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Crochet Bag Pattern

Crochet Bag Pattern
Way back in July, you may remember me making this bag. It's my own design, made on a whim and I was/am absurdly proud of it. It has received much admiration when I jaunt about with it on my shoulder, and it has proven to be a very practical bag for stashing yarn in. Very Crochety indeed.I've had countless emails and requests for this pattern, and in truth I have been putting it off a little. Well more than a little, seeing as it is now more than three months down the line. First some yarn info :: I used Debbie Bliss yarn, called Merino Aran. Now before we begin, can we just clarify the difference between UK and US terms :: this bag is made using a UK treble crochet (tr) stitch, which is equivalent to US double (dc). For the very first round you will work out of the central ring, but for all other rounds, work out of the stitches. Round 1 :: chain 3 (counts as 1 tr), then work 10 more treble stitches INTO THE RING. Round 2 :: slip stitch into first tr stitch to begin. xx Thank you xx Related:  Hakencrochet

Pretty Patterned Crocheted Tote + enlarge image Note: To complete the designs on the tote, download the tote charts below. They will be referenced in the following instructions. BASE With MC, ch 2. Rnd 1: Work 7 sc in 2nd ch from hook.Rnd 2: Sc in first sc, work 2 sc in each rem sc -- 6 inc made -- 13 sts.Rnd 3: Inc 13 sts evenly spaced around -- 26 sts. SIDESRnd 23: Work 2 sc in back lp of next sc, work sc in each rem sc around -- 144 sts. FORM STRAPSRnd 82: Cont with MC and sc in each of next 22 sc, ch 72, sk 28 sc, sc in each of next 44 sc, ch 72, sk 28 sc, sc in each of next 22 sc. FINISHING Join MC and work 2 rnds of sl st around opening on top of tote. Download the free tote pattern charts.

Nautical Hobo Bag by Bernat I also wondered about following the manufacturer's grommet installation instructions that said to cut a hole for the grommet, so I altered the pattern and did a (chain one, skip next hdc, hdc in next space between hdc) every place where a grommet should go (I used 7/16" metal grommets, so this space was enough to let me stretch to fit the grommet.) For the row following this altered row, hdc in the chain one spaces when you get to them. I did this in the ninth and third to the last rows, measuring from the bag center like the instructions called for to find where to make the spaces in the ninth to the last row, and making sure I made the spaces in the third to the last row directly above the ones in the ninth to the last row. To install he grommet, fold down the top, matching up the spaces (holes) made with the chain-skip, insert the grommet post through the spaces (both layers), stretching the holes to fit, and complete grommet installation as instructed.

couvertures et accessoires - Modèles pour Bébé au Crochet Adorables plaids colorés , trouvés sur ces blogs , celui de " Heart Knits by Alena Rudneva " et celui de " Falando De Crochet " , avec leurs grilles gratuites et leurs pas à pas en images ! Faire une chainette de longueur désirée pour le plaid ! 1er rang : * 1 bride , 1 m. l'air , sauter 1 m. , 1 bride , 1 m. l'air * , continuer comme cela sur toute la chainette ! 2è rang : changer de couleur , * 1 m. serrée , 1 m. l'air , 1 m. serrée , 1 m. l'air * , continuer comme cela jusqu'à la fin du rang ! Voici le joli point fantaisie que l'on obtient ! Pour aller voir d'autres images de ce joli plaid aux rangs colorés , clic sur " Falando De Crochet " ! Clic sur l'image pour l'agrandir

Cosy Stripe Blanket I am addicted to making blankets and I think much of the appeal lies in finding a pattern that delivers a huge amount of feel good throughout the making process. The very act of crocheting row upon neat row of glorious colour is so therapeutic and relaxing that I never want it to end. Having said that though, it is pretty fabulous to end up with a beautiful blanket at the end of the journey. This pattern uses just one crochet stitch - Treble Crochet (this is called a Double Crochet in the US). Some notes before we begin........ ♥ I have used 15 x 100g balls of Stylecraft Special DK worked on a 4mm hook to make my Cosy Stripe Blanket. ♥ These 15 balls are enough to make a single bed size blanket with a finished size of approximately 4ft x 6ft / 120 cm x 180 cm. ♥ If you crochet loosly, you will need to make sure that your starting chain and first row measures roughly 120cm otherwise you will need more than 15 x 100g balls. ♥ I'm writing this pattern in UK crochet terms, as follows ::

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Masa Bag 2 balls of yarn, 1 crochet hook and a good podcast… I used 2 balls of Katía Jamaica in a yellow/green/red/brown blend and a 3mm hook. Work 48 chain stitches, turn and work in slip stitches or double crochet – whatever you prefer – untill you have rectangle 20 cm wide and 53 cm long. Or thereabouts. The fun part is the folding, inspired by Japanese furoshiki and bukuro. Stitch the bag together, and make a narrow strap (8 chains wide) and attach it to the top corners. If you like you can leave your bag flat, or you can turn it inside out and fold the bottom corners to form a flat bottom and fasten the flaps with a few strong stitches. You don’t have to crochet this – you could also use a felted, knitted rectangle or a length of fabric. Make it small and use it as an evening purse or make it huge and use it for shopping. The name Masa Bag is inspired by a Canarian/Japanese sushi place in Las Palmas I visited just after buying the yarn. Instructions for folding the Masa Bag Like this: Related

Crocheter Facile » Blog Archive » Comment Reprendre Au Crochet Le crochet permet beaucoup de créativité et de motifs complexes. On peut presque tout faire au crochet, si on a le bon modèle. Ce qui est intéressant c’est que même les modèles à la base prévus pour être fait aux aiguilles à tricoter, entre autres, peuvent être repris ou améliorer au crochet. Et la manière de le faire est le crochet de bordure. Il existe plusieurs points de bordures, mais ici je vais vous parlez du plus simple. C’est le plus simple de tous les points au double crochet et peut être fait à l’envers ou même en cercle, tout autour du revers. 1. 1ère ligne : Travaillez le long de la bordure en utilisant un double crochet. 2. 2nde ligne: Si vous travaillez sur un modèle circulaire, travaillez sur la base de la ligne déjà faite en faisant une bride simple dans chaque bride simple et en allant de la gauche vers la droite au lieu du sens normal (droite vers gauche).

Crochet Daisy Afghan Well folks, HERE IT IS!! It's finally finished! I decided to make this a smaller blanket (mostly because I lost patience after the first 10 squares), measuring about 2ft x 3ft. Kudos to those of you who make large granny square afghans, I don't know how you do it! Thanks to my family who has been living under mounds of yarn and yarn scraps and who have been watching me walk around with this project, using every spare moment to crochet. If you do have the time to make one of these blankets, it would be an absolutely wonderful baby gift or perfect for a little girls room. I hope you have enjoyed the series of tutorials posted so far and will be inspired to make your own Daisy Afghan! Materials used: • Worsted Weight Yarn • Size H Crochet Hook • Tapestry Needle Goldfish, Pink, Lamb, Sweet Pea, Mustard, White. Now lets go over the border. Starting at any place on the edge of your afghan, attach white yarn, ch 1 and SC around the enter edge, join to your first SC.

Afhechten, kleur wisselen en aanhechten Ik ga een rond haakwerk maken, dat elke toer van kleur wisselt. Bij veel haakwerk zie je waar de wisselingen zijn. Ik probeer het zo onzichtbaar mogelijk te doen. Ik ga hier laten zien, hoe ik dat doe. Je ziet op deze foto een gehaakt rondje. In de meeste beschrijvingen moet je de ronde afsluiten met een halve vaste boven op het eerste stokje, dat is gevormd door 3 lossen. Ik doe dat niet. Nu steek ik de haaknaald door de bovenkant van het 2e stokje (in dit geval de eerste steek na de 3 beginlossen): En ik trek de draad erdoor: Nu steek ik de haaknaald door de voorste lus van het laatste gehaakte stokje: En ik trek de draad er door: De naald steek ik door dezelfde steek van achter naar voren: En trek de draad erdoor: Het ziet er nu uit als een normaal gehaakte steek. Het draadje zit aan de achterkant, dat kan je later wegstoppen. Het aanhechten van een nieuwe kleur. Ik maak een lus aan de haaknaald, zoals een beginlus van elk haakwerk: En haak een stokje: Zo zien alle stokjes er hetzelfde uit en ook het

Amazing Grace Tote ~ Free Crochet Pattern This fun tote can be used for the market, beach or as your everyday bag!! Along with all of the other Amazing Grace Free Patterns, This tote is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Each pattern in the Amazing Grace Free Crochet Pattern Series can be made for personal use or donated to someone suffering or recovering from cancer. Click Here to add this pattern to your Ravelry Favorites and Queue!! Instructions: Size: Height – Approx 15″ (not including handle) Circumference – Approx 30″ Materials: H & K Hooks Worsted Weight Yarn – 360-425 Yards, Cotton or Acrylic (Red Heart Super Saver Pictured above and Acrylic and Cotton pictures at the bottom of the post) 2 Metal Rings, 1″ Scissors Shop for your yarn and crochet supply needs at Michaels Craft Store Online!! Stitches: St – Stitch Sk – Skip Ch – Chain Sl St – Slip Stitch Sc – Single Crochet Dc – Double Crochet Dec Sc – Decrease Sc Working the pattern: This pattern is worked in the round. Starting with an H hook, Ch 2. *Switch to Hook K* Row 1: Ch 1.

tuto chaussons en demi-brides - Le blog de pagecouleur Vendredi 5 juillet 2013 5 05 /07 /Juil /2013 08:22 monter 10 mailles en l'air (ml) rang 1: sauter deux mailles et crocheter 7 mailles serrées (ms), 5 ms dans la maille suivante, revenir avec: 7ms, 2ms dans la dernière maille, 1 maille coulée (mc) pour fermer le rang. rang 2: 2ml, 7 demi-brides (db), 2db dans chaque maille suivante 5 fois, 7db, 2db dans 2 mailles suivantes, 1 maille coulée (mc) pour fermer le rang. rang 3: 2 ml, 12 demi-brides (db), 2db dans chaque maille suivante 3 fois, 12 db, 2db dans les deux mailles suivantes, 1mc. rang4: 2 ml, 36 db en ne prenant qu'un seul brin, 1 mc rang 5: 2 ml, 36 db, 1 mc rang 6: 2ml, 11 db, 6 diminutions (deux brides dans deux mailles se fermant ensembles), 12 db, 1 mc rang 7: 2 ml, 10 db, 4 diminutions, 11db, 1mc 2ml, 8 db, 6 ml, 9db, 1 mc voila le chausson est terminé, le second se fait de la même manière! à demain pour la finition! fuschia

Corner to Corner Diagonal Box Stitch By Erin Burger – 37 Comments Tired of the same back and forth? Creating the Box Stitch diagonally is a really neat way of completing a corner to corner crochet project. You can use this stitch to create anything from blankets, dishcloths, placemats, scarves, clothing … the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! This tutorial is for both right and left handed people. For left handed pictures, roll your mouse over the image and it will change for you. Row 1: Ch 6, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in next 2 ch Row 2: ch 6, turn, dc in the 4th ch from hook, dc in next 2 ch, flip up to meet previous row’s box, sl st in ch-3 space, ch 3, 3 dc in same ch 3 space you joined with the sl st (looks like an L, or a bootie!) Row 3: ch 6, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in next 2 ch, 3 dc in same ch 3 space you joined with the sl st sl st in next ch-3 space which will be in the upper left hand corner, ch 3, 3 dc into ch-3 space you joined with sl st ch 1, turn (sl st in next 3 dc and in next ch-3 space, ch 3,

Gehaakte vaatdoek met patroon Een klant kocht in onze winkel een handdoek en theedoek en wilde in een bijpassende kleur een vaatdoekje hebben. Dat hadden we niet, dus ik riep: Ik brei er wel even eentje. Helaas kon ik zo snel geen dikke katoen vinden in een goede kleur, wel katoen nummer 8, maar dat wordt zo'n dun vaatdoekje als je dat gaat breien. Dus toen ben ik op zoek gegaan naar een haaksteek met "body". En dat kwam er zo uit te zien. Het is een lekker dik vaatdoekje geworden met een ruitjespatroon, ik vond het wel leuk ouderwets. Ik heb het vaatdoekje als volgt gemaakt: 61 lossen opzetten. Toer 1: De eerste 3 lossen tellen als 1e stokje. Toer 2: 3 lossen om te keren. Zo dus. Dan weer twee gewone stokjes haken. En dan weer een stokje om het onderliggende stokje haken en weer twee gewone stokjes. Deze drie steken steeds herhalen. Toer 3: 3 keerlossen haken. Hier zie je het gewone stokje, wat een beetje naar achteren ligt. Zoals je ziet ziet de achterkant er anders uit.