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Something pretty – the pattern « mille makes…

Something pretty – the pattern « mille makes…
about this pattern: i found this pretty picture on pinterest and was totally smitten. after a lot of googling and searching i wasn’t able to find the pattern, so decided to figure the pattern out myself. dottie angel‘s pictures of her thrifty find was very helpful, and i was happy to find out that this is actually a pretty simple pattern, so novices – don’t be alarmed! just go ahead and try it out :) for more pictures, check out this, this or this post. about yarn/hook: any yarn with corresponding hook will do, i find that moving up a hook size from what the yarn says makes a softer material that would work better with a blanket. i’ve made pillows with these squares so that wouldn’t matter so much. i used sandnes duo (dk weight) and hook 4 mm and the square measures 8×8 cm, with garnstudio drops paris (aran) and hook 5 mm one square is a bit over 10×10. first a couple of basics: 2. the first dc on row is made by chain 3 begin with colour of flower. chain 4, make circle with one slip stitch

something cute – the pattern! « mille makes… nonono, i did not die on you. i’ve just been busy and lazy, that’s all :) haven’t done a whole lot of crafting, but i will get some pictures taken and make a few posts of what i’ve been working since last. in the meanwhile – here’s the pattern for the cutest little daisy flower square! having written this without the square at hand and half a year after the work, there’s a chance that an error or two has snuk in! feel free to let me know, and i’ll fix asap. about yarn/hook: for the something cute blanked i used sandnes duo (dk weight) and hook 4 mm. the square measures 8×8 cm. any yarn with corresponding hook will do. first a couple of basics: 1. one flower petal: 5 dc, take hook off loop, put hook (from front to back) through 3rd chain (the last ch of space before the 5 dc) and the ”loose loop”, yo, pull through both loops on hook. 2. the first dc on row is made by chain 3 1st round: still with colour of flower centre, chain one, 7 sc in circle. end round with slip st in chain. 2nd round:

co Rose Diaries: Serendipity Do you ever realise that, something rather lovely happens because of a lot of happy little events all coming together? I have had that happen a couple of times this year. I don't realise it until after the said 'thing' has happened and I realise all the events that took place to achieve it. Am I making sense? Probably not. Okay, let me explain a bit more...... I made something I ADORE. But.......... .......lots of happy little things happened along the way to all come together to get me to make it. Please forgive the long blurb in reaching my conclusion, but it is somewhat necessary in explaining how it all came to fruition. I remember, a long way back, doing a post about colour. Well, I do like pink. But Blue? When the summer comes (and we actually get decent weather!) There are a couple of colours I have always found hard to take. So, happy little occurances........ 1. 2. 3. 4. So, whilst twiddling my thumbs and looking around my living room, I had a little thought. So, there we go. Phew!

dottie angel: a bit of 'lo and beholdness' continued... yes indeedy, it never ceases to amaze me what lovely yarny grandness can come from a few balls of yarn and stick with a little hook. when my little warm and woolly coat was finished up, my little crafty heart swelled with pride. i am not saying this is a big headed kind of way, no sirree, not me. i am saying it in a 'blimey, did i really make that bit of yarny goodness with my own hands' kind of way. oh such is the fabbiness of craftiness. after all it is a circle and up until now a crocheted circle has been out of my crocheting ability reach. once again however i am reminded, with determination and a little bit of patience and many many moments of not succeeding in the ways of being a 'roundie', my perseverance has paid off. my lovely little stool with his woolly coat is living in my crafty snug upstairs. such is my love for him i have warned all clan members, with or without fur, it is out of bounds. however before we begin, let me tell you several nitty gritty things.

African Flower Purse Finally, I have prepared the tutorial for this African Flower Purse, the one I wanted to make for the longest time. The one I planned to design and make since seeing Mia’s African Flower motifs a year ago. The moment I have it designed and started working, I already have the desire of wanting to share with you how beautiful this purse is going to be…. but I choose to save it until now (ohhhh… it is hard for me to keep this secret for that long). Now, I am so happy to splash your eyes with this beautiful baby that you would want to make and carry one Be prepared, this is going to be another lengthy tutorial, with both crochet and sewing involved. Part 1 (this tutorial) – crochet and joining of the African Flowers motifs to make up the purse.Part 2 (coming soon)- sewing part of the lining and handles which stabilized the purse. I modified a little on the white border of Mia’s pattern to make it into single crochet on back loops only. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2

African Flower Purse Dimension: Bag: 11 1/2″ (W) x 6 1/2″ (H) x 5″ (D) Motif: Each flower has a diameter (the widest width across) of 8.3cm [3 1/4″] (including the white border) if using the yarn stated below. To convert the measurement, please use the Conversion tool here.Material & Tool: 1. Yarn, acrylic baby yarn, Tilda color code: 05, 26, 505 and 510.Approximate yardage: 50 gram each for 05, 26, 510, 100 gram for 505.2. The African Flower motifs before white border. The African Flower motifs with white border. The purse needs 4 square flowers to make the 4 corners at the base. Square African Flower motif before white border. Square African Flower motif after white border. After all the motifs are done, arrange them in this way. 3 4 3 (with 2 square at both sides) 8 3 (with 2 square at both sides) 4 3 Join the motif on their vertical sides, crochet slips stitches on the front loops only to join the flowers from the wrong side.

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Aluminum Crochet Hook Case Aluminum Crochet Hook Case by Priscilla Hewitt ©2000 This case is worked all in one piece and folds like a book. The hook “pockets” are crocheted into the case! complete set sizes B to K. Materials: Worsted weight “soft” yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft) Crochet hook size F (If you crochet loosely, you may need to use a size E) Two pieces of 4” x 6” plastic canvas (or size needed) Optional: 14” zipper (or size needed) OR “frog” button OR 16” ribbon (see “finishing”) Lining and Hook Pockets Ch 31 Row 1: Sc in the 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across; ch 2, turn. (30 sc) (Note: the ch 2 DOES NOT count as the first dc in the next row for this pattern.) Row 2: Dc in each of the first 10 sts, dc in the back loop only of each of the next 20 sc to form the back of the hook pocket; turn clockwise; dc in the free loops of the same 20 sc to form the front of the hook pocket; ch 1, turn; insert hook through the first dc of the front of the hook pocket and 18 times to completely close hook pocket; ch 1, turn. Finishing

grumpygirl: Tutorial: The amazingly flat crochet seam Alrighty then, here goes. Works best with contrast colours. And a smaller hook. Step 1. Step 2: Insert hook into inner loop of top square. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Aerial view of finished hook: Dewdrop Crocheted Flower Pin. Free Pattern for Kids and Adult | My Little CityGirl Home » Patterns » Dewdrop Crocheted Flower Pin. Free Pattern for Kids and Adult Dewdrop Walk in summer woods any time of the year with the Dewdrop Pin! This pattern is available for download for FREE >>> FINISHED MEASUREMENTS 4” wide x 3” long. YARN Worsted weight (#4 Medium) shown: Cascade Yarns Pacific (40% Superwash Merino Wool, 60% Acrylic; 213 yd [195 m]/3.5 oz [100 g]) #02 white – 1 skein NOTE: Many flowers can be made from a single skein of yarn. NOTIONS • 2.5” (6.3 cm) stamens antennae pearl white – 6 • 2” (2.5 cm) padded velvet leaf appliques in green – 2 • 2” (5 cm) safety catch brooch back or hair clip – 1 • Sewing needle and white thread • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends. * This pattern involves crochet skills only. 5 pages, 3 pictures, 2 diagrams Please read and follow my copyright info.