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Motifs: Squares 6"

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Jacob’s Square ~ 6″ afghan square. Jacob’s Square Free Crochet Pattern Easy Skill Level Designed by Jessie Rayot This 6” crochet square utilizes the Jacob’s Ladder stitch to add texture and interest to the design.

Jacob’s Square ~ 6″ afghan square

Make a bunch of these squares to create a lovely blanket of any size. The design itself is very gender neutral, making it perfect for baby blankets! Little Dahlia. New Square Pattern - The Sequel - Crochet Nirvana. New Square Pattern - The Sequel - Crochet Nirvana. CORKSCREW SQUARE. INSTRUCTIONS:Chain 4, join with slipstitch to form ring.


Round 1: Ch 1, 16 sc in ring. (16 sc) Round 2: Ch 12, 3 sc in 2nd stitch from hook, 3 sc in each chain (33 sc), Sc in next 2 stitches of round 1. Repeat around there should be 8 spirals. Round 3: Ch 6, slipstitch in first sc at tip (spiral should be twisted clockwise) of spiral, ch 6 slipstitch in 2 sc of round 2, repeat around, 16 chain 6 loops. Round 4: Slipstitch in chains of ch 6 loop to point of spiral, slipstitch in slipstitch, chain 6 slipstitch in slipstitch in point of spiral, repeat around (8 chain 6 loops) Round 5: Sc into first chain 6 loop, [chain 8, sc in same loop, ch 4, sc in next loop, ch 4 sc, in next loop]. My No-Holes Granny Square - Free Crochet Pattern. Finished squares are about 6 to 6 1/2 " square.

My No-Holes Granny Square - Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Hook size “I” (or whatever your normal “gauge” tells you - I crochet a little tight so I normally have to go up 1 size, so I will be using a “J” hook). Worsted Weight Yarn NOTE: You will increase each round by 4 stitches per side. Free Circle in the Square granny square pattern - Columbus crafts. There are other granny square patterns with the look of a circle in a square, but after spending considerable time searching but not finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to try to work up my own and offer it as a free crochet pattern.

Free Circle in the Square granny square pattern - Columbus crafts

This granny square pattern is a simple design that starts off as a circle and ends in a square shape. Crocheted following the pattern as written, the square will measure approximately 6" when a single crochet border is added. Tita Carré Agulha e Tricot. Este é um square que pode ser muito bem aproveitado para criação de peças de roupas, como em casacos, blusas e no meu futuro projeto, uma saída de praia para mim.

Tita Carré Agulha e Tricot

Usei linha nas cores acima e o gráfico disponibilizo para vocês. O americano George Graham Vest (1830-1904) foi Senador entre 1879 e 1903, mas ficou mais conhecido pelo discurso que fez durante um pequeno julgamento em Missouri, ainda quando era advogado, em 23 de setembro de 1870. O processo que o fez famoso tratava da morte de Old Drum (Velho Tambor), o melhor cão de caça de um fazendeiro local. Um vizinho, desconfiado que o animal andava matando suas ovelhas, deu ordens para que atirassem no cachorro se ele voltasse a aparecer em suas terras.

Quando Old Drum foi encontrado morto perto da casa dele, seu proprietário resolveu processá-lo, pedindo uma indenização de 50 dólares; o júri lhe concedeu 25 dólares, mas o vizinho apelou da sentença. 6" Squiggles Block pattern by Donna Kay Lacey. 6" Box Fan pattern by Donna Kay Lacey. 6" Puff Pastry Block pattern by Donna Kay Lacey. 6" Forever Lace Block pattern by Donna Kay Lacey. 6" Bubblegum Block pattern by Donna Kay Lacey. Lightning Strikes pattern by Kris Kelln. Grandmother's Garden Pattern- The Lost Granny Squares Series - Baking Outside the Box. I have a small confession to make.

Grandmother's Garden Pattern- The Lost Granny Squares Series - Baking Outside the Box

I bought yarn this week. I had to. I was running out of colors I need. Really. In fact I’m still short a color. Oh well. In making these granny squares I used a stitch I learned as a kid to make the flower petals. It probably has an official name somewhere. I’ll give you good instructions for making it in the pattern and I promise it’s pretty easy after you’ve made one. Willow granny square 6" Jan Eaton ha escrito varios de los libros más conocidos entre las crocheteras, y además están traducidos al español.

Willow granny square 6"

Como ya hemos dicho en alguna ocasión hay cientos de motivos para hacer un granny square, ella ha recopilado 200 en su libro "200 labores de ganchillo para mantas, colchas y tapices" o "200 crochet blocks" si lo necesitáis en inglés. Echamos en falta indicaciones del tamaño de los motivos. Aunque este dependa del grosor de la aguja e hilo, puedes decir con qué aguja lo has elaborado y lo que mide, quejicas que somos... porque después a nosotras lo que nos encanta es tunear los motivos. Hoy os vamos a contar cómo y por qué lo hacemos. El por qué es fácil, acabar antes pensaréis...sí, es uno de las razones, pero además los motivos pequeños pueden quedar bien en una manta para el sofá y fatal en una colcha, sobre todo estos como el de hoy que son más elaborados.

Little Dahlia. My Daisy Square - Archived pattern by Cindi (wolfwitch77) Granny Square Spiral. Author PKOlson Introduction Spiraling Granny Square Pattern.

Granny Square Spiral

Materials List Yarn - any, appropriate sized hook for chosen yarn. Finished Size Varies based on yarn & hook size chosen. Gauge Notes This motif begins with a four-color spiral. Colors A, B, C, D (each color is used, in turn, on each round) Stratton Square by Julie A. Bolduc. Dahlia Burst by Oombawka Design. Sweet Sixteen by Melinda Miller.

By Aurora Suominen

By Debi Y. By Patricia Stuart. Block Stitch by Ana Benson. Most commonly referred to as the block stitch, but sometimes called the mosaic stitch or dot stitch, this square features little pops of color between rounds of the classic granny stitch.

Block Stitch by Ana Benson

Circled Granny Square by Meg Prescott. Flower In A Square. Framed Church Windows by Elizabeth Ham. Framed Church Window 6-inch square Follow along with the how-to video for this square here.

Framed Church Windows by Elizabeth Ham

(click the red words) Please note: This pattern has been corrected on Nov 14, 2010. Materials: Red Heart Super Saver Medium number 4 yarn in color (A) Bikini; and (B) black. Size G crochet hook, or a hook to obtain gauge. Gauge: Rounds 1-3 = 2 1/2 inches across. Notes:Square is made up of four small squares the a frame is added.Beginning ch-3 counts as a dc.Leave at least 4-inch tails to weave into work. Special stitch: To make long sc (Lsc), insert hook in stitch below the ch sp. draw up a loop even with sts of this row. yo draw through 2 lps. Centers (make four for one six-inch square)With color A, ch 4. sl st to form ring. Round 1: Working over beginning tail and through ring, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), dc, (ch 3, 2 dc) 3 times.

Round 2: Join B with a sc in first dc. Round 3: ch 1, sc in same sc, sc in next sc, sc in next tr. * (sc, ch 3, sc) in next ch-3 sp. Garden Granny by Patrizia Pisani. Gem Star by Chris Simon. Mary's Flower by Jackie Karp. Mary's Flower Granny Square The colours have not reproduced well at all when I scanned this. This pattern is COPYRIGHT © Jackie Karp 1998/99/2000-10 Do NOT post pattern on other web sites, crochet groups etc or copy illegally.

Pass on the URL instead. It is free for personal use ONLY! Mini Mandala Block. Here's the tutorial for the Mini Mandala Block that I first posted here. If you try it, let me know how it goes! Nosegay by Priscilla Hewitt. Pinwheel Star by Bonnie Pierce. Scallop Flower by Beverley Moffitt. Swanda by Melissa Green. Vintage Lace Square by Margret Willson. Wagon Wheel by Jillian Bankert. I saw Attic24’s post on stashbusting where she talked about Granny Square Favorites by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. In it, there’s a crazy granny square Hostess Apron, but Lucy (Attic24) liked the square, the Wagon Wheel Square they used and crocheted up her own. This is hers: I loved it so much I decided to crochet up my own to add to my grandma's afghan. As I went, I wrote a pattern and got it tested and have decided to post it here for your crocheting goodness.

Now, I can't completely claim it as my own since it's from a book, and I used hers as a guide, but please don't claim the pattern as yours, or distribute it without crediting me. MATERIALS I used an I – 9 crochet hook; use whatever you need to get 6 inches. YARN Any worsted weight yarn will do in three colors. STITCHES USED ch: chain sc: single crochet dc: double crochet tr: treble crochet sl st: slip stitch DIRECTIONS With C1, chain 4, join in a ring. ROUND 1: Ch 4 (counts as first dc and ch1) *dc, ch1* 11 times.