body of this hook case consists of a rectangle shape worked in Sc in the front loops only to get a more thin and flexible fabric. The Pattern The body of the hook case This consists of a rectangle shape worked in Sc in the front loops only to get a more thin and flexible fabric. Start: Ch a length equal to the length of the longest hook you want to keep in the case + 10 cm (4”) for the pockets. Row 2: Sc (in front loops only!) Repeat row 2 until you have twice the number of crochet hooks you want to keep in the case + 12. Create the pocket First, sc along one of the sides of the rectangle (perpendicular to the rows) with a contrasting color. 1.

How to: Open Toe Crochet Sandals for any size | The C Side I walk barefoot at home. I would walk barefoot in the street if I could, but I can’t. My daughter is a little copy cat so she too walks barefoot, only problem is that the tiles sometimes get really cold and she jams her toes in the tables all the time (she takes after her mother). You will need: Worsted weight (thick worsted not light worsted, you don’t want a flimsy pair of sandals right?) First you will need to draw out the feet on a piece of paper. This is a tutorial and I tried to explain it as clearly as possible, if you need any help leave a comment or send me an email jessyz [at] chocolatemintsinajar [dot] com and I’ll help you out. Related Wednesday's WIP: Something completely different I finished a blanket and writing up a pattern but I'll show you on Friday and I am already working on a new beach/market tote. July 27, 2011 In "Wednesday's WIP" Friday's Finished Object: I finally took out the sewing machine I think my sewing machine has been sad for weeks. October 7, 2011 In "Sewing"

Fabric Purl Bee Penguin Winter in New York City can be hard to love with its frozen sidewalks, dirty snowbanks, and bare trees. But this winter I'm counting on my new cold weather friend, the Purl Bee Penguin, to help me through! Its happy ovoid shape and graphic palette are sure to remind me that joy really does exist in January. I used our new Penguin Fat Quarter Bundle, a lively mix of black and white dots, stripes, and prints, to sew up this quirky little trio of penguins. The Purl Bee Penguins are pretty addictive to make, and I don’t think that I’ll be able to stop with just these three. Materials To make three 9-inch tall stuffed penguins: A Penguin Fat Quarter Bundle or 1/4 yard each of seven dots, stripes, and chicken wire in black and white.A piece of bright yellow felt. It will also be helpful to have a size 3- 7 straight knitting needle or a similar pointy object for stuffing. Cutting Cut out the fabric according to the directions on the template. You will have: Sewing Stuffing Sewing Together

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