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Homemade@myplace: Block Stitch Afghan : the way I do it !!!!

Homemade@myplace: Block Stitch Afghan : the way I do it !!!!
.....what about two more pictures of my blanket to be???? Some of you asked me how the "dots" ( I call them "rice grains"!!!) can pop out in this way, so I thought it will be nice if I show you how this happens!!!! Happy about that??? Yes, I imagine so! Collect just few things : + hook + yarn in different colours + scissors + tapestry needle This is the chart (american crochet terminology), drawn by myself (!!!!!!) Your foundation chain will have these characteristics : chain 4, add as many as you like groups of "chain 3". Choose the colour you would love to start with and make a slip knot. Chain 20 stitches Chain 2 more (total : 22 stitches) and make a single crochet (or SC) in the 7th stitch from the hook (that is the previous stitch 16 on the foundation chain!) Now, chain 2 ... ... skip 2 stitches of the foundation chain and work 1 SC in the 3rd stitch (that is the previous 13 stitch of your foundation chain!) Again : chain 2, skip 2, SC in third stitch (previous #10!) Cut the yarn Row 1 : Row 2 :


Cluster Burst Granny Square Pattern Did you ever finish a project and find you feel a little sad because you truly enjoyed the process of making it? That’s how I felt when I finished my Granny Square Scrapghan (you can find the free pattern here). I really loved every step of making it … except maybe weaving in the ends. Since I loved it so much … and still have a ton of yarn scraps still left … I decided to start a new afghan. I’m switching it up this time with these little pretties and am here today to share this Cluster Burst Granny Square Pattern with you. Here’s what you will need: Mile-A-Minute Afghan Patterns Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version

Waffle Crochet Blanket You may remember in the Wash Your Washcloths post a dish cloth featured and I said I would show you the stitch.... Here 'tis. It's my all time go to for blankets. I know the granny is an old time favourite and looks really retro at the moment and it is OK for a climate like QLD, but this waffle type construction traps warm air and provides the cosiest rug of really robust construction. Ideal for the Tasmanian conditions. The best thing is there are very few rules and I find it uses up scrap wool effectively. 8 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Concentrating “Music helps me concentrate,” Mike said to me glancing briefly over his shoulder. Mike was in his room writing a paper for his U.S. History class. On his desk next to his computer sat crunched Red Bulls, empty Gatorade bottles, some extra pocket change and scattered pieces of paper. In the pocket of his sweat pants rested a blaring iPod with a chord that dangled near the floor, almost touching against his Adidas sandals. On his computer sat even more stray objects than his surrounding environment.

Artistry with Surface Crochet - How to Crochet A person's purse can tell you a lot about them. Are they elegant or funky; does their purse need to hold nothing but a phone and a tube of lipstick or might you find the proverbial kitchen sink buried somewhere at the bottom? If that person is a crocheter, it's safe to say that is most likely crocheted. One crochet bag that I definitely need in my closet is the Outback Tote by Nicoletta Tronci. How To Crochet an Embossed Flower Granny Square - Yarn Scrap Friday Here is the written pattern for our little embossed flower granny squares! I hope you enjoy. You can watch the video tutorial here: You will need; DK/Light worsted weight yarn or any yarn you like3.5mm crochet hook or any hook suitable for your yarn choiceYarn needle and scissorsRound 1 Ch4, sl st in 1st ch to form a loop, crochet 5sc into loop, sl st in 1st sc to join - (5) Round 2 Ch1, 1sc in same st as previous sl st, 2sc in next st and in ea st around, sl st in ch1 to join - (10)

How to Crochet The crocheted Woven Stitch is one of my favorites to use for baby blankets and afghans since it is easy to stitch, using only chain stitch and single crochet, and it works up quickly into a nice single thickness lightweight blanket. It can be worked in one solid color, in a variegated yarn or in stripes and each combination looks great. Here's how it works: Start out with a beginning chain in multiples of 3, plus 2 extra. For the first row, skip the first 2 chains and work a single crochet into the third chain.

DIY Crochet Rug With Yarn & Old T-Shirts This Crochet rugs are made by Olga at All you need is yarn, old T-shirts & crochet hook. Now the images will guide you trough the process. And that is it simple but really nice! Secrets Of Excellent Conversationalists The solution to the age-old problem of understanding others may be as simple as taking the time to improve your active listening skills. Active listening is all about building rapport, understanding and trust. Your “likability” factor is largely determined by your ability to effectively listen to client and customer suggestions and successfully respond to their needs, requests and concerns. But you don’t have to be born with the gift of gab to become an expert communicator.

How to Seamlessly Change Colors in Crochet - Petals to Picots Today I want to show you how you can seamlessly change colors in crochet. Changing yarn colors within a row can be neat and easy. The trick is to prepare for the color change while working the stitch before the one that you want to show the next color. September 13, 2011 – The Green Dragonfly I was inspired this weekend to design a new belt, something a bit more lacy than the last one, a belt that would really dress up an outfit. And then when I had finished the first one, I decided that actually I needed another… These belts are made with a fan stitch. This is a very easy stitch to master, its simply 3 double crochet, chain 1, 3 double crochet all in the same stitch… there is also a v stitch in the pattern this is simply a half double crochet, chain 1, and another half double crochet all in the same stitch. These make up very quickly, if you can double crochet and half double crochet you can do this!

Dorothy Crochet Hexagon Motif Ready for something a little different from the usual crocheted square? Try a hexagon instead. This pretty one features a little bit of overlay crochet with the treble crochet V-stitches dipping down into previous rounds. Dorothy Hexagon Motif