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Kata - free crochet square pattern

Kata - free crochet square pattern
Kata This pattern is a flower – created by crocheting clusters. Although the instructions are long, once you master a cluster it will all seem easy. American terminology used. 12’ square Worsted weight yarn 5.50mm hook Gauge – Round 1 = 2” 9 ½’ square DK yarn 4.0mm hook Gauge – Round 1 = 1 3/8” Ch - chain Sc – single crochet Dc – double crochet HDc –half double crochet Tc – treble crochet Lp(s) – loop/loops Sp(s) – space/spaces St(s) – stitch/stitches Yo – yarn over Special Stitches These stitches are all variations on clusters. Beg 3dc cl*- First 3 double crochet cluster Chain 3 Yo, insert hook in sp, yo, pull through space (3lps on hook), yo and pull through 2 lps (2lps stay on hook) Yo, insert hook into same sp, yo, pull through (4lps on hook), yo and pull through 2 lps (3lps on hook) Yo and pull through all three loops on hook. 3dc cl - 3 double crochet cluster Yo, insert hook into same sp, yo, pull through (5lps on hook), yo and pull through 2 lps (4lps on hook) Yo and pull through all four loops on hook.

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Valentine Heart Granny Square Free Pattern By AnnooCrochet Designs I loved creating this Granny, and imagining all the fun projects I could incorporate it in...a lovely Handbag, a cozy Blanket, a trendy little pouch with a zipper...What will you choose to create with it? You will Need:Crochet Hook 3.25mmI used Dungareez Cotton in various colors Stitches Used on this Pattern: Sweetheart Bunny My sister Ashley came to me almost half a year ago, asking if I could design and make a special amigurumi for a silent auction that she was helping to organize. The proceeds of this special evening were going to a local children’s hospital, and the theme was the “Queen of Hearts" of Alice in Wonderland. Of course, I happily obliged and started thinking what crocheted creature I could make to tie in with the theme. I thought about the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and thought it was the perfect opportunity to make this cutie on my pencil case: I found this pencil case at a store along CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood and had been itching to make this sweet bunny ever since.

Rosie Posie Grannie Square Tutorial What you'll need... Various colours of yarn (I used Patons Smoothie DK) Appropriate size crochet hook for your yarn (I used a 4mm - USA G) Yarn needle for weaving in ends Difficulty: something pretty – the pattern about this pattern: i found this pretty picture on pinterest and was totally smitten. after a lot of googling and searching i wasn’t able to find the pattern, so decided to figure the pattern out myself. dottie angel‘s pictures of her thrifty find was very helpful, and i was happy to find out that this is actually a pretty simple pattern, so novices – don’t be alarmed! just go ahead and try it out :) for more pictures, check out this, this or this post. about yarn/hook: any yarn with corresponding hook will do, i find that moving up a hook size from what the yarn says makes a softer material that would work better with a blanket. i’ve made pillows with these squares so that wouldn’t matter so much. i used sandnes duo (dk weight) and hook 4 mm and the square measures 8×8 cm, with garnstudio drops paris (aran) and hook 5 mm one square is a bit over 10×10. first a couple of basics:

how to crochet a heart I am so excited to share another how-to video for my current crochet obsession: hearts! Many of you liked our how-to crochet a flower video, so I know I'm not the only one who sometimes learns better by watching. Sometimes just seeing it done makes all the difference! These little sweethearts are simple to make using basic crochet stitches. Magic Spike Mandala Square - 12" Afghan Block A mandala… square? Yes! I recently had a request come in asking me to turn the Magic Spike Mandala into an afghan square. I thought it was a great idea ( particularly for such a busy week). Here’s the result – the Magic Spike Mandala Square! A Granny A Day: My Patterns Pattern: Improvised by me Hook used: H Yarn Used: Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn in Grey Beard, Hot Rose, Peacock and Ivory.

Star Stitch Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version To make a star stitch: Color Theory 101: selecting yarns that go together A lot of patterns going around at the moment feature stripes: two or three colors that go together perfectly. You could follow the colors suggested in the pattern sample… but you want to try something a little different. But how in the world do you pick a colors that go together? Color theory. That’s how! Most yarn lines contain a wide range of of colors. Lacy Blanket Join How to make a Lacy Join for Blanket Squares The aim of this tutorial is to show you how I made the lacy join on my Vintage Sampler Blanket. The squares, although the same size, ended with different stitch numbers, and so this was my solution to join them all together.What you'll need: Lots of lovely crochet squares to join.(I used the squares made using Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks) The same weight of yarn you used for your squares The same hook you used for your squares Stitch markers or pins * Please also see the written pattern at the end of this tutorial*Download a PDF of the written directions

Squaring the Big Circle Tutorial This is going to be my first attempt at writing up one of my own designs. Because there has been a little more interest in the first blanket I made from this pattern, (and the fact that I was so happy with how it turned out), I thought it would be a great excuse to attempt a written pattern/tutorial to share! I think this square (like most crocheted squares) has limitless potential, so I see this as more of a guideline than an exact pattern. Once you get the basic pattern down you can play with colors and joining methods.

Bobble Cast On: a Tutorial, and some thoughts on personality... Today was a really hectic day, with a lot happening at fact this whole week has been quite a handful. I had great intentions to post this tutorial earlier this week, but you know...the road to perdition and all... so after some delay, here it is... I was thinking about our kids today, and how different they are in some respects.