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Knitting patterns - Quince & Co.

Knitting patterns - Quince & Co.

Christine's Stay-On Baby Booties pattern by Christine Bourquin From Fuzzy Galore: “This pattern was published in Threads no 22 (April 89) in a letter to the editor from Christine Bourquin. She was at the time 95 and living in Redwood City CA, still knitting, and expressed the desire to have her pattern live on. As Christine would be 108 today, we can only hope that she’s still around, but perhaps she’s not able to see well enough to still make them. …Christine’s legacy is this pattern for booties that stay on because of the clever side ribbing, and as we all know keeping booties on babies is not a straightforward task…” “Christine used Red Heart acrylic baby yarn or a 3-ply Wintuck but recommended trying one of the new Superwash wools as well….the many colorful sock yarns for adult which are usually superwash wool and reinforced with a bit of nylon.”

Peace and Wool ☮ kits en tricot - Peace and Wool Lolly's Crafty Crochet: The crocodile stitch & my gorgeous little crocodile stitch booties! Initially it can be difficult to get your head around the crocodile stitch but with the help of a couple of brilliant tutorials (linked to below) you can master it! And once you have you'll find that it's really quite easy and there'll be no stopping you! What is the crocodile crochet stitch? The stitch is formed with a two-row repeat, a row of v stitches, followed by a row of scales. The scales are worked in front of the v sitches with clusters of front post half double crochets (fphdcs) from top to bottom, then from bottom to top. A good video tutorial can be viewed here Cute Little Crocodile Crochet Booties! Rnd 9: Ch2, ch1, hdc in same st, then work six further v stitches into ch 1 spaces on the row below, turn the work (this row and following two form the side and back of bootie).Rnds 10 - 12: Ch2, ch1, hdc in same space, then v st into each of the seven v st ch 1 spaces below* Turn the bootie inside out. Now for the fun bit! Make another!

De Rerum Natura Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover | Simple Solutions For Difficult Problems Only The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover shows off its bottom. Because it’s the underside of the Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover that makes it special. And the reason you’re here is because you’re looking for a really good ironing board cover. I suspect your requirements are pretty simple. You want your ironing board cover to fit whatever size and shape your board is. To fit perfectly, regardless of what you’re ironing. You don’t want it to ever move, ride up, wrinkle, crease, and curl its toes up when you’re putting the finishing touches on your best garment or heritage quilt. You like rich colours, but definitely don’t want it to bleed on anything you own. You might not wash your cover frequently, but when you do, you don’t want it to fall apart. So the fabric has to be pretty special. And you don’t want to throw it away every few months and have to buy another one. Am I right? Everyone needs a good ironing board cover. So how does this sound to you? This is the best part. Touché! 1.

Accessoires couture et mercerie : tissus, fils à tricoter, et mercerie - Bouillon de Couture Luxury Treehouse Provides Ultimate Comfort in Nature Located about 4 hours northwest of Toronto, Canada, eco-friendly five-star resort E’terra Samara invites you to "escape the city lights for starry nights in the magical crispness of the Bruce Peninsula." The already inviting Canadian travel destination will soon add a series of 12 environmentally-friendly treehouse villas that will provide visitors with extreme luxury in the form of a futuristic design. The concept, developed by Farrow Partnership Architects, is designed to blend naturally into the surrounding land and to overlook the Georgian Bay. The pods will be built off-site, in three sections, out of locally harvested wood and then installed with a steel base and cable system that surrounds, but does not harm, each tree trunk. Farrow states, "The structure is designed to be suspended from the tree's trunk, rather than following the common practice of nailing to the tree, thereby hugging the tree rather than piercing its flesh.”

Lil Weasel - Bienvenue chez Lil Weasel Home > Watsonia Neighbourhood House > Watsonia Melbourne Victoria Rosanna Fire Station Community House - Home T&T€urope's Blog Marqueed Collections Vin Rouge in Australia - Kim and Mike Timms All in a good cause How can you drink, clothe, accessorise and feed yourself while helping others? The answer is becoming easier in Melbourne, as a surge of social enterprises, organisations that provide services in return for a community benefit rather than private profit, take prime position on its streets. From fine dining to a quick latte, your dollar can go way further than you thought: for instance, to help folk in Ghana, or closer, such as giving a local homeless youngster a future. Here's the pick of Melbourne's most-inspired social enterprises. Cutting edge: An original creation from the Social Studio at Collingwood. Photo: Simon Schluter Wear Advertisement The first thing that grabs your attention at the Social Studio is the interesting and highly individual clothes on its racks. Dear Gladys is dazzling. Buy Ever wanted jewellery with a story? Eat You can smell Lentil as Anything from kilometres away. This AMES-supported cafe is positioned below high-rise public housing units. Drink